Menu Please: Redding’s Taco Barn Serves a Tasty Bargain

Remember 10 or so years ago when a Sacramento-based taco shop blew into Redding? The one with the slogan, “Sometimes you just gotta have a real taco”? Well, Femme de Joie remembers; she remembers going into the one on Hartnell… Continue Reading


Menu Please: Old Millhouse – A Short Drive to a Lovely Locale

Femme de Joie isn’t sure if the Redding Old Millhouse Deli was ever really an Old Mill. She does recall in the late 1970s when she’d drive by on her way to Brandy Creek, Barry White’s Love Unlimited Orchestra playing… Continue Reading


MenuPlease: It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again

America is connected by coffee shops. Yeah, you get to them via freeways and highways, but that’s just a means to an end. They’re everywhere and we use them as markers – “Can you hold it until we get to… Continue Reading


Menu Please: Burrito Bandito is Fast Mex That Tastes Good, Too

It took Femme de Joie a long time to catch on to Burrito Bandito. For one thing, she didn’t have much reason to go out to Airport Road in Redding, where they started at the original location. For another, she… Continue Reading


MenuPlease: Jade Garden Offers Pleasant Surprises, Poor Upkeep

That red-and-green pagoda on Hilltop Drive was built 40-plus years ago to house the Hong Kong Restaurant. When it closed, a couple more Chinese restaurants moved in and out, and now Jade Garden Continue Reading


MenuPlease: Fuji’s Bento Box is a Mixed Bag

Downtown Redding used to be a fair-to-middling food wasteland with little but fast food offerings, while chain restaurants sprouted like weeds in Enterprise and induced Westside residents to venture across the river in search of dinner. But a few brave… Continue Reading