Jim’s Picks: Yogi Says Fight Through the Cold

The wicked head cold is sliding into its third week.

The nice thing is I’ve got company in the misery. Many I’ve been around and spoken to (humm?) have suffered the same affliction. Everyone says the same thing.

Runny nose and sneezing? Check. Head like a lead balloon? Check. Lingering cough? Check. Lasts about three weeks? Check.

What I’ve become over the past two weeks is an expert on hot tea. My pick is Yogi organic.

Love the ginger variety. From the company’s Website, it says, “herbalists throughout the world have known of the healing, soothing and invigorating qualities of ginger, considered the ‘universal medicine.’”

During this cold, I’ve also drifted into the Breathe Deep and been satisfied with the results. Add a little honey or agave syrup and you’re loving it even more.

Ahh, but what’s tea without a little somethin’ sweet to tag along?

I suggest Trader Joe’s Maple Leaf Cookies.

Warning: These things are off the charts addictive.

The box says “no artificial colors or flavors and no preservatives.” I don’t question anything beyond that. I figure I’m eating health food. They make me sing “O Canada!”

They do weigh in at 110 calories a cookie, so if you go too crazy with them you’ll be roughly the size of Saskatchewan in a few short weeks.

On to music.

The head cold didn’t prevent me from witnessing the recent Bonnie Raitt concert at the Cascade Theatre and — wow — what a show. I know I’m a little late on this, but the show continues to resonate in my mind in such a positive, amazing way.

Maybe Bonnie’s the one who made a deal with the devil at the crossroads. I swear the woman doesn’t age (she looked so killer in her rockstar jeans). Her voice just soars with soul and (obviously, duh) she’s a major badass slide blues guitarist with incredible tone and taste.

What a pro she is.

The next blues event of that caliber looks to be Buddy Guy on April 21 at the Cascade.

Looking for other great concerts? The Oaksong Society has a bunch more Americana and blues shows coming up, including Grammy winner Roland White on March 4, Canadian acoustic blues player Joel Fafard on March 19, and Karen Savoca with Pete Heitzman on March 25. All of those shows are at Bernie’s Guitar (3086 Bechelli Lane) in Redding.

For a list of the Oaksong shows in April and beyond, click here.

The Vintage Wine Bar and Restaurant has also been on a roll with some nice touring acts stopping through. New York-based songwriter Laura Meyer was marvelous on Feb. 17. Check out what a talented lyricist and performer she is. The talented duo Jeff Campbell and Megan Slankard performed there Saturday night.

The Northstar Session

Next up is the L.A. pop/rock band the Northstar Session on Friday (March 4). The group recently performed its tune “You Come Up Like a Rose” on the NBC show “Parenthood” last fall. Click here for more info on the band.

OK, back to the tea, cookies and Kleenex.

Jim Dyar is a news, arts and entertainment journalist for A News Cafe and the former arts and entertainment editor for the Record Searchlight’s D.A.T.E. section. Jim is also a songwriter and leader of the Jim Dyar Band. He lives in Redding. E-mail him at jimd.anewscafe@gmail.com.

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Jim Dyar

is a journalist who focuses on arts, entertainment, music and the outdoors. He is a songwriter and leader of the Jim Dyar Band. He lives in Redding and can be reached at jimd.anewscafe@gmail.com

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