After the Carr Fire, Red Kiosks Reunite Pets & People

The Carr Fire Pet Rescue & Reunification organization’s mission is to reunite pets and owners separated during the Carr Fire. Image source: Carr Fire Pet Rescue & Unification Facebook page.

If you live in the Redding area you may have noticed a few bright red tents that have popped up in a few locations. These were created by volunteers from the Carr Fire Pet Rescue & Reunification, an organization that seeks to reunite lost pets with their owners who’ve become separated during the Carr Fire.

The kiosks contain rows and rows of photographs and descriptions of  lost and found pets, as well as pets that were reported as sighted, including information about the geographical locations. The idea is to bring together owners and their animals, many of which ran for safety during the Carr Fire. Cats, in particular, seemed difficult to capture for evacuation during the Carr Fire.

Inside the tents are bins for donated food and kitty litter.  The all-volunteer Pet Rescue & Reunification team will provide one-on-one assistance with animal rescues.

If you lost a pet during the Carr Fire, there’s still hope that you might find your pet by either looking at the photos I have here, or by visiting the kiosks to see if you can identify your pet among the photos.

If your pet is still missing, it’s important to report it to the Carr Fire Pet Rescue & Reunification organization so they can notify you of possible pet matches.

There are two tent kiosks.  One is located at the intersection of Benton and Quartz Hill Road.  The other is on Highway 299 near the former Old Mill House Deli location by Lower Springs Road.  Both kiosks have the same photos.  However, it’s a good idea to check both because some people do post their own photos.

Pet foster care is also needed for found pets still waiting for their owners to find them. Other ways to help include making donations to spay and neuter the found cats, by calling 530-244-2287 and ask to donate to Feline PAWS Rescue of the North State Carr Fire Fund. 

For more information call 530 215-1309 or go to the organization’s facebook page here

Click here for a Carr Fire cat tribute video shared by Shannon Jay on her Facebook page.

Here it is…a fire cat tribute…turn your speakers on

Posted by Shannon Jay on Tuesday, October 9, 2018

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Steve DuBois
For many years Steve DuBois has enjoyed taking photos of his dogs in interesting and unusual places. He created a photo book of his dogs especially for the children at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, where he donated several copies. He loves that the kids enjoy seeing his dogs photographed in unusual ways. Steve says his dogs have been his photographic inspiration and motivation, but sometimes he tries his hand at nature shots, such as the photos he captured of the north state’s 2017 flooding, published here on A News Steve DuBois lives in Redding.
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6 Responses

  1. Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

    I want to donate some food next time I’m in Redding. I planned to donate dog food, but all these pictures seem to be of cats; so I’ll look at the cat food section in the store instead.

    • Steve DuBois Steve DuBois says:

      Unfortunately, dogs aren’t as able to survive like cats are.

      • Steven Towers Steven Towers says:

        It’s also that dogs want to stick with their people—so they’re less likely to go missing—whereas cats want to stick to their territories. Our Carr Fire refugees included two dogs and a reluctant cat.

        The dogs were happy guests. Their human domestic companions were there, there was plenty of food, and we have acreage and a pool (for the lab).

        The cat came as a captive in a crate, sulked, wouldn’t eat much, and disappeared for a day and a half, apparently checking to see if home was within walking distance.

  2. Hal Johnson Hal Johnson says:

    Steve, thanks for this.

    • Steve DuBois Steve DuBois says:

      Doni came to me with the idea, Hal. It was perfect. Unless I’m mistaken, you had something to do with this, also. So thank you for helping to bring this awareness to the community. I so hope we’re able to reunite these lovable pets with their families.

  3. AJ AJ says:

    This effort is proof positive.
    What an unselfish expression of love that people are working so hard to reunite pets and their owners.