Standing in Your Truth

For many people, it is easier to say how you truly feel when your thoughts and feelings are positive. Saying “I love you” or “I had a great time, thank you” flows out of your mouth with ease. The ability to be straight forward and honest can be challenging when your opinion is controversial or negative. Telling someone you are angry, hurt or disappointed might be something you tremendously avoid. If you are like many people, you walk away thinking about what you “should” have said or “wished” you had said. Some can stand up for those they love, such as their children, but seldom for themselves.

There are skills involved in “standing in your truth” and the good news is that you can learn them at any age. It is never too late to begin honoring yourself and those around you with your honesty. This does not mean you have to become aggressive, selfish or bossy. It is possible to be direct and honest without being disliked by others.

Take the time to listen to this podcast that will give you the understanding about what is involved with learning to “stand in your truth” in a communicative and assertive manner. Now is the time to begin standing up for yourself.

Dr. Patty

Patricia Leigh Bay, Psy.D. is a licensed Marriage, Family Therapist with a private practice in Redding, California. Since 1979 she has loved working with children, adolescents, adults, families and relationships.

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