Leonard Moty, District 2 Shasta County Supervisor, Responds to News of Upcoming Recall Election

District 2 Shasta County Supervisor Leonard Moty.

Editor’s note: Cathy Darling Allen, Shasta County Clerk/Registrar of Voters, announced today that the signature examination and validation process for the recall petition for Supervisor District 2 is complete. The petition has been found to be sufficient, and will cause a recall election to be held for Shasta County Supervisor District 2. Below is Moty’s response to this news.


I took an oath as a Redding Police Officer 44 years ago, swearing to faithfully serve my community and to protect and defend the Constitutions of both the United States and California. When I became Police Chief, I renewed that oath. In 2008 I was honored to take the Oath of Office as a Shasta County Supervisor. I have taken that oath upon each of my re-elections, most recently just last year.

Six times since 1977 I have sworn an oath to the people of Redding and Shasta County. As a lifelong resident, no one loves this County more, and I will not today or any day, turn it over to chaos, bullying, and lies.

I hold a deep respect for the voters of my District and across the County who are angry and tired of the realities we have faced these past two years. I am also angry and tired of these realities! We have dealt with some of the harshest circumstances God and man can throw at us.

Through all of this, I have worked to move our County forward, even as others have sought to tear it apart. I will say here and now: I refuse to allow personal attacks on myself, my family, dedicated County workers, and our courageous citizens, by those who would halt our progress and recovery.

So, while I respect everyone’s right to a voice in our political process, I will spend these next few months telling the truth about my service, my record as a conservative leader and the progress we are making in Shasta County. These people have cast a dark shadow over our community by spreading lies and misinformation to divide and tear us apart. They have threatened, bullied, and even assaulted members of our community. Shasta County is better than this and I will continue to stand up for you. I ask that you “Stand with Me”.

Supervisor Leonard Moty


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