Police Warn: Leave Valuables at Home When Visiting Parks

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In the interest of crime prevention, the Chico Police Department is reminding the public about the potential for thefts from vehicles, particularly in the upper Bidwell Park area.

Over the past two weeks, Chico PD has received reports of 3 vehicle burglaries in the areas of Upper Bidwell Park near Horseshoe Lake and the Easter Cross. This time of year, with more people using the park, we do see an increase in these types of thefts.

Typically, park users will go to this area of the park to run or hike. They tend to leave valuables such as purses and wallets in the car. Sometimes these valuables are hidden under the seat or in the glovebox, but often they are left visible from the outside of the vehicle. Thieves know this pattern and simply break out a window to gain access. Often, thieves will immediately take the victim’s credit cards and use them at local businesses. Sometimes, the cards are used even before the victim’s knowing they’ve been stolen.

We ask that park users take note of suspicious persons or vehicles in these parking lots and contact police if they see anything suspicious. Further, merely placing valuables out of sight will not prevent their theft. We recommend taking your valuables with you when you leave the vehicle or leaving them at home.

-from press release

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