Part 1-Meet Judy Flores, Superintendent of Schools: Experienced Elected Official Targeted by Right-Wing Extremist in County Election

Shasta County Superintendent of Schools Judy Flores, County Clerk Cathy Darling Allen and District Attorney Stephanie Bridgett have several things in common. All three women are respected elected public officials who’ve spent decades competently serving the citizens of Shasta County… Continue Reading


Shasta County Superintendent of Schools Candidate Bryan Caples Has Sketchy Work History

A candidate seeking to become the next Shasta County Superintendent of Schools has been dismissed or granted an early exit from his three stints as a school superintendent during the past decade. According to public school board records, self-proclaimed conservative… Continue Reading


Educators Rally Against Cuts

Anderson High School teacher Jeff Carr boiled it down to a simple resonating sentiment: “The cuts must stop!” Carr described the fiscal storm brewing in Sacramento that threatens to further damage public education across the state and certainly impact the… Continue Reading