Oaksong Music Society presents Houston Jones

HOUSTON JONES is a San Francisco based high-octane Americana band that performs an original repertoire that ranges from bluegrass and folk to blues and gospel. Travis Jones (lead vocals, guitar), began performing as a child accompanying his mother on gospel… Continue Reading


Oaksong Society Presents The Evie Ladin Band at Bernie’s Guitar

Known as the driving force behind San Francisco’s all-gal old-tyme string band, The Stairwell Sisters, Evie Ladin brings her own band for her Redding debut. Evie plays old-tyme clawhammer banjo, sings, clogs, tap dances, step dances, does body percussion and… Continue Reading


Jim’s Picks: Yogi Says Fight Through the Cold

The wicked head cold is sliding into its third week. The nice thing is I’ve got company in the misery. Many I’ve been around and spoken to (humm?) have suffered the same affliction. Everyone says the same thing. Runny nose… Continue Reading