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Hello Clever People! Welcome to my review for the film that has stirred up insane amounts of controversy and has split audiences in the middle, "Mother!" This film follows Jennifer Lawrence, a quiet woman trying to perfect her picturesque house, and Javier Bardem, a writer who is beginning to have strangers who love his work stay in his household, which launches them into horror and terror they could have never imagined. Click the link below to watch the review!


Robert Burke
Robert Burke is a 15-year-old film critic currently attending Shasta High School. His love for film started when he was very young, and grows as he learns more and more about it. Robert expresses his love for film through reviews, which can be found on this website every Saturday. Film is not his only passion, as he also loves to act in local productions with Cascade Theater, Shasta College and Riverfront Playhouse. He currently lives in Redding, CA, and hopes to one day be a film director. To view all of Robert’s reviews go to
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5 Responses

  1. Canda Williams says:

    Robert, I enjoyed your review of “Mother”. Your passion for film making definitely comes through, and you have a great vocabulary. You definitely piqued my interest in the movie, and I’ll probably go see it based on your review. I wish you all the best in your endeavor to become a film director!

  2. "Dodie" says:

    Robert, I too was waiting for your review of “Mother”. You liked it and your Dad didn’t….so I think I will wait until it comes out on DVD and watch it then. I really like J-law and Javier as actors and glad to hear you thought their acting was great enough for an Oscar. You are one young man with a bright future. It is so refreshing to see young people with goals. Keep up the good work and “Become the One You Dream You Can Be”.

  3. Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

    I read one review that went something like this: “Ordinarily, I’d run through fire to see a film starring Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem. By the second hour, I’d have run though fire to get out.”

    I like J-Law and thought she was brilliant in her first movie, “Winter’s Bone,” but after catching the first “Hunger Games” flick, I was done with that trilogy. Ditto for the never-ending X-Men franchise. I don’t buy the “overrated” thing, but I think she was the second-best actress in “American Hustle.” I’ve enjoyed Bardem in every role I’ve seen him in, except “Eat Pray Love.” :::throws up in mouth a little::: If I’m channel surfing and “No Country for Old Men” is on, I can’t look away.

    Robert’s review made me want to grab my keys and head to the next screening of “Mother.” I like weird flicks—one of my favorite movies of the past decade or so is “Pan’s Labyrinth” directed by Guillermo del Toro, which is pretty damned strange and disturbing. I can’t tell if “Mother” is far weirder, or if Robert is just now starting to encounter bizarre films.

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