Chico March Against Trump’s Zero Tolerance Policy

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More  than 100 people showed up for the protest on a hot sunny day in Chico.  Many people loudly chanted “ families belong together”, as part of a nationwide protest against Trump’s zero tolerance policy.  Also “ Love and respect” was another chant heard throughout the town.  The protest was to show solidarity with some 700 other protests going on in United States and abroad.  The policies of the Trump republicans to separate children from their family has caused the great upheaval even evangelist clergy like Franklin Graham has spoken out against  Trump administration’s policies policy.

Because of the Trump policies more then two thousand children have been separated from their families.  There has also been a court filing requiring the Trump Republicans  to stop separating children from their families and to return the children to their rightful families.  The Trump administration has said they will unite all children with their families, however, there is no guarantee that all family members can be found as some may have already been deported.

Photos by Charles Finlay.

Charles Finlay
Charles Finlay has been a working photographer for over twenty years. After his formal studies in photography at The New York Institute of Photography, he worked in many commercial studios in New York. After serving in the US Army in Vietnam his interest turned to documentary and photojournalism. Working as a photojournalist in New York and San Francisco, he produced images for numerous publications world wide. Mr. Finlay has completed masters studies in photography at UC Berkeley, and also holds a PhD. He has been Nominated for “Best Of Photography” 1991. Photographic assignments included: Time, Woman’s Day, Newsweek, City of New York, Pageant, President Reagan’s campaign, President Carter, Governor Brown, Prince Charles, CBS News, NBC News production facility, Mayor of San Francisco, Mayor of San Jose, and many local political campaigns. Mr. Finlay has been specializing in political campaign photography, as he covers news events of interest. He is a member of the National Press Photographers Association.
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24 Responses

  1. Avatar Tim says:

    CPS separates ~700,000 children from their parents each year.

    Claim: ICE separated 2,000 children from their families
    False: Many of those children were placed with relatives.

    Claim: Ice is holding 2,000 children in cages
    False: Many of the children were placed with relatives and most of the remaining are placed with sponsors. Some do end up in institutions (orphanage), but they are not “in cages.” The only “cages” are in temporary detention/processing facilities where children are not “held” long.

    • Avatar Bob Higgins says:

      Thank you, Tim! A little common sense enters the discussion. Unfortunately, most liberals whining about this only see the headline. This whole thing started with Clinton and carried on through Bush and Obama. Nuthin’ new here. Nuthin’ new except now they’re complaining about it (for headlines to obscure the good news from Trump policies), as they didn’t do during Obama. Funny, huh?

    • Avatar Aleeta Stamn says:

      Tim – CPS supposedly exists to protect children from severe abuse and neglect. They are not being taken from their families just because parents fleeing conditions that threaten the lives of their children aren’t able to get through legal ports of entry before the Mexican government basically forces them over the border.

      Abandoned warehouses and other detention facilities are filled to overflowing. Before being transferred to those facilities children of all ages can spend days packed in cages where there is barely enough room to lie down. I recently read a heart-breaking story about 60 girls who are crammed into two cages they call “the icebox” because the air conditioning is left on 24 hours a day, and all they have is a thin aluminum blanket. There is no evidence which would indicate that “many” of these children are placed with relatives.

      Then there are tent cities where older children are confined in the sweltering desert, where temperatures can routinely reach 115 this time of year.

      • Avatar Tim says:

        CPS also takes children when parents are jailed for committing a crime. Illegal immigration is a crime.

        Lots of people are willing to march about unpleasant symptoms of the much larger problem of bad immigration law – why don’t we fix the law instead? Virtually none of the detained adults applied for asylum before entering the US.

        ~1,000,000 people immigrate illegally each year
        ~400,000 are deported each year
        ~300,000 apply for asylum
        ~30,000 are granted asylum

        PS: The sponsors who house the majority of these children are “usually parents or family members.”

        • Avatar Aleeta Stamn says:

          Tim – Your link deals with unaccompanied minors (with no indication that “most” of even those are placed with “sponsors”, which are not necessarily family members), – not with young children who are separated from their actual parents.

          • Avatar Tim says:

            All 1,475 of the “missing” unaccompanied minors were with sponsors who failed to answer/respond to a subsequent phone call. And the word “usually” in the following sentence suggests more than half…aka a “majority:”

            “Their sponsors — who are usually parents or family members and in all cases have been vetted for criminality and ability to provide for them — simply did not respond or could not be reached when this voluntary call was made,”

    • Maybe Tim should call Trump, cause they don’t have a clue how many kids or where they went. Happy to see you all supporting this!

  2. Avatar bruce vojtecky says:

    Here in Phoenix, where there are actually detention centers, protests are daily. Southwest Key, a private detention center, has a dozen centers in Arizona. Southwest, along with CoreCivic, are private companies running detention centers, prisons or what ever you want to call them. If the people in Chico, or anywhere else in California, far away from where the immigration conflict is, should step up and get some real skin in the game. Right now, in San Diego, CoreCivic is seeking a permit to expand their detention center/jail from the 1,600 immigrants it already holds to 2,100 immigrants. Time for others to quit complaining about how it is done elsewhere and open their own detention centers. I drive right by the protests in front of the Southwest Key center in Glendale almost everyday and the protesters, along with a smaller opposition, are out there even in the 115 temp days right now.
    And all these private companies in California, Arizona, Colorado and elsewhere have contracts with the federal government that were signed long before Trump was president under other administrations. The abuse and poor conditions have been going on, documented in the media, long before Trump was president. But now the Trump haters are coming out of the woodwork to protest. Where were those protesters then?
    President Trump has brought to light many abuses, immigration, women’s rights, that were going on during other presidents, but are now being addressed. It is called a political reset that has needed to be done for decades and may finally get done.

    • Avatar Aleeta Stamn says:

      Bruce – It’s a matter of degree, and the fact that one is an official policy, while the other was isolated incidents which Obama generally attempted to correct.

      In addition, women’s rights saw many gains during the Obama administration, which Trump is now dismantling. In fact, if he has his way (and it appears that he will), women’ rights will be set back 50 years.

      • Avatar Common Sense says:

        Aleeta, Bruce can’t distinguish someone calling out facts….he tends to label that hatred and Trump bashing. Have you noticed that? He confuses or can’t understand the difference. Trump has Lied over 3200 times since taking the Oath….that’s a fact…..but to Bruce….that’s bashing and trashing the Prez….LOL

        • Avatar bruce vojtecky says:

          CS, I call out the facts of where I live and what is happening in my backyard as opposed to what others google. I don’t google and then pick the one link that pops up and supports my view. I see with my own eyes what is actually happening while others deflect those facts because they haven’t a real clue to what is actually happening. It takes me five minutes to drive by a detention center, how long does it take you to drive by one?

          • Avatar Aleeta Stamn says:

            Bruce – Trump is adding detention facilities all over the country, with new facilities in Texas alone that add three thousand beds (with more to come).

            Private prison companies that heavily supported Trump’s campaign are benefitting through contracts with ICE to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.

            Also, many of the facilities that existed prior to Trump were used for domestic programs, like prison reentry and rehabilitation, and youth services.

  3. Avatar chris solberg says:

    “Jeff Sessions Charged With ‘Child Abuse’ by United Methodist Church Members After Implementing Child Separation Policy”

  4. Barbara Rice Barbara Rice says:

    Guys? Ummmm… guys?
    Do not pick on each other in here in public.

  5. Avatar bruce vojtecky says:

    This is a nation divided as shown by comments, not just here but on other outlets as well. I have lived personally where immigration problems have been prevalent for years, Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado and now Arizona. Private prisons, where many problems dealing with immigration detention, prisoner housing, have funded the campaigns of all political candidates, GOP and DEM. But those who don’t live where these prisons are located seem to think they know what is happening when they have no personal connection. All the harm that I have read about what happened to many of these kids in my neighborhood, from being pimped to drug mules or murdered by MS-13 leads me to believe these kids are safer in these detention cells/ice boxes than on the open market with badly vetted family members. I have looked through the walls of the Southwest Key center in Glendale, if it wasn’t for the protesters, it looks no different than many secured inner city public schools.

    • Avatar Aleeta Stamn says:

      The sponsors a certain percentage of older, unaccompanied minors are placed with are not necessarily family members. And there are now detention facilities all over the country (although some are just abandoned warehouses and the like).

  6. Avatar Liz says:

    Mexico has around 127 million people –roughly a third of the US population. I say let them all in and annex Mexico because obviously we will need more room and resources for 127 million more people.

    • Avatar Tim says:

      The number of illegal immigrants from Mexico has plummeted and in its place are folks from Central America, particularly Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

      El Salvador, in particular, is a country in turmoil. Under Reagan & Bush 1, the US helped suppress a needed revolution in the 80s and 90s and the resulting government has extreme economic inequality and high crime – the later dominated by the ultra-violent MS13.

      For it’s part, Mexico has also been trying to stop Central Americans from entering Mexico too — it has even looked at building its own border wall. But Mexican officials are notoriously corrupt and illegal immigration pays well:

      When you really get down to it, the US’s demand for, and prohibition of, illegal drugs is largely responsible for MS13. These are the modern day Capones: economically disenfranchised due to discrimination, yet finding power in serving people what they want that the government says they can’t have. Like Capone, they’ve realized the best way to expand to existing territory is through brutal violence & overkill.

  7. Avatar Aleeta Stamn says:

    It’s interesting that you recognize (and admit) the large part the U.S. government has played in creating the conditions in South America its citizens are now forced to flee. The U.S. has had a tremendous presence in South America over the decades, backing corrupt, brutal dictators simply because they were willing to exploit their country’s resources and citizens to help fill the coffers of U.S.-based corporations and moneyed, powerful individuals.

    • Avatar bruce vojtecky says:

      Aleeta, you could say the same thing about Africa or parts of Asia. But it is not just the US, other countries like Russia and China have exploited those areas also. Nobody is blameless.

    • Avatar Tim says:

      For sure. The reason I defend Trump’s immigration enforcement isn’t because I like current immigration law. It is because I find indiscriminate enforcement of a bad law preferable to giving power-hungry bureacrackins arbitrary authority over enforcement.

      The US was built on cheap labor, from indentured servitude and slavery to today’s 2nd class un-citizenship. Democrats play a huge part in enabling that system – one big-business Republicans eagerly benefit from. Both parties need to come together and work out who we want to allow into our country & under what terms.

  8. Avatar Liz says:

    Yes, the U.S. also killed a fledgling democracy in Mexico which contributed to their failed state status. Horrific in every respect. How sad that people can’t be happy and enjoy their culture in their country of origin. Instead they are forced out through war and other state sponsored nefarious machinations. Absorbing failed states into our country will not take care of the problem. Refugees are still living in the streets of Paris who would be much happier in their own countries had they not been destroyed. But war, any war, is a lucrative business (of evil) folks.