Last Second Special Primary Election Scoops! Don’t Forget To Vote!

This may come as a shock to conservatives who’ve already voted by mail in tomorrow’s 1st Assembly District special primary election, but Megan Dahle may not be the “proven conservative” she’s advertised as being. Dahle is running for her husband… Continue Reading


Who’ll Stop the Train, and Other Predictions for the Coming New Year

Well, it sure has been an exciting year, eh? Frankly, I’ve spent much of it in a state of shock and confusion, reeling from the occasional wild haymaker landed by the orangoutang currently occupying the oval office. Say what you… Continue Reading


One Last Chance to Stop the Trump Train: California Holds the Ticket

Don’t make the white people angry. If there’s one lesson to be gained from the astounding rise of Donald Trump from billionaire developer/reality TV star to presumptive Republican presidential nominee, that’s it. So far, judging from the reaction to Trump’s… Continue Reading