Go Fund Me Abuse: Are the ‘Go-Fund-Me’ Type Programs Merely Cyber Begging?

Let me preface this by warning you this is a venting piece. Everything I do revolves around Conscious Living Concepts. And this problem I’m talking about flies in the face of these concepts. I practice and teach self-awareness and self-responsibility.… Continue Reading


As You Desire: Orgasmic Childbirth ~ Can it be?

Recommended For Adult Audiences Only: After watching this video there were so many things running through my head. The first of which was, “If I had known that I would have had many more children”. The next was, “I’m pissed… Continue Reading


As You Desire: Our Obsession with BREASTS…

Bare breasts freak Americans out! Yet like McD’s we seem to want them super sized and we sneak peeks every chance we get! If a woman’s top falls open do you turn away? We are quite obsessed with boobies here.… Continue Reading


As You Desire: Erotica or Porn – Can You Tell the Difference?

Sex Sells. We are sexual beings and we love all things sexy. That is why the pornography industry has larger revenues than Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Apple and Netflix combined, yet it has not captured the devotion of 50… Continue Reading


As You Desire: Is Testosterone for Boys AND Girls?

Testosterone has been crowned the king of hormones, estrogen the queen, and DHEA the mother to them both. However, all humans have the same hormones present in varying amounts that determine our female or male characteristics. Hormones can determine what the brain is interested in doing. This is why when the sex hormones are low, your sex drive is low. When the bonding and cuddling hormones are high (oxytocin and prolactin), you are more in tune with the feelings of others and Continue Reading