Defeated 2022 Shasta County Primary Election Candidates Request Recount

The entire slate of candidates who were bested by experienced candidates in Shasta County’s 2022 Primary Election are now contesting the results and want a recount, said Cathy Darling Allen, Shasta County Clerk/Registrar of Voters.

A Thursday-afternoon press release from Darling’s office reported that her office received the recount request Tuesday regarding some of the June 7 Primary Election races.

The request was submitted by Tea Party conservative Mark Kent, head of the Shasta General Purpose Committee, a political action committee that backed a slate of six “anti-establishment” candidates in last month’s primary election, each of whom received fewer votes than the slate of six experienced candidates, a group that included four incumbents.

On primary election night, five of the six anti-establishment candidates gathered for what turned out to be a premature celebration. The men hold small brooms to symbolize their confidence that the election would be a clean sweep in their favor. From left, Shasta County District 4 Supervisor Patrick Jones congratulates candidates Brian Caples, John Greene, Chris Kelstrom, Eric Jensen and Bob Holsinger. Photo source: Facebook.

Darling’s press release included Kent’s exact request:

Tea Party conservative Mark Kent, head of the Shasta General Purpose Committee, occasionally comments at Shasta County Board of Supervisor meetings.

To Whom it may concern:

I am registered to vote in Shasta County and am hereby contesting the results of the June 2022 primary and requesting per Election Code Section 15620 a hand recount of the votes cast throughout the county in the following elections: Board of Supervisors District 1, Board of Supervisors District 5, Superintendent of Schools, District Attorney, Sherriff, and County Clerk. This request is being made on behalf of candidates Kevin Crye, Chris Kelstrom, Bryan Caples, Bob Holsinger, Erik Jensen and John Greene.
Mark E Kent

Darling explained that a recount is the actual re-tabulation of voted ballots to confirm the certified election results.

“We are currently developing an estimate of costs that must be paid in advance by the requestor,” Darling said in the press release.

“We will be in communication with the requestor to determine next steps in the coming days. Final election results will be presented to the governing Board, the Shasta County Board of Supervisors at their July 12th meeting, where they shall accept the certified results and declare local candidates elected.”

Darling said her staff will present a second item to the Board of Supervisors on that same day requesting that the supervisors appoint an officer, other than the Darling, to appoint and supervise the special recount boards for
the recount of the election of the Office of County Clerk (per Elections Code 15625).

The Shasta County Primary election races and results currently being contested are:

Superintendent of Schools Race
Shasta County District 1 Supervisor
Shasta County District 5 Supervisor
Shasta County Clerk/Registrar of Voters
Shasta County District Attorney
Shasta County Sheriff/Coroner


Two Shasta County Supervisor races — District 1 and District 5 — will face a November election runoff because none of the candidates garnered 50 percent plus one of the votes.


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