Franklin Graham Comes to the North State – Thousands Attend

It was a rock concert stage show for the Bible when a crowd of more than thousands of people from north state churches turned out to see Franklin Graham, the son of the famed evangelist Billy Graham on Sun., June 3.

According to Graham’s website, the north state was the last stop on Graham’s tour, an event the site said drew more than 9,000 people to the Shasta District Fairgrounds in Anderson to hear Graham speak. Graham’s “Decision America California Tour” lasted 17 days and covered 600 miles

At the opening of Graham’s presentation, he directed the audience to become involved in politics, and asked that everyone pray that candidates would find God.

Christian music star Jeremy Camp and his band rocked the crowed.  Graham’s message was that Democrats nor Republicans could our country out of its current mess; that only God could.

Charles Finlay
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19 Responses

  1. Avatar Aleeta Stamn says:

    “At the opening of Graham’s presentation, he directed the audience to become involved in politics, and asked that everyone pray that candidates would find God”.

    The Johnson Amendment prohibits 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations from endorsing or opposing candidates for public office. However, it apparently doesn’t prohibit them from promoting the politician’s platform, which is basically the same thing.

    Graham’s website below endorses the belief (at length) that sexuality should be limited to the confines of a marriage between a man and a woman, that no other marriage/relationship is acceptable to God, and that life is “sacred” from the moment of conception. Given that, which politicians are his followers going to vote for?

    • Avatar chris solberg says:

      “the audience to become involved in politics, and asked that everyone pray that candidates would find God”.

      “The Johnson Amendment prohibits 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations from endorsing or opposing candidates for public office”

      Did he say anything about “candidates” ? And Church’s have every right to endorse proposition’s and bills.

      • Avatar Christina says:

        By whose standard? Yours or God’s? Jesus never bothered himself woth changing the political landscape because he was not of this world. You’re wasting your time on this battle. The only two directives your God left you with when his Son ascended (according to the Bible) is to love your neighbor as yourself and make disciples. He never told you to take upon yourself to change the world from the way it’s always been.

      • Avatar Aleeta Stamn says:

        Chris Solberg – Funny you should bring up Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement.

        At first Billy Graham (Franklin Graham’s father) paid lip service to equal rights for African-Americans. However, before long he began “criticizing civil rights activists for focusing on changing laws, rather than changing hearts”.

        Graham also “praised the wisdom of young people who rejected the government as a tool for rectifying injustices”:

        So why are Graham’s son and his followers suddenly so fired up about getting involved in politics? I’d wager it’s because they now have politicians who are offering to create laws to help them discriminate against groups they despise and/or want to return to their “place”, and that will give them special treatment. These evangelical “Christians” certainly never got behind equal rights for women, African-Americans, or any other group.

        • Avatar chris solberg says:

          “Remembering The Four People Of Faith Who Died On The Road From Selma”

          • Avatar Aleeta Stamn says:

            Dr. King was himself a man of faith. However, the four people in your article were two Unitarians (a humanist organization), a Black church deacon, and an Episcopal seminary student. They were not the white fundamentalists who put Trump and the Tea Party politicians in office. The main goal of those white fundamentalists (which includes Graham’s followers) is discrimination against women, gays, and people of other faiths, and to force the rest of us to recognize their “right” to control society.

  2. Avatar Stephen says:

    I was there and it was great. Hearing the name of Jesus boldly proclaimed over in the air. As far as candidates go to vote for. There are not many. That is why he said “your state needs prayer”. And also encouraged Christians to run for school board and local office.

    • Avatar Aleeta Stamn says:

      Ours is a secular government, complete with protections against discrimination, harassment, and the violation of other people’s constitutional rights. That a preacher would implore his followers from the pulpit to use the ballot box to violate those rights is unconcionable. Depriving women, gay people, and others of the right to equal treatment and opportunity is obviously not a position held by the Democratic Party, so he might as well have just skipped the “middle man” (Republican platform) and told his followers to vote only for the Republicans on the ballot.

      • Avatar Common Sense says:

        It’s The New Party. It’s Trumps Party now not the Republican Party. Apparently its OK now for Christians to do what Trump has done….they support him after all. It’s Ok to Lie, It’s OK to Commit Adultery, Its OK to not follow or care about Laws, Decency or the Constitution. It’s OK to be Racist.

        It will be a shock for all those that have worshipped and followed this Man (POTUS)….he is going to Jail….and all those around him. Say goodbye to the Republican Party. The Former Party of “Family Values”.

        The Hypocrisy has been noted!

    • Avatar Aleeta Stamn says:

      Stephen – Your religion is now being “boldly proclaimed” in the highest levels of government, in public school classrooms and public meetings, and everywhere else it doesn’t belong. In fact, the country is under attack by fundamentalist Christians. The latest from Trump’s “Justice Department” is that cities may no longer be allowed to control their own zoning, but will be forced to give churches and religious organizations special treatment any time or place they want to expand. There are plans underway to rob public schools of funding in favor of teaching children to worship a primitive, mass-murdering, sexist “god”, to discriminate “legally” against certain groups, to relegate women to the subservient role of the 50’s, and to take over local governments (Redding being at the forefront of that scheme).

      It’s actually the rights of everyone else that are being trampled. The implication that there is something unique about fundamentalist Christians loudly proclaiming their religion is absolutely baseless.

  3. Avatar Liz says:

    Aleeta, this must be a concern to you as well.

  4. Avatar Liz says:

    and this from CNN

    You could have been born into this culture.

    • Avatar Aleeta Stamn says:


      In reference to your very sinister sounding Fox video – yes, Dearborne has by far the largest Arab community in the country (which apparently started more than a hundred years ago). Did you know that there are also at least a dozen cities in the U.S. where Asians make up more than 50 percent of the population? In fact, many communities around the country have large immigrant populations of various kinds. I’ve been in several cities where it’s possible to travel for miles without seeing a single sign or business name in English, so Dearborne is really not all that unusual.

      By the same token, there are cities in foregin countries (like Mexico) where thousands of mainly retired Americans have gone because they can’t live on their retirement incomes in this country, but can live well in those places. You won’t find much that is not in English in those foreign communities either.

      And certainly there are practices in other countries that are horrifying. How sad that the Trump administration no longer considers abuse of women (or much of anything else) to be legtitmate grounds for seeking asylum in America. However, abuses in other countries don’t alter the fact that women in this country shouldn’t be forced to give up their hard-fought rights, or to live according to some brutally sexist ancient religious book because some people believe it’s a representation of “god”.

  5. Avatar Ron C. says:

    I went to this event and though it was great to see so many people listening to the gospel and great music. Glory be to god.

  6. Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

    Let me fix that last sentence in the article.

    Graham’s message was that Democrats nor Republicans could *get* our country out of its current mess; that only God could.

    And since I’m already quibbling about that sentence, the word “nor” is customarily paired with another negative (e.g., neither/nor).

  7. Avatar Common Sense says:

    God is not going to fix anything. The thing called Free Will is steadfastly at work. That and the fact we had 9000 people at an event that Call themselves “Christians”. Apparently being a Christian Today is much different from when I was a Youngster!

    Can someone show me in that Bible that was being thumped where it says Lying all the time in OK, where Locking up Kids and taking them away from their Parents is OK? Comitting Crime after Crime and running with Porn Stars and Playmates is good? Where does it say we must Only be concerned with OUR self in the Bible? That’s what you have elected….a Narcissist.

    I guess you all can overlook all that as long as the Court Rooms are stacked in your favor and your issues are supported? No God is not the one to change all this…’s the People that have to go BACK to what the Bible says ( and start Living it)….Love Your Neighbors… know even the Black ones and the Mexican ones! God is Shaking It’s head right now….that is what is happening! God Doesn’t Judge….Only People Do! God Loves EVERY ONE…..that Message got left on the sidelines somewhere….Obviously!

  8. Avatar The Old Pretender says:

    Pray all you want, but keep your beliefs out of my life. Bronze and Iron Age myths coupled with the ignorant have induced suffering on most continents up to the present. Step on the Constitution and damn straight I will fight back against your attempts to bring this nonsense into the laws that govern us all. I don’t care if you believe the Earth is 6000 years old, but don’t pass that crap to your kids, and for Dog’s sake, don’t think you can make appropriate environmental policy thinking that garbage. Not to mention the hand-waving and psuedo-hipster loud music looks really ridiculous.