Earned Income Tax Credit: You’ve Earned It. Claim It!

Most people wouldn’t crumple up a thousand dollar bill and throw it in the trash.  Ridiculous, right? But every year qualified Shasta County residents overlook a simple tax credit that could literally put up to $5,700 cash in their pocket.… Continue Reading


A Cheap Broad’s Travel Tips: Money, Honey, That’s What I Want

In the midst of the fun part of planning your dream vacation, there are a few less fun but vital chores to tend to before you leave home concerning money. Not the do-I-have-enough part – I’m assuming you’ve taken care… Continue Reading


A Cheap Broad’s Travel Tips: Why Do I Need a Visa? I’ve Got a MasterCard

WHAT IS A PASSPORT AND HOW DO I GET ONE? A passport is a document issued by a government which certifies the carrier’s identity and nationality. There are two kinds of passports available for U.S. citizens: a passport book and… Continue Reading


How Much Is That in Real Money? A Cheap Broad’s Travel Tips

BEYOND THE RED, WHITE AND BLUE HORIZON According to a 2007 CNN Money article, the human resource consulting firm Mercer estimates the typical full-time employed American receives 15 days paid vacation and 10 days of paid holidays. The American Society… Continue Reading