Life without TV

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poppies John Kalinowski

April 1 was the day I decided to “Cut the Cord and Run.”

Two months without a television; two months of feeling more productive, engaged, fulfilled.

More reading, more writing, more friends, more fun, more balance… I’m calling this new level of productivity “The Zone.”

To stay culturally aware I stream “Game of Thrones” on my iPad. And Chelsea Handler’s new talk-show gives me a chuckle.

There have been some restless moments that TV could fill. Instead I filled them with daily solo dance parties.

Oh yeah – there’s WAY more music happening. More singing, more dancing…

I honestly have no regrets about dumping the television.

Kinda feelin like a rockstar.


John Kalinowski
John Kalinowski is a Redding native based in New York. He’s an NYU-Certified Life Coach, Mindfulness Expert, Columnist, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Traveler, Art-Lover, and Truth-Teller. You can connect with him on FacebookTwitterGoogle+, or visit his website at
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3 Responses

  1. Avatar Joanne Lobeski-Snyder says:

    Thank you for a great article.  I grew up without TV, except for what I saw when we visited my grandmother’s house.  I didn’t own a TV all through college, and did get a little TV when I came to Redding.

    I think TV is wonderful when used in moderation.  There are really some exceptional programs available, and the anticipation of watching a particular program each week is a joy.

    I think the danger, as you mention, is when this media is used as a time filler. , or when it is used as a baby sitter.

    Again, excellent article.

  2. Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

    In theory I like the idea, but I’ve tried watching the Giants, Warriors, and Broncos on my laptop and iPad, not to mention sporting events like tennis majors and World Cup soccer.  It’s just not the same, and the alternative is to spend way too much time hanging around in bars or wean myself of sports.

    I have cut way back on my serial comedy and drama consumption, mostly by not substituting in new addictions in as they expire.  I’m still hopelessly hooked on GoT, Silicon Valley, and a couple of others.

  3. Avatar Ronald Chiodo says:

    I thought I was on board. I went to the back of my tv. Reached to the plug. My hand started shaking voiolenty,  I started to foam at the mouth, I fell on the floor on top of the remote, the sound came up, I collapsed in joy. I crawled back into my lazy boy. Tv I did not intend to leave you. Honest.