Election Update: Thin Margins, Ultra-Right Candidates Lead Some Races; 2245 Unprocessed Ballots Left

Shasta County Supervisor races

In Shasta County’s District 1 Supervisor race, Kevin Crye holds a narrow lead over opponent Erin Resner. Crye has 50.24 percent and 5,267 votes, to Resner’s 49.76 percent and 5,217 votes.

District 5 candidates Chris Kelstrom (left) and Baron Browning tackle issues during a campaign forum. Photo by Doni Chamberlain

Meanwhile, in Shasta County’s District 5 Supervisors race, Chris Kelstrom holds a slim lead over opponent Baron Browning. Kelstrom has 51.75 percent, and 6,015 votes, to Browning’s 48.25 percent and 5,609 votes.

Redding City Council

In the Redding City Council race, the three candidates with the most votes, respectively, are incumbent Michael Dacquisto (17.63 percent/13,195 votes), Tenessa Audette (13.59/10,171), and Jack Munns (11.97 percent/8,958 votes).

Shasta County Board of Education Area 2

In the Shasta County Board of Education race, the two leading candidates, respectively, are Authur Gorman (29.08 percent/17,349 votes) and Steve MacFarland (24.53 percent/14,636 votes). Richard Gallardo is in third place (20.33 percent/12,130).

Anderson City Council

Mike Gallagher is leading the race for two seats on the Anderson City Council with 42.75 percent/1,781 votes. Dan Gallier is trailing by 297 votes, with 35.62 percent/1,484 votes.

Shasta Lake City Council

Six candidates vied for two seats on the Shasta Lake City Council. The candidates who’ve received the most votes, respectively, are Justin Jones, with 33.31 percent/1,563 votes and Pamelyn Anne Morgan, with 26.49 percent/1,243 votes.

ACID Director Division 5

Political newcomer James Rickert, with 68.58 percent and 1,006 votes, received more than twice the number of votes as his opponent Brenda Haynes, who had 31.42 percent and 461 votes, with a 545-vote gap between the two.

 Measure B – Burney Fire Parcel Tax

The Measure B – Burney Fire Parcel Tax looks likely to pass as 776 Burney residents voted for it, while 470 voted against it.

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Update from Shasta County Registrar of Voters

Shasta County Registrar of Voters/County Clerk Cathy Darling Allen.

At 6:22 p.m. Cathy Darling Allen released information about the estimated number of unprocessed ballots. She emphasized that this latest report is an estimated count of unprocessed ballots in the elections department; key word: “estimated”.

“We are still processing these ballots, including verifying the signature and the eligibility of the voter,” Darling Allen said in a press release.

“Voters who have received a challenge letter have until November 28, 2022, to turn in paperwork and cure their ballot. Ballots cured by or before November 28 will still be counted.”

Estimated unprocessed ballots

Below are the numbers provided by Darling Allen regarding the Third Estimated Unprocessed Ballot Report:

Vote by mail: 496
Provisional: 528
CVR (Conditional Voter Registration) Provisional: 35
Other: 1186
(Includes unprocessed ballots that are damaged, need to be remade, or require further review.)

Total Unprocessed: 2245


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