Shasta County Sees Illegal Tobacco Sales to Minors Plummet

Shasta County has seen a decline in illegal tobacco sales to minors. In 2010, Shasta County Youth Tobacco Purchase Surveys found zero retailers illegally selling tobacco to youth. Surveys reveal only 7.3 percent of retailers illegally selling tobacco to youth… Continue Reading

Fish & Game Votes to Close Abalone Fishery in Sonoma County

The California Fish and Game Commission today took emergency action to close the abalone fishery along part of the northern California coast. Specifically, the Commission voted 3-0 to close the fishery in the entirety of Sonoma County. Commissioners Daniel Richards… Continue Reading


Abalone Die-Off Observed Following Red Tide in Sonoma County

The Department of Fish and Game (DFG) has confirmed reports of dead red abalone and sea stars inside coves along the coast in Sonoma County. The number of dead and dying abalone is not known, but reports have come from… Continue Reading