Trump’s Transgender Tweets Reveal His True Character


One of my favorite snippets of self-help philosophy, one that has proven useful to me in real life, particularly in my capacity as a journalist, is derived from the Alcoholics Anonymous recovery program's 10th step:

“Continued to take a personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.”

To take a personal inventory is to sift through the wreckage of the past and recognize where one has done both right and wrong. Having completed personal inventories on several occasions, I understand one of my greatest character flaws is self-righteousness. Admitting I'm wrong doesn't come easy to me.

But thanks to practicing the 10th step, I've learned over the years to promptly admit when I'm wrong. Even to this day, to this very moment, it isn't always easy, but contrary to what my feelings might tell me, it's the path of least resistance. So here it goes.

I was wrong about Donald Trump. I thought he had the intellectual and emotional capacity to serve as president of the United States. After his actions during the past two weeks, it's abundantly clear he does not.

Little more than a month ago, I was praising Trump's proficiency at 4D chess, citing his Twitter war with CNN as the latest example. Although I had ceased being a fervent supporter, I thought Trump, who is fighting detractors from all sides, had turned the corner, and might even become an effective president.

During Trump's improbable rise to power, I'd developed this conception of him as a sort of autistic genius who manages to put all the pieces of the puzzle called America together while simultaneously offending everyone in the process, who nevertheless will applaud unanimously once the puzzle is completed.

But I didn't count on the autistic kid throwing away pieces of the puzzle before it was finished. That's exactly what Trump did last week with a series of early morning tweets that tossed every transgender person currently serving in the U.S. military under the bus. Here are the tweets condensed to a single paragraph:

“After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow ... Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military. Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming … victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail. Thank you.”

To say I was astonished when greeted with these tweets first thing in the morning would be an understatement. The night before on social media, I had actually posted something to the effect that Trump had at least attempted to foster good relations with the LGBT community. He invited Caitlyn Jenner to use the ladies room at Trump Tower, which she did. He pledged the Republican party would become a “friend.” We now know he meant the kind of friend who sticks a knife in your back the first chance he gets.

The fact that Trump's tweets have been almost universally derided by mainstream media, Democrats and more than a few Republicans is good news for the LGBT community. We may get in awkward arguments about pronouns and bathroom signage, and more serious discussions about the appropriate age to begin psychological, medical and surgical treatments for gender identity issues, but as society as a whole, we are growing in our ability to accept people as they are.

The first poll taken since Trump's remarks verifies this. Reuters found that 58 percent of Americans believe transgender people should be allowed to serve in the military. Just 27 percent said they shouldn't. The rest didn't know. Broken down by party, even 32 percent of Republicans agree transgender people should be allowed to serve.

One reason I think a majority support transgender people being allowed to serve is Americans, and I'm talking about the people, not the government or the military, have a sense of fair play. We bet on the underdog and against the bully. We can see that the LGBT community, even with all those other letters thrown in, is relatively small, less than 10 percent of the population. The number of transgender individuals is estimated at less than 1 percent. When we see a more powerful group, such as right wing evangelicals, persecute this smaller group, it offends our sense of fair play.

With Trump's transgender tweets, we have a situation that amplifies the equation. The most powerful person on the planet, the president of the United States, has just attacked what might be America's smallest minority group, on Twitter for God's sake.

Of all the estimates about the number of transgender people serving in the military and the associated medical costs that have been publicized since Trump's tweets, the one number that stood out to me was 250. That's the number of transgender service members who've formally applied for transgender status since former Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, at President Barack Obama's direction, lifted the ban on openly serving last year. Trump claims these these 250 people, out of 1.4 million active duty personnel, are harming our military's readiness.

All this may be pleasing the evangelicals, the Alt-Right and Tea Party members of Trump's base, but that base isn't big enough to win national elections. Moderates such as myself, who in the past have excused Trump's grotesque behavior, will be hard-pressed to call this anything but what it is: the naked scapegoating of a minority group to score political points.

The evangelicals at the Family Research Council believe human beings who courageously follow their conscience are worth less than multi-billion dollar military boondoggles. What would Jesus think?

The evangelicals at the Family Research Council believe human beings who courageously follow their conscience are worth less than multi-billion dollar military boondoggles. What would Jesus think?

But it's much worse than that. By casting his tweets in pseudo-military bureaucratese and granting them the veneer of his authority as Commander in Chief, Trump has profoundly disrespected the military's chain of command, and every one currently serving from the generals at the top to the grunts digging latrines at the bottom knows it.

Trump, a serial draft-dodger during the Vietnam War era, claimed he consulted with his generals before tweeting. Anyone who's in or has been in the military knows that isn't true, because if Trump had consulted the generals, the generals would have passed the information down to the troops through normal channels, not blurt it out from the very top on a public social media platform to billions of people worldwide in the hopes that everybody gets the message and nobody gets the wrong idea.

You may think everyone serving in the military is a homophobic redneck, but those 250 service men and women openly serving as transgender have friends and colleagues, and they're all fighting on the same team, whether it be in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard or Marines. They don't live in our world, where the constitution prevails. They live under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, which actually requires you to not follow unlawful orders.

I believe that's exactly how Trump's tweets will be perceived by most service members, as an unlawful order, because that's what they essentially constitute. The Joint Chiefs of Staff were clearly not consulted by Trump and have been in full damage control mode since the tweets. As stoic as military higher-ups can be, you can sense they're pissed, and that's going to trickle downhill.

Trump has objectively done more harm to military readiness than any imaginable transgression by transgenders. Disrupting the news cycle with an errant tweet is one thing. But disrupting the chain of command of what still remains the world's most formidable fighting force goes light years beyond that. It is behavior not befitting a Commander in Chief. It demonstrates a profound disregard for both the gravity and responsibility his office entails.

It has also forced me to the realization the so-called God-Emperor is no grand master at all. Maybe he was playing 4D chess in the beginning, perhaps that's how he duped just enough people to eek out an electoral college victory.

In fact, according to an ongoing analysis of the 2016 presidential election by University of Minnesota law professor Francis Shen and Boston University political science teacher Douglas Kriner, it may be antiwar rubes just like me (but living in key swing states) who bought into Trump's promise of peace and prosperity and propelled him into the oval office. Perhaps you didn't hear that message, but I did.

What can I say? I overestimated the man. I thought he was as tough as his talk. It's true that he's been under attack by the entire political establishment since the moment he announced his candidacy, but it appeared he could dish it out as well as he could take it. As it turns out, he doesn't have the emotional stamina for the job. As much as he chides Democrats for being sore losers, this is a man who hates losing. After six months on the job, he's losing badly, and now he's flailing out.

He's not attacking transgender people per se, they're just collateral damage. After pondering Trump's actions in office during the past six months, particularly the more irrational ones, I began to pick up on a pattern.

It's not very complicated. Ultimately, there is but one target of his wrath. He's not playing 4D chess. He's playing 1D chess. That one dimension is his burning hatred for his predecessor, President Barack Obama.

After all, who was it in the first place that encouraged the policy that transgender individuals be allowed to serve openly in the military, as they have quietly for many generations?

Who orchestrated the Iran deal Trump railed about on the campaign trail but was forced to ratify two weeks ago, because it's a crafty bit of statesmanship and Iran is honoring the deal?

Who created the health care system that despite its flaws has provided coverage to tens of millions of previously uninsured people, and continues to defy Republican efforts to repeal, let alone replace it?

Is it just a coincidence that Trump's tranny tweet storm came between his forced ratification of the Iran deal and the latest failed Republican attempt to repeal Obamacare? Is that why Trump attempted to elicit boos for Obama from 40,000 Boy Scouts at their annual jamboree in West Virginia last week?

Because Obama's still winning?

I think it's a reasonable explanation. It can be applied to more complicated events, such as Trump's decision to launch a cruise missile attack on Syria last April. According to investigative journalist Seymour Hersch, Syrian rebels staged a false flag chemical attack to goad the United States into entering the Syrian civil war, just as they did in 2013, while Obama was president.

When Obama was presented with intelligence that indicated it was most likely not a chemical attack, he called the bombing off, much to the displeasure of war hawks on both sides of the aisle. Although the evidence against a chemical attack presented to Trump was even stronger, he let the missiles fly almost as an afterthought, as an aperitif while dining on the “most beautiful piece of chocolate cake you've ever seen” with the president of China at Mar-a-Lago. Approximately 20 Syrians, half of them civilians, were killed by the strike, which by definition was an act of war.

Some observers have claimed Trump's Syrian missile strike was an attempt to deflect the media's attention away from the Russian collusion scandal that has dogged his administration since he won the election. A wagging of the dog, if you will. If that's the case, it didn't last long. I think a more likely explanation is the dimension of Trump's hatred for Obama is so deep, he'll do the opposite of what Obama did, just to spite the former president's legacy, no matter what the consequences.

It's like he's never gotten over the public shaming Obama laid on him at the 2011 White House correspondents dinner, with all the members of what would eventually become the hated “fake news media” in attendance. He may be now slowly coming to the realization that Obama is the better man, and always will be. He's not built to handle such information.

I know what some of you are thinking. I should have seen this coming a long way off. Perhaps I should have. In my defense, I'm not the first voter who's fallen for the phony peace and prosperity routine and I no doubt won't be the last. But fall for it I did.

I realize that's small consolation for the fact that the man sitting atop the world's most lethal nuclear arsenal issues military commands on Twitter.

As I was finishing up this story, Trump's White House staff was in total disarray. Chief of staff Reince Priebus has resigned, replaced by one of Trump's generals, John Kelly. Incoming White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci has threatened to fire the entire communications staff for leaking to the press. Who's watching the boss while all this is going on? Steve Bannon?

What if the world ends not with a bang or a whimper, but a tweet?

R.V. Scheide
R.V. Scheide has been a northern California journalist for more than 20 years. He appreciates your comments and story ideas.
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  1. Hal Johnson Hal Johnson says:

    The man scares the heck out of me. To state that he shoots from the hip is an insult to people who shoot from the hip.

  2. Damon Miller says:

    Congratulations on finally figuring out what reasonable people realized literally decades ago.

  3. cheyenne says:

    A recent CBS poll found that in three states President Trump’s approval rating has gone up over 20% since the election.  Wyoming, West Virginia and North Dakota, all fossil fuel dependent states.  But a more telling example is that in Texas and Arizona his approval rating has dropped the most.  Reading the Arizona papers it is because of his build the wall rhetoric, those states are very dependent on legal trade with Mexico.

    That said, I did not vote for him because I knew he couldn’t do what he said but I wasn’t going to vote for HRC and the continuation of staying the course.  I would suspect, though it seems very few will admit it, that a lot of Trump votes were anti Clinton votes, Sanders supporters?  Trump is a bully, and myself being small, I have had to stand up against bullies all my life.  It seems a lot of politicians from both parties are standing up to this bully.

    Here in Wyoming the TG issue is hotly debated on the opinion pages with both sides predicting the apocalypse is coming.  Though I have noticed, at least here in Cheyenne and even in northern Colorado, a lot of Unisex signs are popping up on public restrooms.  Not because of any law but I suspect to prevent passing a law.

    As I have said before, everybody needs to quit worrying about a handcuffed president who can do nothing but flail in the air, and concentrate on who will be running for elections in 2018 and 2020.  While I read about all the Trump comments, no one seems to know who is up for election.  Colorado and Arizona, both swing states, have some very contested elections coming up next year.  Doesn’t California have any elections next year?


    • Hal Johnson Hal Johnson says:

      I agree that folks would better off focusing on coming elections than efforts to remove Trump from office by impeachment. History suggests that impeachment proceedings will result in little but more noise and distractions. I mean, sheesh, if they couldn’t remove Bill Clinton from office despite doing all of those inappropriate things with his wiener and cigars, how likely is it that Trump will be removed because he might start World War III with a tweet?

      People do have their priorities, y’know.

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      Cheyenne and Hal, I’m with you on “let’s quash the impeachment talk.”  It’s annoying when Repubs do it for the entire tenures of Demo presidents, and it’s annoying now.  If Trump gets caught doing something sufficiently heinous and the goods are on the table, he’ll likely resign and we’ll have Mike Pence as POTUS.  That will probably help quell the chaos, but it’s the chaos that’s largely responsible for Trump’s inability to get anything on the GOP agenda done.  The biggest upside to Pence is that he’s less likely to get is involved in a major war caused by how constipated and agitated he is on a given morning.

      Trump will likely finish his term, and he’ll either run for re-election or he’ll call it a day and hand over the front-runner position for the nomination to Pence.  In addition to worrying about the next election cycle rather than focusing on impeaching Trump, leaders for the race to be the next Demo candidate for POTUS ought to be emerging.  Who are they?  What’s the party’s message, other than being rabidly anti-Trump?

      It’s troubling that nobody comes to mind as the standard-bearer (dear God, please don’t say it’s cranky old Uncle Bernie), and there has been no clear articulation by the Demo party leaders of an alternative to the GOP agenda.

    • K. Beck says:

      Rhetorical question: If you have two identical restrooms right next to each other, each with a sink & toilet, why was one designated male and one designated female in the first place?

      • K. Beck says:

        This reply was supposed to go under Cheyenne’s July 31, 2017 at 5:51 am post:

        “Though I have noticed, at least here in Cheyenne and even in northern Colorado, a lot of Unisex signs are popping up on public restrooms.  Not because of any law but I suspect to prevent passing a law.”

        I don’t know how it got here. Can’t wait to see where this one lands!


    • R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

      I don’t believe there will be impeachment proceedings on any of this Russian collusion stuff. As I’ve stated countless times, there’s no there there. But with Democrats having invested so much into it the past six months, they’ve really dropped the ball for 2018. Their new “a better deal” re-branding is a sick joke.

  4. Richard Christoph says:

    Thank you, R.V., for this well-crafted  mea culpa.  Many of us who reluctantly voted for Hillary had hoped that your initial analysis would be correct and that DJT would rise above his profound character flaws and put the interests of the country above his own. Instead, his tenure so far has been worse than we had imagined.

    • R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

      Your welcome. I suppose there’s still a chance he might grow into the job, but it seems highly improbable.

  5. CoachBob says:

    Boy, y’all sure know how to get off subject quick. The service is NO place for social engineering. Period. It ain’t about “being fair”.

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      Many of us remember that integrating the races in the military was at one time forbidden on the grounds that it would be disruptive to the mission.  Where is that argument today?  Many of us remember when women in the combat theater were forbidden on the grounds that it would disrupt the mission.  The performances of Israeli women on the front lines in several conflicts revealed that argument to empty.  Then it was gays serving openly—fine, they can serve, so long as they remained closeted.  When that nonsense was tossed overboard, the military survived just fine.  So now its transgenders.

      Bigotry is unearned self-righteousness paired with undeserved distain for others, and bigots often look to the military as the last defensible sanctuary of their hate. That bigotry is always justified on the grounds that the mission comes first.

      It most certainly IS about being fair.  All who are willing and able to serve their country ought to be allowed to serve.  They shouldn’t be turned away in service of providing bigots a safe space.

    • R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

      It’s more than a little bit ironic to hear people talk about bringing the “warrior culture” (everything’s culture these days) back to the military, when right up to this very second, under every president during my lifetime, we’ve been bombing and regime-changing country after country, killing and dislocating millions of people, in conflicts we never win because they’re not designed to win, they’re designed to keep the money flowing to defense contractors, petroleum interests, etc. The warrior culture never left, and gays and transgender people have always been a part of it. They were there when I was in the Navy 1978-82, and most everyone was chill with it. The most demeaning part of Trump’s tweets was the line that transgenders can’t serve in “any capacity.” Do you think everyone in the military is a combat infantryman? Do you think a transgender person somehow doesn’t have the physical capacity to remotely operate a drone from an air-conditioned hut in Nevada and kill thousands of Yemenis with the click of a button? Are you even aware of what we’re doing in Yemen? No, the warrior culture is still with us, and adding transgenders to the mix doesn’t change that.

  6. Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

    And it’s not just Trump.

    Anthony Scaramucci is the perfect type-specimen for the cast of unhinged amateurs who work in the White House. Qualifications to be White House Director of Communications: wealthy, crass New Yawker. The idiot is in his new seat for barely a day, and—on the record—he trashes half of his new WH colleagues in incredibly profane terms. In his defense, he says he didn’t think his comments were confidential. His comments to a reporter. Without saying, “This is all off the record, okay?” He didn’t know.


    Does that dude sound qualified to be Director of WH Communications? The word “unqualified” doesn’t capture how far in the opposite direction of “qualified” he is.


    Scaramucci gets to keep his job, of course, because he fits right in.

    On the positive side, it’s the $#!+ show of the millennium thus far, right? It really grabs and holds your attention.

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      The world we live in: The Pentagon’s top brass have to seriously contemplate how to react should they wake up one morning to @realDonaldTrump tweeting from his toilet, “Bomb Pyongyang. Flatten it. #MAGA  #YOLO
      Not a joke. They actually have to seriously address whether or not they would be in breach of chain of command protocols were they to ignore such a tweet, or request clarification, or demand that the order go through traditional channels.
      The transgender thing is like a test run. The Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has put the Trump administration on notice that he doesn’t regard tweets as official directives, has requested clarification, and he’s waiting to see how the WH responds.
      This is the world we live in.

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      I said:  “In his defense, he says he didn’t think his comments were confidential.”


      Correction: “In his defense, he says he thought his comments were confidential.”  

    • K. Beck says:

      He is gone now, 7 days on the job! Maybe his wife called the Prez?

    • R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

      Maybe this new general can get Trump to stop tweeting!

  7. Kirsten says:

    Now, THERE is a mensch!  And yes: it aint easy to admit that you’re wrong. But it’s still the right thing to do.

    I’m showing my grandson.


  8. cheyenne says:

    The Rock said he always felt he was unqualified to be president but now has changed that to he feels he is overqualified to be president.

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)/Tom Hanks as the next Demo ticket is probably a gag, but no more absurd than the nepotistic pseudo-monarchy/Confederacy of Dunces that we have now—absolutely preferable to the status quo.

      But if celebrities are the only electable candidates for POTUS from here on out, it’s surely the beginning of the end.

    • R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

      I honestly don’t see any faces emerging from the “resistance”. It’s troubling.

  9. Robert Scheide Sr. says:

    Glad to see you come to your senses.  I never could believe a Trump presidency would be anything good.  In my mind he was just another bully looking for  a bigger playground.  As you may have noticed he has passed no major legislation he has done enough damage with signing orders , with any luck he will get no major legislation to pass.  Their were people who voted for Trump because of the fear that Hillary would get us into another war and Trump was talking anti war, so what did we get, a guy far more dangerous than Hillary ever could have been.

    Our standing in the world has been destroyed to a new low, the president has pissed off every nation he has visited and is aiding the rise of Russia and China to world power status while we loose influence in the world.

    God forbid the president escalates the North Korean problem into a real war, one we might have to fight by ourselves because of our strained relations with the rest of the world.

    Those of you you rode the Trump train and now are running scared would have been better off backing that Crank Ole Bernie Sanders , we would all be further ahead if he had won.



    • R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

      I’m trying to forget the whole Bernie-DNC thing. There’s no question Bernie would have mopped up on Trump. Sad!

  10. Justin says:

    I never thought he would be great, or even had a chance to win…but I still think he is the lesser of the two evils we were presented with.

    • Virginia says:

      Touche, Justin!

    • cheyenne says:


    • R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

      I’m one of those voters who thought Hillary Clinton would get us into the war quicker than Trump. But here we are six months later, issuing new sanctions against Russia, which the president will sign, even though it’s EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of what he said he was going to do. So, no, I still couldn’t vote for Hillary, but objectively, as far as peace is concerned, we’re in the same place we’d be if she was president.

      • K. Beck says:

        This is exactly why I didn’t vote for either of them!

        There should be a “none of the above” listed after the two names on the ballot. If “none of the above” wins, we should have a whole new election with two new candidates.

        Let’s just go with a Parliamentary government, with any luck at all, big corporations wouldn’t be able to pick the candidates and/or winners.

  11. Common Sense says:

    If you know of anyone looking for a Job…I hear the White House is Hiring!….Numerous positions open….MORE to come…..must be able to deal with a high-stress environment and be able to embellish any true that may come your way….

  12. Truthismessy says:

    If Trump can keep his tiny little hands off that big red button for another 3 1/2 years, I’ll consider his presidency a relative success.  At least he appointed a constitutionalist to the Supreme Court, just the sort of jurist who will stand up to executive power grabs that so far have allowed presidents to preemptively invade sovereign nations (Bush/WMDs) and assassinate US citizens without due process (Obama/Awlaki).

    Americans should be embarassed by his unstable twitter tirades, but Trump is exactly the sort of president you deserve when you grant two diametrically opposed parties the power to screen out all the reasonable, middle-ground candidates in primaries.

    March all you want in support of whichever pictogram believe should be on LBGTQIWTFBBQ bathroom doors, but if you want real change, stop voting for the lesser evil and start voting for the candidate that will do the best job.

    • R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

      That’s an excellent point about the first Supreme Court pick, and I agree, he helps add needed balance to the court. The next one or two picks will be trickier. I hope the Dems are ready to fight.

      I actually think the two-party system could deliver the results America needs if the whole process wasn’t gamed on both sides. How you stop the gaming, I don’t know.


      • Justin says:

        Yes, this “I actually think the two-party system could deliver the results America needs if the whole process wasn’t gamed on both sides. How you stop the gaming, I don’t know.”

        …I think the system drives people apart and polarizes everything, and the game just screws the little guy…

    • K. Beck says:

      And in the 2016 race that candidate would be who, exactly?

      • Truthismessy says:

        Gary Johnson if you were inclined to continue with capitalism; Jill Stein if you felt socialism was a better direction.

        • K. Beck says:

          Justin was correct about “gaming the system.” I seriously doubt any third party candidate can ever win the Presidency. Both parties would gang up on any third party candidate who gave the slightest whiff of winning.

    • Common Sense says:

      We won’t have to worry about him for another 3.4 years….he is on his way out! So…how DO You feel about President Pence?

      Today’s word to ponder….R.I.C.O

      Now the next eventual question will be…..will PENCE finish out the term or will he go down with all the others?

  13. The Old Pretender says:

    Thanks for this, R.V.  All due respect to you.

    The Mooch is out, and civil forfeiture just came back.

    It is the worst of times.

  14. Common Sense says:

    Nice to have you back R.V…..GET SOME HELP!…..oh….sorry…….that was you to me a couple months ago…..What no one is talking about much is #45’s Pathology…… here is a definition of at least one of the things that he has going on-perhaps more than one but at least one for sure!

    Kernberg described malignant narcissism as a syndrome characterized by a narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), antisocial features, paranoid traits, and egosyntonic aggression. Other symptoms may include an absence of conscience, a psychological need for power, and a sense of importance (grandiosity).

    With that in mind….he can’t just grow up….he can’t just stop Tweeting….he can’t just change……this is who he IS!

    You can’t tell a leopard to be a tiger…..It’s his Pathology that is playing out……well at least according to thousands of Psychologists across our fine land….Not just my “Opinion”…

    Straightening chairs on the Titanic….that IS what is happening……Look for more firings….more movement in Staff…..more leaks….some riveting news of the personal nature no doubt…. National Security Chief/Advisor may be next to get fired…..Wouldn’t be shocked to see Sessions Moved over to that assignment…..It will take him losing another 5-8 percentage points on his approval rating before the Republicans start getting serious and stop covering for him…..even if he is Impeached or Indicted…that is in the future…. 6-9 months probably…..

    This is time for reflection….for the Dem’s to get their stuff together if they EVER want a chance at making some progress in the 2018 race!

    My biggest concern at the moment is N.Korea…..Tens of Millions of lives at stake with this dance…not to mention they can take out Hawaii and more than likely hit the west coast at the rate of their progress….

    Pence is also in trouble when this all comes out…he knew a lot more than he led onto…so yes….he may take over….but he won’t be there to finish out the term….he will be removed also……Mueller will get to the Bottom of the Whole thing!…Guaranteed….The financial crimes alone will be enough to take out many….the State of New York is deep into an intense investigation also…so even IF Federal crimes don’t stick….the State’s WILL…..

    • R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

      You told me to get some help? LOL. Maybe I did!

      I”m worried about North Korea too. Just like transgenders are but a small minority, NK is a small country, quite backward, their so-called ICBM doesn’t have a warhead and they won’t have that capability for another decade. So they can’t fight back, which is good in Trump’s mind, that’s the kind of challenge he’s up to. Considering the mainstream media has been demonizing NK for years, the public might support him. Not sure what China and Russia will think!

      • Common Sense says:

        With a near flat trajectory N.Korea could hit well within the U.S.A!  Some experts say as far as Chicago……all their tests thus far have NOT had that kind of Trajectory to date…..

        • Truthismessy says:

          North Korea does not currently have a nuclear warhead to stick on those ~15 ICBMs.  Experts estimate they could sufficiently miniaturize a nuke to fit within 1-10 years (the same experts who, 6 weeks ago, said it would be 4 years before North Korea had an ICBM capable of reaching the mainland US).  Alternatively, North Korea could source a nuclear warhead from Pakistan, which uses a Chinese-supplied unit believed to be compatible with N Korea’s ICBM.

          North Korea does have 4 conventional warheads estimated at having roughly half of the power of the nuclear bombs the US dropped on Japan.  So as of today, Kim Jong-Un does have the ability to substantially destroy LA, SF, Portland, & Seattle, concurrently.

          And when North Korea gets just one weak nuke, they’ll have the ability to detonate it in the atmosphere above Denver, creating an EMP which would knock out most of the electronics in the continental US.

          So who wants to talk about bathrooms and emails?

      • K. Beck says:

        Lots of people would be willing to sell them war heads, if they can figure out where too get the money to pay for them. Or, maybe give them some just to get back at the US. Who knows. Craziness abounds.

        I just hope they don’t start telling school children to “duck & cover.” That was about the stupidest thing I ever had to do in elementary school. Not even a 3rd grader thought that would help protect them from a nuclear bomb.

      • Common Sense says:

        Does North Korea have nuclear weapons?Yes. North Korea has a small arsenal of small nuclear weapons as proven by its five nuclear tests. According to the Congressional Research Service, it is generally believed that North Korea has between 44 and 66 pounds of separated plutonium, enough for at least half a dozen nuclear weapons. But other estimates range higher, the Institute for Science and International Security estimated in 2014 that North Korea could build 10 to 16 nuclear weapons.

  15. K. Beck says:

    Up front, I am one of those people the NYT has designated a “double hater.” I didn’t vote for President in the last election, nor did I vote for President in 2012. After voting for “the lesser of two evils” my whole voting career, and I have NEVER skipped an election, I just gave up and could not vote for someone who was so subpar, I decided it detrimental to the country to vote for either candidate.

    “It’s like he’s never gotten over the public shaming Obama laid on him at the 2011 White House correspondents dinner”…I watched that “roast” and was appalled by Obama. I don’t know where that hatred came from but it was totally beneath the stature of a sitting President.

    “All this may be pleasing the evangelicals, the Alt-Right and Tea Party members of Trump’s base, but that base isn’t big enough to win national elections.”…Ahhh, didn’t he just do that? His stock-in-trade is pitting one group against another group. That is how he won the Presidency the first place. He may have lost the “moderates” but the “moderates” really did not vote for him in huge numbers. They didn’t vote at all.

    Sorry, but Trump has been irrational his whole life, look at everything he has ever done. The man has a history! “As it turns out” this is NOT new!

    Putting to rest the most recent faux facts:

    The costs of allowing transgender people in the military are not “tremendous”
    By Janet Nguyen
    July 26, 2017 | 10:45 AM

    My fear now is the military will take over the government. Look at who is situated where. How many times have we seen that happen in other third world countries?
    Trio of Military Men Gain Growing Influence with Trump

    • R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

      Also, K. Beck, remember, when Obama roasted Trump in 2011, at the time Trump was running around the country saying Obama wasn’t an American citizen. That given, I was kind of stunned when Obama did that too. He really spanked him!

      • K. Beck says:

        Well, when you are the President you should show some restraint and self control. What Obama did was way beyond anything that may have been called for at the time. Sticks & Stones…

        Did you notice the look on Trump’s face at the time? In the world of Trump revenge is king, right after Trump, of course.

        Shrinks tell us “spanking” is not a good thing!

  16. R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

    According to the survey that I linked to in the story, Trump won because voters in the swing states shifted to him because they’ve suffered a disproportionate number of casualties in our overseas military adventures and they heard Trump’s antiwar message. Remember, it’s the electoral college, not the popular vote that counts. We know evangelicals are a part of Trump’s base, and during the election, it became clear the Alt-Right were lining up against him too. I perhaps paid too much attention to the Alt-Right during the election, because it is an interesting internet age political phenomenon. But in hindsight, members of those two groups would have voted Republican anyway. Trump’s electoral college victory in key states was very very narrow. In Michigan, if 2 voters per district had switched to Hillary Clinton, she would have won the presidency. I suggest maybe Democrats starting running on an antiwar platform. They just might win.

  17. cheyenne says:

    The military is not going to take over the country.  Where does that come from and it has always been said for years.  One difference is that in the past it was said by the alt right wing who the libs say elected Trump.  Is the alt left wing going to suddenly overthrow the government.  America is not a third world country despite what some say.  I sit next door to those nukes that Trump supposedly has a finger on in a state where his approval rating has gone up and I’m not worried.  We have sensible people in charge who would resist starting WWIII over a tweet.

    There are big changes coming in the Senate if you would take your minds off Trump.  In Arizona Senator Flake who is up for reelection is facing stiff opposition.  It is well known that this will be Senator McCain’s last term unless his cancer takes him before that.  The alt right wing Trumpster candidate he defeated in the last election, Kelli Ward, is already dancing on his grave as in her best Trump impression she declared McCain should resign and Governor Ducey should appoint her to finish the term.  Though the conventional wisdom is that Governor Ducey would appoint himself if it comes to that.  Colorado has the same battle going in their Senate race.

    What California, and all the other big states should realize, is when it comes to the Senate, Arizona, or Colorado or even tiny Wyoming are on equal ground with the big boys.  The big states don’t like it this way but it is the way the founders drew it up.  Live with it.

    • Truthismessy says:

      I would not want to be within 500 miles of Cheyenne during a nuclear strike:

    • Truthismessy says:

      Fema’s map of California nuclear targets:

  18. Common Sense says:

    Does North Korea have miniaturized nuclear warheads?No, but it is working toward its stated goal of placing a nuclear warhead small enough to be placed atop an ICBM that could target the United States. Last year, North Korea conducted two nuclear tests it claimed were miniaturized hydrogen bombs. U.S. officials discounted the claim that the first test in January had been successful; however, the second test in September produced the largest of the five nuclear tests it has conducted since 2006.

  19. Joanne Lobeski Snyder says:

    Thank you R.V. for an excellent article.  I so admire you as a superb journalist and writer.  An brilliant ex-boss of mine with whom I maintain a correspondence wrote an e-mail to me describing exactly why Trump would be a great president.   I’ve waited to respond to him because of the details that have always bothered me about Trump.  My boss, and Trump came from a culture where objectifying women was normal behavior.   Par for the course.  Not recognizing that that behavior is publically  unacceptable enough to at least hide  is a sign of stupidity.

    The President’s ignorance of even last century history is also troublesome.

    Again, thank you for an excellent article.

  20. Hal Johnson Hal Johnson says:

    R.V., I feel that I must commend you for the way you’ve gone about conveying a heartfelt mea culpa. If I’m ever wrong, I plan to use your example as a model.

  21. Tom says:

    Thank goodness. I’ve admired your work, but questioned your sanity (jestingly) as I read back over your archives. I have three brothers, a sister and brother-in-law, various extended relatives and several otherwise rational friends who have been Trump supporters from the start, and remain on the train to this day. I’m baffled by it. I suspect that some stay on the bandwagon simply because I have been so ardently opposed to it from the start, and they just want to see me wrong. Perhaps that’s narcissistic, now that I’ve said it out loud.

    But as someone above pointed out (take a bow, Beck), Trump has been irrational his whole life. I told my friends and everyone who read my blog after the election (thanks to both of you!) that the only way I could give Trump “a chance” is if somehow I suddenly believed that Trump would be a better president than he ever was a candidate, a business leader, or even a man. I did not. A man does not rise to prominence in the stink of corruption and suddenly shed that stench upon gaining true power. Power corrupts the innocent. For the guilty, it emboldens them. If anything, Trump the President would be worse than Trump the Human Being. As unimaginable as that would be.

    And I was right about that.

    Yesterday, at an impromptu pool party with a gaggle of compatriots, a good friend with whom I’ve had numerous knock-down, drag-out conversations with about his hero, Donald Trump, finally admitted that he was disappointed. Trump had become like all the others, he said, more concerned with his own image, power and money than with the country itself. I didn’t have it in me to say I told you so, or that Trump was like that all along. I simply told him I understood his disappointment. I had been there. I have believed and been burned before. I was all about hope and change.

    So, RV, thank you for coming clean. Thank you for coming around. I understand your disappointment. I have been there before. I won’t say I told you so.

    I can’t. I’m new around these parts. 😉

  22. Frank Treadway says:

    How does sauteed Crow taste ?

    Transgender care and surgery=$1million,200 thousand.

    Viagra for military men=$6million.


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