Harmon for County Supe: Doing Business the Cowboy Way


Candidate statement from County Supervisor candidate Corkey Harmon

As an informed citizen and voter in Shasta County, it is absolutely in your best interest to learn as much as possible about the candidates who are running for office.  After all, you are actually participating in a hiring process when you vote.  If you do not happen to reside in district 5, you can still vote with your wallet to help elect the best person for the job.  I sincerely hope that after careful consideration, you will ultimately discover that person is me.  Here’s why…

You may already know me because I am the fourth generation of my family in Shasta County.  My love for God, my family and our country runs deep.  I have been blessed with successful businesses for over 25 years, and have served in many positions of responsibility and trust.  I am not running for office because I need a job. I am willing to make sacrifices in order to serve my community.  My friends, family, and business partners are squarely behind me.  I am doing this because my conscience will not let me ignore problems in our community, or hide inside my own world and hope that somebody else will stand up and make a decision to do what is right and oppose what is wrong.

I am aware that in order to be an effective leader, you cannot just go with the flow.  You must be somebody that people are willing to follow.  Although very important, it is simply not enough to be a nice person. We need leaders who are willing to buck the system a little.  I have always been driven to do the right thing, even when no one was looking, even if it was difficult or unpopular.  We need to start with integrity and honesty. After that we need somebody capable who will not be distracted or swayed by special interest. I know I can certainly do the job.

I think we all understand that state and federal budgets have a significant effect on local budgets.  Undoubtedly, we will be forced to make more.  But, with those cuts we cannot keep increasing taxes, fees, and permit costs in order to do business.  We must stay focused on how we can stimulate our local economy.  I want to implement a more streamlined permitting process.  The goal is to retain the business that is here, and to bring in more business.  I want to push big government back. We should be doing everything possible to keep local government in control.  You can’t simply increase the tax base by taking more from the people who are already at their limit and beyond.

In general, government simply does not run efficiently. We all know that. I hear almost on a daily basis about projects that are delayed, or costs pushed beyond what is feasible by increased permit fees, and taxes.  We should not be short stopping any good progress. I am all for making it possible for local people to get back to work. We definitely do not need to be sending jobs out of the county or even outsourcing clear out of the country!

I can and will make decisions based on what is best for all of Shasta County. With all humility, I am confident that I have the background, experience and common sense to do this. Like so many of you, I have always been a hard worker. Just ask retired Sheriff Jim Pope and many others about my work ethic.  I invite you to take a close look at my background.  You can also download my entire work history at: www.corkeyharmon.com.  My judgement on dozens of complex infrastructure projects has always proven rock solid. I want to bring my practical working knowledge, high ethical standards and decent character to the office of Supervisor.

I have been a cowboy most of my life, and I am proud to let you know that I do things “The Cowboy Way,” the simple way, the honest way, and I promise to represent the citizens of Shasta County in just that same way!

Corkey Harmon’s 28-Year Work History


1982… At 22 years of age, I started my first business, American Lenders Service & Transportation Co. (Finance Adjuster).  I sold that business in late 1988 to go to work for Marshall Worley at Mountain Gate Quarry.

1989 -1996… Managed and operated Mountain Gate Quarry.  During this time I negotiated the purchase of a limestone plant in El Dorado Hills, disassembled, moved, and reassembled the entire plant at Mountain Gate Quarry. Production began in 1993.  I also acquired my explosives license during that same time.

1996…  Went to work for Stimpel-Wiebelhaus Associates, a Redding, CA based heavy highway contractor, licensed in seven western states.  I quickly moved through the ranks to become Project Manager.

1998… Acquired General Engineering License in State of California.

1999… I became Associate Partner for Stimpel-Wiebelhaus Associates with Greg Tyler and Phil George. A few years later Dick Stimpel and Bill Wiebelhaus retired. We also started White Rock Company, a construction equipment and trucking company.

2001… Completed purchase agreement for Mountain Gate Quarry. Formed White Rock Trucking Company.  Began Industrial Properties, LLC.  Formed Silverbridge Land & Cattle Company, a general partnership.

2007… Acquired WBA Engineering Services, Inc.  This firm conducts civil engineering, land development, road design, and land surveying, to mention a few services.  WBA has been in service since 1984.


During the course of my career I have overseen numerous large construction projects including dams, highway repair and improvements, storm damage repair, and multi-million dollar projects like the Highway 50 Interchange at Folsom near Sacramento.  I have also supervised many construction projects throughout Redding and the surrounding area.  My success rate has been 100%. Over the years, project budgets have added up to over 80 million dollars.

I have been blessed with the ability to quickly identify the right people and get them on the right job to make large projects profitable.  I possess expertise in dealing with labor organizations, human resources, and regulatory agencies.  I have successfully performed jobs from the ground level up.  I have actually done the work, not just talked about it.  I am confident that this kind of “working man’s” leadership and head for business will prove to be of significant value to the office of Shasta County Supervisor.

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6 Responses

  1. Avatar Just Curious says:

    How many more COWBOYS do we need in public office around Redding? More than we can shake a stick er a… gun at ??

  2. Avatar Virginia says:

    The first comment was quite negative. Not constructive. The man seems to be a hard worker. And, he has accomplished something in his life. That is good!

    He has lived and worked in the general area all his life as his family before. Should he change his clothing because newcomers don't like cowboys and guns! I don't feel he needs to do so.

    Willing to come from private life and take on a political position is really the American Way rather than become a life long politician.

  3. Avatar Susan Daugherty says:

    I have worked with Corkey Harmon for the past thirteen years. While our political views differ in many areas, I can certainly vouch for Corkey being one of the hardest workers I have ever known.

    There is no hidden agenda with Corkey. The man says what he means and his sincerity is never in question. That he is running for office because he feels compelled to do something, to make a contribution to this area, instead of just complaining about the status quo, impresses me.

    To "Just Curious:" When Corkey cites, "The Cowboy Way" he is not referring to gun toting or being a maverick. He is talking about a code of ethics where a man's word can be trusted and his intentions pure. He is such a man and , if I lived in Corkey's district, he would have my vote…and I am about as liberal as they come in Shasta County.

  4. Avatar CinnamonKern says:

    I've met Corky through his work with Rotary, and I wish he was in my District so I could vote for him!

  5. Avatar Michele says:

    It is so interesting how it seems always to be people who won't use their actual names who make the most negative comments.

  6. Avatar Nate says:

    I'm voting for you, Corky! I think you're exactly what we need.