Day 3 of ‘Taken By Two Wheels’: Building the Trails, Bringing the Family

A small but visionary few have shaped — and continue shaping — the network of North State biking trails we know today. Here’s how it all started, how one Redding family celebrates their cycling time together, and how our community’s youngest riders can begin a lifetime of blissful bicycling. We hope you enjoy Day 3 of A News Cafe’s continuing series, “Taken By Two Wheels.”

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A Shared Vision, Spanning Decades: The Redding Area’s Trail System

By Paul Shigley

Back in the 1970s, the only thing resembling a “Sacramento River Trail” in Redding was an old railroad grade on the hillside between the river and some west Redding neighborhoods. Much as today, a thick layer of medium-sized rock covered the former railroad line’s surface. About the only people who ventured there were runners and hikers looking for a hard workout, and the occasional transient.

So when the Redding City Council nearly 35 years ago insisted that the developer of the Lake Redding Estates subdivision provide an easement along the Sacramento River’s northern bank to accommodate a future bike path, the developer “screamed bloody murder…” Read more here.

Q&A with Phil Noll: Family’s Tykes Like Bikes

By Doni Greenberg

Doni Chamberlain-Greenberg interviewed Philip Noll, a renowned bike enthusiast, about how he and his wife Christine have passed on the couple’s love of bicycling to their children.

Originally from the East Coast, Philip and Christine Noll have lived and biked around the Redding area for 10 years … Read more here.

Lesson 1 for Kids Learning to Ride: Ditch those Pesky Pedals

By Kimberly Ross

For most bike riders, graduating from tricycle to two-wheeler involved a set of training wheels — and often, tears, frustration and scraped skin, too. But many parents are finding their kids have an easier and safer transition riding a balance bike instead.

These no-pedal bicycles for toddlers and children go by many names: walking bike, kick bike, push bike. And they can be “ridden” as soon as a child can confidently walk. For Redding mom Heather Waldrop, “It’s the only way to get your kid to learn how to ride a bike…” Read more here.

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