Shasta County Grand Jury Sounds Alarm On Prison Realignment Spending

In a pair of scathing reports, the Shasta County Grand Jury has accused the Shasta County Board of Supervisors of improperly using state funds allocated for rehabilitation programs to fund county jail operations, even as a budget deficit looms for… Continue Reading


Get Benno! Shasta County Snuffs Out Medical Marijuana — And Gun Rights, Too?

Sometimes, I wonder what the Shasta County Board of Supervisors and the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office have been smoking. Wasn’t it just six months ago they were telling voters that Measure A, by totally banning all outdoor medical marijuana cultivation… Continue Reading


A Mother’s Plea: Where is the Help for Shasta County’s Mentally Ill?

Homeless. Mentally ill. Drug-addicted. These are words we all see everyday, especially with those problems so affecting Redding at this time. But do you have a face to put on those words? I do. My son. Believe it or not… Continue Reading