Sanders is the One

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Dear Editor,

It has become obvious that Bernie Sanders is the front runner. The two challenges the other Democrats are focused on is not just who can beat Trump, but who can topple Sanders.

Before the candidates started announcing, many Democrats said the party needs a Democrat Trump firebrand; Sanders is that. The most ridiculous statement to come out recently is the claim that most Democrats don’t want Sanders to be the candidate. If that were true then who put Sanders into his first-place status?

Sander’s Medicare For All, which really hasn’t been defined, scares a lot of people with what one would call Cadillac Health plans. The Union bosses are against his MFA, but the rank and file worry about their friends and family who have no heath care plans. Besides, union membership has been declining for years, even before Trump. I worry too about my health plan, but I also worry about what the GOP alternative would be. MFA is not a handicap for his election.

He has been defined by Dems and GOP alike as a grouchy old white man, but he has the support of the young, the ones with no health care and crushing student debt.

Sanders is the real anti-Trump and has won the support of The Squad, the future of the Democratic party. AOC is the young firebrand to complement Sanders elderly firebrand. Both support the New Green Deal which addresses what worries the young and old. Can it be implemented? Not wholly, but parts of it appeal to issues that the other candidates shy away from.

For many young people their only option for higher education without taking on crushing student loans is to join the military and face danger in many war zones. My oldest daughter joined the Army after graduating from Anderson. She received a free education but also served in Bosnia and Rwanda. Sander’s Free Education definitely appeals to those looking at college.

Though it has been a problem for years, President Trump has brought increased focus on the southern border, immigration, The Wall, cages, environmental impact. The New Green Deal would attempt a more humane and workable solution.

Taxing the rich was the main goal of Occupy Wall Street, but where OWS puttered out the NGD continues that.

NGD targets Climate Change, which has been blamed for more of the world’s problems than Trump.

President Trump may have all the right wing voters, but Bernie Sanders has the rank and file voters.

Sanders’ biggest obstacle is getting past the DNC upper elite who have no more in common with “the Little People” than the GOP big wigs.

This letter is not an endorsement, but looking at the facts.

Full disclosure. Then again, my brother and son in law served in the U.S. Army and went through Russian language school, and both my son in law and daughter have numerous Facebook friends in Eastern Europe. Maybe I could be a Russian agent trying to influence the 2020 election.

Bernie Sanders is The One.

Thank you.

Bruce Vojtecky
El Mirage, AZ

Guest Speaker

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