ANC Online Auction: Wood-and-Metal Coat & Hat Hanger – J’Anna Jacoby

wood and metal coat/hat hanger

A couple of things you should know about this donation. First, this is a horrible photo of this very cool hat/coat rack, made from the spine of a wine barrel. The photo doesn’t do it justice. It would look terrific in an entryway for coats, or in a bathroom holding towels, or in a kitchen holding utensils and aprons.

Second, this piece has the distinction of being the very first item donated for the auction, way back in the middle of 2019 by J’Anna Jacoby, the daughter of ANC’s own Adrienne Jacoby. Here’s a photo of them many years ago.

And here’s a more recent photo of them.

Finally, this item is kind of a big deal, because the donor, J’Anna Jacoby, is a very big deal, probably one of the most famous people who once lived in Redding. She’s a noted musician in her own right, but she is best known as a member of the Rod Stewart Band. Yes, that Rod Stewart.

J’Anna Jacoby and Rod Stewart make beautiful music together. Photo source: MySpace.

We hope J’Anna accepts our apology for the unflattering photo of the very cool wine-slat coat rack. We hope she knows how honored we are that the ANC Carr Fire Scholarship online fundraiser was on her radar enough to be the first person to donate to this year’s auction.

Most of us may never have the pleasure of hearing J’Anna perform with Rod Stewart. The good news is we all have a chance this week to bid on an item she selected just for this auction, and the highest bidder will have the bragging rights to say this item came from Redding’s own J’Anna Jacoby of the Rod Stewart Band. Who knows, maybe it belonged to Rod Stewart himself. Or not. Either way, it’ll make a good story.

Value $125.00

Opening bid: $45.00

Carr Fire Auction

Bidding is now closed. Final results will be posted tomorrow.  Click here to make a donation to the ANC Carr Fire Scholarship Fund.

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