Artists’ Corner by Stefan Baumann: Mistakes – ‘A Pathway to Excellence’

It was snowing for a few days and when it stopped, I grabbed my paints and searched for a location in town to paint.  It was a beautiful day.  This painting is of a home located in Mt. Shasta call the… Continue Reading


Artists’ Corner by Stefan Baumann: Painting from Life

I believe that it is essential for artists to paint from life.  Art is an expression of an artist’s experience and observation of the subject.   This will not make sense if an artist has never painted from life.  When we… Continue Reading

Artists’ Corner by Stefan Baumann: Declaring what is important to you

When creating art (whether music, writing or painting), you are declaring what is important to you.  You show the world what it takes for granted as you expose the viewer to a remarkable new way of seeing through your eyes. … Continue Reading