Shasta County Citizens Rally for Justice

A rally hosted by the Shasta County Citizens Advocating Respect (SCCAR) was held Tuesday morning at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park in Redding to protest the white nationalists riot in Charlottesville, Va., last week.

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Heather Heyer was in Charlottesville protesting hate.  She lost her life when a car rammed into a crowd of people.  Nineteen others were injured by that car.  Also, two Virginia State Police pilots, Lt. H. Jay Cullen and Trooper Berke M. M. Bates, were killed when their helicopter crashed  as they helped monitor the situation in Charlottesville for the governor.

At the Redding event, ministers and others spoke out against the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and all groups that fail to support civil rights.

Speakers at the MLK Memorial Park in Redding included many, including Eddie McAllister, one of the event’s organizers.

Eddie McAllister addresses the gathering hosted by Shasta County Citizens Advocating Respect Tuesday in Redding.

Eddie McAllister addresses the gathering hosted by Shasta County Citizens Advocating Respect Tuesday in Redding.

McAllister i,s a community organizer who’s associated with Health and Human Services and many other north state groups including his position as president of the Vietnam Vets of America.  He’s also a member of SCCAR (Shasta Country Citizens Advocating Respect).

Other speakers included Pastor Sung Kim of the Cornerstone Community Church, Rev. Dr. Ann Corrin of the Pilgrim United Church of Christ, Pastor Charles Clark of St. Marks MBC Baptist Church, and Trent Copeland.

Trent Copeland.

Trent Copeland.

Copeland taught English to many Asian people who settled in the north state. He said that many of his students were from refugee camps in Thailand, and others had fathers or uncles who were allies to the United States and helped United States troops survive during the Secret War in Laos.  Copeland said that although his refugee students came to the U.S. in hope of a better life, instead, they were bullied.  “They weren’t looking for hate here,” Copeland said. “They deserved our appreciation and recognition.”

Egon Harrasser,  born in 1934 in Germany, also spoke.

Egon Harrasser.

Egon Harrasser.

He grew up during the Holocaust but believed there was a better life beyond his upbringing.  Harrasser said he left Germany at 19 and begun his quest for a life of stronger meaning in Canada.  He now lives in Shasta County and is a member of SCCAR.

Tom O'Mara.

Tom O’Mara.

Tom O’Mara, a civil rights advocate with the Redding Police Department also spoke.

The event concluded with Rod Lindsey representing Local Indians For Education.

The gathering was peaceful.  No one showed up to protest the event.  Police were there, too, including interim Redding Police Chief Peter Hansen.

Interim Redding Police Chief Peter Hansen.

Note:  On Monday, August 28th, the National Organization of ‘Ministers March For Justice’ will gather in Washington, D.C., where more than 1,000 ministers are expected to gather to reaffirm their commitment to the social justice movement.  Together they will stand in solidarity, mirroring the spirit and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  These ministers will hold the Trump Administration and Attorney General Jeff Sessions accountable for the increase in hate crimes in the United States.

Steve DuBois
For many years Steve DuBois has enjoyed taking photos of his dogs in interesting and unusual places. He created a photo book of his dogs especially for the children at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, where he donated several copies. He loves that the kids enjoy seeing his dogs photographed in unusual ways. Steve says his dogs have been his photographic inspiration and motivation, but sometimes he tries his hand at nature shots, such as the photos he captured of the north state’s 2017 flooding, published here on A News Steve DuBois lives in Redding.
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16 Responses

  1. Avatar Truthismessy says:

    “These ministers will hold the Trump Administration and Attorney General Jeff Sessions accountable for the increase in hate crimes in the United States.”

    I hope they are including antifa in the groups to hold accountable.  Seems to me everyone would have just laughed at a bunch of redneck idiots parading in bed sheets had this group of “antifacists” not taken it upon themselves to try and violently prevent free speech.

    Speaking of, have they arrested the bat-wielding antifa-er that caused the unarmed nazi idiot to floor the accelerator into the crowd?  Seems like felony murder to me…

  2. Avatar Marilyn Traugott says:

    Steve, thank you for reporting on this. To avoid confusion, let me clarify as a Board member of SCCAR that it was not a march or a rally but simply a press conference to reassure  people that the hateful behaviors demonstrated in Charlottesville last weekend have no place in our Northstate community. We cannot tolerate activities that create fear, harm, and destruction of the diversity our country is built on.

    • Steve Steve says:

      I knew it wasn’t a march, but thank you for the clarification.  It was not clear to me the event was a press conference.  And I couldn’t agree more that we cannot tolerate any activity that harbors hate.  It’s vital our country needs to be one with healthy diversity that is thriving.  In lieu of the tragedy in Charlottesville, I worry about out future.

  3. Avatar Art McBride says:

    Can it happen here – again?

    We might remember that the William brothers felt fully justified in shooting to death  Gary Matson and Winfield Mowder because of their lifestyle. The white supremacist brothers then went on to commit arson attacks against synagogues and clinics feeling they were doing “God’s will”.

    The rhetoric which gives permission for those filled with bigotry and hate to act in violent ways seems to becoming more prevalent recently. As the right wing media espouse ideas and conservative politicians propose policies that promote white privilege we can expect more violence.

    In Shasta County there are signs of the willingness to act out in violent ways both in speech and deed. Two recent examples:

    When a motorcycle rider claimed falsely that he had been attacked by three minority people near a homeless camp  close to the Cypress Street bridge it prompted a vigilante type raid.  A group of armed men went to the homeless camp to do what the RPD was unable / willing to do. The result was a homeless man hit by car and sent to the hospital.

    Recently a letter to the editor in the Record Searchlight called on the “men” of Redding to take the law into their own hands. The “men” of Redding must act as a citizen vigilante committee and clear the streets of Redding of the riff raff who have taken over. The rallying call of – remember how the “men’ of Redding treated the Ruggles brothers, (they were dragged from jail and lynched), – would certainly give one cause to wonder if the author was promoting a good lynching as the answer to Redding’s crime problem.

    Yes it could happen here – again.


  4. Avatar Anita Lynn Brady says:

    Our Congressman: “What this country needs is unity of purpose — of embracing the opportunity and what’s good about the United States — not more racial or identity-driven anger by anyone.”

    Well, isn’t that special. He did not call out the groups by name and then he added that last word “anyone” to bring his actual message home.

    LaMalfa’s “anyone” equals Trump’s “both sides.” We must defeat this slimy politician next year.



    • Avatar Steven Johnson says:

      With who?  “Killary?”  Nutsy Pelosi?  Lizindian Warren?  Chuckles Schumer?  The reason we have elected Donald Trump is because of the idiotic, unsustainable, wasteful and expensive policies of the Left.  The Democrats have no message, no credible candidates and no policies that do anything other than raise taxes and debt.  They have one thing they do really well and that is control over the “pointing finger of blame” media.  Look at what’s happening in the country today and please understand where it originated from and Trump is not to blame.  He may not be the “silver tongued devil Obama was, but he is a straight shooter and will get the job done despite the onslaught of obfuscation the losers keep pushing.  That’s right, losers and they are slipping further into the hole they created for themselves and you know what they say about the unhappy people?  They want to drag you down with them.  See who the real enemy is and do it before it is too late.  Have you ever asked yourselves why the police are standing down in these situations?  Who tells the police what to do.  Hint:  DC Comics nailed it back in the 50’s and 60’s.  Welcome to the political manipulation era that will make you get to the truth or become a slave to the lies.

    • Avatar Truthismessy says:

      “Anyone” and “both sides” were well-chosen.  When Police actually keep a buffer, as in Seattle, protests remain non-violent.  And who is it trying to break through Police barricades?

      Aside from their, well, facist “by any means necessary” style, Antifa’s bats & masks tactics are actually counterproductive.  Their behavior is so bad, it actually engenders sympathy for poor mistreated white separatists and antisemites!

      Where is the outcry from Democrats over Antifa?  Are they so afraid of their precious party splitting left that they implicitly condone such unamerican behavior?

      When James Damore, a moderate conservative, dares to ask whether statistically significant variances in key traits might partially explain the gender gap in engineering, he gets fired from Google.  Yet Yvette Falarca, a public middle shool teacher, kept her job despite being caught punching a TWP marcher in Sacramento and later publicly encouraging violence towards alt-right demostrators in SF.

      Tell me, where is a guy like James Damore going to turn?  To the side that considers the statement “men tend to have greater upper body strength” a dangerous perpetuation of harmful gender stereotypes and lambasts him for writing a “manifesto?”  Or to the side that actually welcomes true diversity, to such an extent that the group of supposed bigots is headed by a gay jew immigrant?

  5. Frank Treadway Frank Treadway says:

    It’s amazing how a story on  a local group meeting and making a statement that racism, bigotry and other forms of hurt can get tweaked and twisted into responses that simply go off the mark and into another area of ‘what is going on here’ ?  Keep it focused on what is at hand,  and that is intoleration of current and past discriminations’. Yes, it’s interesting and possibly time to recall the past, but we are dealing with a current situation of the ‘New Right’.  Open Facism, spurred on by one person, and his minions right behind him, that states it’s OK to beat and batter, whether physically or mentally, those who’ve experienced this bigotry all their lives.  Mr. LaMalfa, are you tired of supporting your favorite POTUS yet ?

  6. Avatar cheyenne says:

    A common sense approach to certain statues is held by Colorado and should be copied in the rest of the nation.

    Out front of the Colorado state capital is a statue of a civil war soldier.  It honors the Colorado soldiers who fought in 22 battles during the civil war.  The last four battles listed were actually against American Indians and the last battle on the monument was the Sand Creek Massacre.  The Colorado legislators voted unanimously to remove the part about Sand Creek from the monument.  The Cheyenne and Arapahoe tribes made a moving plea against removing the Sand Creek part from the monument.  They said it was better to recognize what actually happened than erase the past.  So they changed, didn’t remove, the Sand Creek part to reflect what actually happened.  This is what should be done to other monuments, keep them but write an accurate account of what actually took place.

    • Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

      It’s odd that some people want to rewrite history rather than accept the reality of what happened.