Shasta Forward Team Answers Anti-Recall Questions: ‘Taking a stand’

Note: I reached out to the Shasta Forward team with questions regarding its organization and mission. While I do not know all the Shasta Forward team members, I know some, and can vouch for them, as well as the three supervisors who are being targeted for recall, who are also part of Shasta Forward.

Granted, it’s unusual to publish a Q&A from an organization, rather than an identified spokesperson. However, A News Cafe is making an exception during these exceptional times. We have evidence of violent threats, intimidation and doxing by those who seek to recall Shasta County Supervisors Joe Chimenti (District 1), Leonard Moty (District 2) and Mary Rickert (District 3).

One follower of Carlos Zapata, Red White and Blueprint leader, recently wrote on social media regarding Shasta Forward group members, “Bury their stupid asses!”

Here are some screenshots of statements posted by Zapata on social media:

Carlos Zapata reacts to something whispered by Stake in NorCal co-founder Jesse Lane.



Q: Can you describe the genesis of Shasta Forward?

Shasta Forward is taking a stand against disruptive forces attacking our community. In just the last couple years our County has seen terrible wildfires, a public health crisis and dramatic overreaches from Sacramento that pressured our local economy.

We have strong leadership here that represents many viewpoints in Shasta County, and has effectively led us through these crises. Now that we are emerging from these challenges, some seem intent on dividing our community and taking it backwards. That is unacceptable to families, residents and businesses who have worked tirelessly and in terrible circumstances to rise above the challenges presented to us these past years. Shasta Forward means standing together with our local leaders to move us forward and beyond recent challenges and towards a better, safer community in the coming years.

Q: What’s Shasta Forward’s mission?

To stand together with the local leaders who have successfully led us through recent crises, and work to ensure Shasta County has stable and experienced leadership moving forward.

Q: Is it a non-profit?


Q: You are asking for donations. How will the donations be used? What will happen to any unspent funds after the mission is completed?

We are raising funds to defend Supervisors Mary Rickert, Leonard Moty and Joe Chimenti from the costly, misguided and deceitful recall efforts percolating in the County.

Q: Can you give a broad description of the team members?

Shasta Forward is working with residents, business and community leaders from across the County, and will work with anyone who shares our values and goals.

Q: What are your goals in the coming months?

To educate Shasta County residents on the costly, misguided and deceitful recall attempt, and do what is necessary to support and defend our local leadership.

Q: Will Shasta Forward be involved in attempts to recall the two Shasta County Supervisors who are part of the Red White and Blueprint efforts to recall supervisors Joe Chimenti, Mary Rickert and Leonard Moty?

Our focus is educate the community and support and defend Supervisors Chimenti, Rickert and Moty. The current recall targets two members who were handily re-elected just months ago, and another who faces a primary in just about a year. That would be an unconscionable waste of nearly half a million dollars of taxpayer money, and an unforgivable distraction from helping local businesses recover from the pandemic while we also prepare for another fire season and a looming drought.

Q: Does Shasta Forward exist solely as a countermeasure against the current recall attempts of Chimenti, Rickert and Moty, or will it remain active for other projects?

Our effort was catalyzed by the emerging local Recall directed at Supervisors Chimenti, Rickert and Moty, and that is our focus at this time.

Q: There are rumors already about Shasta Forward. Are there some points you’d like to make to correct some false assumptions?

We cannot comment on vague rumors. Our message and mission is clear: To educate Shasta County residents on the costly, misguided and deceitful recall attempt, and do what is necessary to support and defend our local leadership.

Q: How will you know if Shasta Forward has succeeded?

When the Recall fails.

Q: How can the community help?

Decline to sign any petition targeting Supervisors Chimenti, Rickert and Moty. Visit www.ShastaForward.org to sign up and/or contribute to this effort.

Doni Chamberlain

Doni Chamberlain

Independent online journalist Doni Chamberlain founded what’s now known as anewscafe.com in 2007 with her son, Joe Domke. Chamberlain is an award-winning newspaper opinion columnist, feature and food writer recognized by the Associated Press, the California Newspaper Publishers Association and E.W. Scripps. She lives in Redding, California.

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