Jaimie Chamberlain-Lord Remembered for Beauty, Kindness

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Jaimie Maileilani Chamberlain-Lord, formerly of Redding, died in Glendale, California, on Dec. 12, 2014, after a short illness. She was 57.

Jaimie was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on Oct. 28, 1957. She was Donald and Claudia Chamberlain’s third daughter.

She grew up in Redding and attended Pine Street Elementary School, Magnolia Elementary School, Cypress Elementary School and Sequoia Junior High School. 

A 1975 graduate of Shasta High School, Jaimie was involved in the drama club, cheerleading, student government and was voted Homecoming Queen, escorted by Homecoming King Bob Lord, who she later married.

As a little girl so slender she was given the nickname “string bean,” Jaimie loved all animals, but especially horses. She was most at home in nature. She had a green thumb and loved to tend to her plants.

At 18 she set out on her own, rented a tiny house and supported herself by working in admissions at then-Memorial Hospital in Redding. By her 30s, Jaimie had founded an advertising agency and earned her pilot and real estate licenses.

The essence of Jaimie was beauty, humor, sensitivity and kindness. A blue-eyed, blond-haired beauty who turned heads wherever she went, she was naturally stylish and graceful, but also a bright, compassionate, tender soul. She was especially concerned about standing up for the downtrodden, and helping the less-fortunate. She had a contagious laugh and wonderful sense of humor. She was athletic, loyal and fearless.

Cool and collected under pressure, whether it was preparing a meal for scores of people, or being the voice of reason in a disaster, Jaimie was an emergency room technician in Redding, as well as a certified chaplain at hospitals in Redding and Reno.

She is survived by sons Steven Goedert of Ronan, Montana; Christopher Chamberlain-Nonan of Reno, two grandsons and a granddaughter; sisters Doni Chamberlain and Shelly Shively, both of Redding; Bethany Chamberlain of San Francisco, three cousins, and many nieces and nephews.

She was predeceased by husband Bob Lord, parents Donald and Claudia Chamberlain, and brother Michael Beardsell.

A private family celebration of life will be held in Jaimie’s honor at a later date.

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