December’s ArtHop May Be the Last

Note from Doni: Today’s conversation is with Adam Mankoski, half of the dynamic Hawkman Studios duo. Regular readers will also recognize Adam as a talented staff writer, most widely remembered for his “Get Outta Town” columns and his exclusive series about his first-hand account about his trip to Haiti with a North State medical team. Today we discuss ArtHop.

Q: Adam, it’s with a heavy heart that I must ask you to share your and Troy’s news about ArtHop. Is it true the December ArtHop will be the last?

Troy and Adam with daughter Corina at ArtHop's first birthday party in Library Park.

Our hearts are heavy, too. This Saturday is the last ArtHop. But I’m not going to lie and say we’re not relieved. We are. It has been a really cool four and a half years, but we’re ready for new adventures. Troy is finished with school and has a new dream job at Boheme Salon. Hair and makeup are his new creative outlets. I’m working full-time, too. What most people don’t realize is that organizing an event the scope and size of ArtHop is a full-time job all its own. We’re tired. Time for a new torch bearer.

Q: I’ve watched how hard you guys have worked, and how much time, talent and energy you’ve dedicated to growing ArtHop. But when you mention a torch bearer, are you saying it’s possible this might not be the end of ArtHop after all?

Maybe not. We’re talking to a few people now who may take the ball and run with it. We would love for someone with a full charge of enthusiasm to come along and exceed what we’ve done. The right candidate must believe that art is essential to our community’s health and they have to be a constant advocate for the artists. This region is still behind the curve when it comes to appreciating and valuing art. We’re getting there, but sometimes it’s a tough sell. They must also want to work with artists who have have few opportunities to exhibit work. We have a great group of professional working artists, but also a lot of emerging talent. So, a willingness to educate artists about exhibiting, assembling a show and presenting work professionally is essential. We’ll see what happens.

Q: Feel free to tell me it’s none of my business, but can you talk about what led to this decision?

Of course it’s your business! We couldn’t have kept ArtHop alive without A News Cafe. You’ve always believed in us. But a combo of things led us to this decision. Besides the sordid topic of working full-time, a necessity right now, Troy and I feel like we’re not as enthusiastic about ArtHop as we once were. I know it sounds bad, but we’ve lost some of our zest. So, that doesn’t do the artists, the businesses or us any good.

Q: I respect your decision, and appreciate that you’re leaving now, rather than hanging on until you have absolutely nothing left to give. You know, not to get all nostalgic on you, but I clearly remember when you first conceived of ArtHop, you spoke of it in terms of being like a child. How does that fit now?

It is a bit like seeing your child leave home. We’ve been a little more reflective this week, now that things are winding down. It’s pretty incredible to look back at photos of all the shows, the art festival at Library Park, the “Art Attack” interactive events we used to do every month, the kick-off concerts. I hope the community had as much fun as we did. I’m sure as we process it more, we’ll get a little weepy. If you see us Saturday night, don’t make us cry.

Q: I won’t make you cry if you don’t make me cry. But if we did cry, it’s understandable. You’ve put your heart and soul into ArtHop, and it’s going to be sad to see it go away. OK, so given the fact that Saturday will be your final ArtHop, what will occupy your time? I know it’s not in your and Troy’s DNA to sit still for long. What now, my love?

We’ve postponed our move to Portland and decided to stay in Redding for a few more years. For awhile, we’re going to act like normal people – work, enjoy our weekends, rest, take vacations. We’re going to take a break. But I know that won’t last long. The juices are already flowing. Let’s just say that in the next few years, the North State is going to see another major arts event – this time on an international scale. Probably annual, not monthly. But once a year means we can make it HUGE.

Q: Listen to you! The train is still rolling with ArtHop, and you’re talking about your next big event. Whatever it is, you can count on to help spread the word about it, because whatever you have in mind, I know it will be good.

You know,  I’ve got to say, you and Troy performed a miracle in this town when you introduced ArtHop to Redding: You brought businesses and artists and the public together. You lured people outside in Redding – at night. AFTER 5 p.m.. Thank you, for that, you two. You made an indelible, positive mark on this city. I hope you feel as proud of yourselves as so many of us do.

I’m really proud of what we’ve done. But I have to give credit where credit is due. We have dozens of business owners, hundreds of artists and musicians, and thousands of art lovers to thank. There are so many people who think like we do – that living in this scenically spectacular region and having some culture aren’t mutually exclusive.

Q: Well, I guess all that’s left is to say is “See you at ArtHop Saturday.” Do you have anything special planned?

We’ll be Hopping around and of course, we won’t miss the last After-Party. at Vintage Wine Bar. Our friends, Muletown, are giving us a musical send-off. Ironically, this ArtHop will go down as one of my favorites. The art was by invitation only. The theme is “Old and New Cool.” We have some of the most innovative artists in this region showing at the same time as the new generation of artists – kids from Twin Palms 4H and Shasta and Enterprise High Schools. It’s such an inspirational show. So even though the last event is low key, we’re still going out with a bang.

Photo montages by ArtHop blogger Jamie Solario

Independent online journalist Doni Chamberlain founded what’s now known as in 2007 with her son, Joe Domke of the Czech Republic. Prior to 2007 Chamberlain was an award-winning newspaper opinion columnist, feature and food writer recognized by the Associated Press, the California Newspaper Publishers Association and E.W. Scripps. She lives in Redding, CA.

Doni Chamberlain
Independent online journalist Doni Chamberlain founded what’s now known as in 2007 with her son, Joe Domke. Chamberlain is an award-winning newspaper opinion columnist, feature and food writer recognized by the Associated Press, the California Newspaper Publishers Association and E.W. Scripps. She lives in Redding, California.
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25 Responses

  1. Thank you Troy and Adam. Art Hop was a good experiment. People will continue to come Downtown to se local Art and wme have you to thank for getting them curious too see the wonderfully gifted Art and Artist right here in Redding.

  2. Randall R. Smith Randall R. Smith says:

    Catalyst is always trying to promote art, cultural enrichment, social life after hours and has many youthful, creative, high energy people among its members. Is there a way to merge TED and Art Hop into something semi permanent, if less often? Same is true for the renewed 20/30 Club. Still, it takes someone willing and able to bell the cat. Troy, Adam, James Santos and a few others do not grow on trees. Anyway, thank you for the all the work and for making Redding a better place to be.

  3. Thank you, Troy and Adam, for all you've done for the arts community here – your vision, energy and enthusiasm have accomplished beautiful, amazing things. Can't wait to see what you two do next. But I hope you'll get to relax and kick back for a bit, first.

  4. Avatar Adrienne Jacoby says:

    If there were a way to demonstrate tears with ikons, I would fill the page with them; however, make that a BIG however, no one can take away the impact that four and half years of ArtHop has made on Redding. Downtown is better for it, all of Redding is better for it . . . heck, Shasta County . . . make that the whole North State is better for it. The work of making all the arts a viable part of our community is on going, but the growth, even though incremental, is palpable when looking back over the last ten years. I have faith that ArtHop will either grow or morph into something even larger.

    Thank you, Troy and Adam, for being a dynamic part of our community. I can't wait to witness the next incarnation of your work.

  5. Exactly what Adrienne said (except I found some tears):


    Also – Adam and Troy, I love you guys. I've adored you since the moment we met in Jane's garden in Dunsmuir so many years ago. Of course we found each other and became instant friends! And Adam, you are the reason the Mistress of the Mix exists, and I thank you for convincing me to finally do it! I'm relieved that we'll still have you around Redding for the next few years.

  6. Avatar Ann Webber says:

    Thank you for all you have done for art and the community! So sorry to see the end of the Hop, but understand your need to move on. Love you both!

  7. Avatar Linda says:

    Thank you, thank you and thank you.

  8. Avatar Grammalyn says:

    Dear Troy and Adam,

    Thank you, my friends, for giving us such a wonderful experience through Art Hop. Not only did we discover new artists, but we found new business and made new friends. I'm so proud of what you have both done, and hope that you can rest up before your next adventure. Love you both!

  9. Avatar Beth says:

    Thanks, Doni, for the story — and Troy and Adam, thank you for loving what you do so well and making us all love it too. As others have said, you've changed art in the North State. We'll look forward to the next great thing you two have planned! Always blessings and love go with you as you start the next leg of your journey.

  10. Hey, Guys time has flown.Your comment about art and creativity in all forms is ever so true. We need to promote musicians getting paid. And All artists being appreciated like in Europe. Instead of always thinking we have to have something to fall back on. You guys have done a good thing for Redding. Mary Ann Coty

  11. Hey, Guys time has flown.Your comment about art and creativity in all forms is ever so true. We need to promote musicians getting paid. And All artists being appreciated like in Europe. . You guys have done a good thing for Redding. Mary Ann Coty

  12. You guys have been a wonderful catalyst for the arts in the North State. The first time I met you was at Vintage when you had that great portrait show and you let me exhibit my scary self portrait. I sensed then your enthusiasm and warmth and I saw you in action when you hung my show at Tapa's in a magically quick 45 minutes. I thought to myself – these guys are amazing. Adam, you are a gifted writer – I found that out when you did a couple of pieces on my art and music. Thanks again for that. Troy, you are gifted in paintng, jewelry, teaching, and communication and I am genuinely pleased that you found your new dream job as a stylist. Onward and upward! John Norman Stewart

  13. Yes yes to all of the above words and love! Remember Enjoy Mag and the brilliant A News Cafe for their willingness to help <3

  14. Avatar Bill Collins says:

    Thank you both for providing a venue for the many artists in the community to express themselves and their art, whether it be drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, singing, playing music, dramatic and comedic acting, and improv… we'll miss you.

    And so will the patrons who attended and supported your endeavors.

    Sincerely, Bill Collins

  15. Avatar Joanne Lobeski Snyde says:

    Thank you Troy and Adam. I I loved getting together with friends to do the Hop. I loved getting to show my work in a wonderful venue. I enjoyed meeting artists and musicians….. You two did a phenomenal job of juggling all the tasks necessary for an event like this to proceed smoothly; you used your knowledge and skill to match artist to venue and hung and arranged work in the best way possible. Thank you, thank you. And thank you Doni for a wonderful interview with Adam.

  16. Avatar Leslie Montana says:

    Thank you both for many great years of an incredible journey. I can still remember hosting the Children's adoption art work at the Village Schoolhouse Toys! We loved being a part of the great downtown. Best of luck to you both and we look forward to seeing what you will do next!! Leslie Montana

  17. Avatar Claudia Hastings says:

    You two, are one of the best things that has ever happened to Redding. You made a sleepy little town come alive. I so enjoyed each ART HOP…the art, the music, and the community of people out together appreciating Redding’s fine artists. Your names should be written in stone somewhere! Thank you.

  18. Avatar Mimi Moseley says:

    Hey, I want to jump in on the love fest. It has been a wonderful asset for our new Tasting Room. It paid for itself the first month we participated and I really appreciated how you & Troy came down prior to the event to encourage me about art placement. Enjoy your well deserved rest and stop by & see us.

  19. Avatar Janell says:

    I remember the grand opening of ArtHop with Shasta Taiko, the amazing Japanese drummers, as if it was yesterday. Obviously we've all been having a blast to see how all this time has flown by. Gentlemen, thank you for your passion, tenacity, your humor and warmth ~ you've left a wonderful impression on Redding, I pray it continues from your seeds. I do look forward to fabulous big events in our future, more good times are coming!! Hugs to you both, you too Doni!

  20. Avatar Carla Jackson says:

    Adam and Troy,

    Dang, it's been fun! The two of you brought out the best in us, don't you think? Who knew Redding could so thoroughly embrace art and artists! You guys did and we're so thankful. I wish you the best of everything life has to offer.

  21. Avatar Sandi Howell says:

    Thanks, guys, for all you did to give new fledglings in art like me a place to take off from. It really helped being the featured artist at Art Hop venues (6 times!) over the past 3 years. I want you to know from the bottom of my heart how much I appreciate all you did in your encouragement and support!

  22. Avatar Kimberly R. says:

    So grateful to you — Adam, Troy and Doni, too — for bringing a beautiful art scene to life in Redding! Our little family so enjoyed second Saturdays out, taking it all in among our fellow townies. Many thanks, and we're looking forward to hearing about your next adventures!

  23. Avatar Vickie says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  24. Avatar Robb says:

    I'll miss this event. It was always a pleasure, when out-of-town company came, to bring them to the Art Hop. There was no better way, in a short time, to let friends see that there is an abundance of talent here. Also, I saw how it helped the artists themselves connect with one another. What a gift. Best wishes to Adam and Troy, you've left this place better than you found it.