A Cheap Broad’s Travel Tips: A Slightly Snarky Guide to Guidebooks

“What’s a good guidebook?” or “What guidebook do you use?” After 30-some-odd years of traveling, both by myself and with others, there isn’t any one guidebook that will suit every person’s needs. Make a trip to the bookstore and head… Continue Reading


A Cheap Broad’s Travel Tips: A Cautionary Tale

Somewhere on the second level of the Eiffel Tower, a hand slipped into Sue Drumright’s purse and deftly removed her wallet; after descending to the ground, Sue noticed it missing. After a frantic search through her jacket pockets and backpack,… Continue Reading


A Cheap Broad’s Travel Tips: Money, Honey, That’s What I Want

In the midst of the fun part of planning your dream vacation, there are a few less fun but vital chores to tend to before you leave home concerning money. Not the do-I-have-enough part – I’m assuming you’ve taken care… Continue Reading