CAL Fire Board Moves Forward With $150 Rural Fire Fee

The state Board of Forestry and Fire Protection has directed its staff to draft emergency regulations, in accordance with Assembly Bill AB X 1 29‘s State Responsibility Area (SRA) fees, for the full board to consider at a special public meeting to be held in Sacramento Monday (Aug. 22).

Executive Officer George Gentry presented the Board with a comprehensive overview of the new law, passed as part of a state budget package. The law requires the Board to adopt emergency regulations to establish a fire prevention fee of up to $150 to be charged on each “habitable” structure within the more than 31 million acres of SRA, on or before September 1, 2011.

Among the items the regulations need to address are refining the definition of “habitable structure” as it relates to the law and a determination of the scalability of the fee based on prevention measures already in place.

Board Chairman Stan Dixon expressed his appreciation for the thorough report provided by Mr. Gentry and noted that, “the law requires the Board to act and we will continue to move ahead with this task.”

The next meeting of the Board will be Monday, August 22, 2011 in the first floor auditorium of the Resources Building located at 1416 9th Street in downtown Sacramento.

-from press release

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6 Responses

  1. Avatar Insanity Prevails says:

    We pay State sales, property and income taxes which pay for fire protection and now they want a per structure fee? Please give me a break, this is nothing but a tax on a tax thanks to good old "Recycled" Jerry Brown.

  2. Avatar Polly Baker says:

    If Sacramento needs to raise taxes to cover the price of fire protection, they need to do so fairly & evenly. This "fee" wrongly assumes:

    a) there would be no firefighting expenses if no one lived in these 31 million un-asphalted acres

    b) the entire state doesn't benefit from these lands remaining rural

    Maybe it's time we start charging a $150 "water diversion fee" for every structure that sits more than 30 miles from a sufficient fresh water source? Or a $250 "CO2 conversion fee" for every structure that sits more than 30 miles from a natural forest?

  3. Avatar rmv says:

    U C (see)??




    (if people want or are forced to live there, by economy),

    then "OBUMMER" goes on VACATION for his STRESS LOAD??

    "IT IS" all connected, LOCAL, STATE, and FEDERAL! 🙁

    i have the "answer"!! PLANT MORE PALM TREES, GROW MARY J,

    and VOTE IN 2012!! p.s. I LOVE RPD OFFICER "VERMUT"! "SIKUM" 🙂


  4. Avatar Robert D. says:

    If forced to pay this fee I would at least want it to go towards fire SUPPRESSION. This bill directs the money to go towards fire PREVENTION. Both are important but what do we get for prevention? More regulations? More warrantless inspections? More Smokey Bear booklets?

    • Avatar rmv says:

      Thank You Robert D. 🙂

      I think i can answer that?

      We will get the same as usual, MORE ADMINISTRATION,


      GOD BLESS THE U S A and "smokey bear"!

  5. Avatar Ginny says:

    And people voted for Brown and Company!! Egads.