Dare I Say: Improve Cal Fire’s Website

China Gulch Fire photo taken by Emma Fisher off Highway 273 in Redding

During a major fire event, getting critical information into the hands of North State residents should be one of Cal Fire’s highest priorities.

Cal Fire needs to be our official source of fire information.  When a fire erupts, everyone should know to visit fire.ca.gov.  Relying upon local news, advice from friends and a daily fire command briefing just doesn’t cut it.

During the Peter Fire, I felt frustrated at not being able to secure critical facts regarding the fire.  A review of Cal Fire’s website left much to be desired (visit fire.ca.gov and click on Incidents-2022-Peter Fire).

A critical weakness of the website is its total lack of fire forecasting information.  There’s no map showing the fire’s current location, along with its projected path over the next 24 hours.

Information is incomplete in many instances or outright wrong.  I found information regarding a fire in Amador/Calaveras Counties improperly posted on the Peter Fire page.

The website is not updated in real-time.  A local paper reported at 4:28am on July 15, 2022 that 12 structures were destroyed but the Cal Fire website showed none destroyed at 7:12am later that day.

Dare I Say, improve Cal Fire’s website and enhance public safety.

Pete Stiglich


Guest Speaker

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