Redding Pastor Experiences Egyptian Revolution Firsthand

From her bed on the 11th floor of an apartment building in Cairo, Egypt, not far from Tahrir Square, Redding’s Ann Muir listened to the sounds of gunfire and explosions below. It was a late January evening in this city… Continue Reading

‘Get Outta Town’ for Some Horsing Around

Calling all lovers of broncos, colts, fillies and foals! If you have 400 square feet of outdoor, sheltered and fenced land to spare, you can be the proud parent of a wild horse or burro from the Bureau of Land… Continue Reading


Goodbye and Good Riddance to the Sacramento Kings

It is all but certain that the Kings basketball team will move from Sacramento to Anaheim, where the Kings will rebrand themselves as the Royals. Considering how awful the Kings have been during their stay in Sacramento – 8 winning… Continue Reading