Trump Vs. The Resistance: This Ain’t The Summer of Love

Art of the Resistance, starring Kathy Griffen.

Art of the Resistance, starring Kathy Griffen.

School's out for the summer, political tempers are flaring and the time is right for fighting in the streets! Comedian Kathy Griffin's mock decapitation of President Donald J. Trump tweeted to all the twits in Tweeterville last week laid out the rules for the battle: There will be no holds barred in this exhausting 12-week-long affair.

I flipped out when I first saw Griffin's image, in much the same way that I flipped out when former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush were similarly degraded in effigy. I know there's a long tradition of this sort of political expression, I'm just not a fan. After the shock wore off, I had to grudgingly give Griffin and her photographer credit: it's an effective piece of propaganda sure to galvanize the Resistance.

That's what they're calling it, the Resistance, as if we were in Nazi-occupied France or something, and no doubt some of its members sincerely believe we are, except instead of Hitler being in charge it's Vladimir Putin, because that's what Resistance figureheads like California Reps. Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi, filmmaker Michael Moore and former journalist Keith Olbermann keep telling them, over and over again, for months.

Meanwhile, at the “grass roots” level, and a score of nonprofit political astro-turf groups funded in large part by billionaire philanthropist/international troublemaker George Soros have been organizing for Resistance Summer since January.

It all sounds innocent enough. There will be local meet-ups nationwide the first month, get-out-the-vote-drives the second, culminating in the by now familiar demonstrations at town hall meetings during the August Congressional recess. It's fair to say all the yelling that went down in town halls this spring may have had some positive effect, considering Obamacare is still in place, the wall hasn't been built and food stamps haven't been cut—so far.

It's also fair to say the rhetoric of the Resistance, which now includes decapitating the commander-in-chief, only adds fuel to the fire that's consuming the entire country, left, right and everything in-between, making it virtually impossible to have a political disagreement that doesn't consist of completely annihilating and/or humiliating your opponent.

In that sense Trump is the quintessential polarizing figure of our times. It's like everything he touches turns into a third rail. Witness the howls of derision from every corner of the mainstream media at Trump's announcement he was withdrawing the United States from the Paris Climate Accord. “He's ceded leadership of the Western world!” some wag panicked. (No silly, that's Angela Merkel's refugee resettlement plan.)

To politely suggest there might be legitimate problems with the Paris accord is to be branded a “climate change denier,” but I'll take the risk. One problem has been pointed out by well known Danish critic Bjorn Lomborg, who cites a recent statistical study that shows that even if all countries adhered perfectly to the accord throught the end of the centure, the reduction in global temperatures could be negligible. As in nadda. If true, what's the point of the exercise?

WTF is this?! Trump channels Andrew Carnegie during his visit to Saudi Arabia last month. Photo via Twitter.

WTF is this?! Trump channels Andrew Carnegie during his visit to Saudi Arabia last month. Photo via Twitter.

At any rate, I'm far more disturbed by Trump's grotesque promotion of a $350 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia during his first trip abroad than I am with the withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord.

Officially, I've been off the Trump Train since early April, when he ordered a cruise missile strike against a Syrian air base in response to an alleged—and still unverified—gas attack by the Syrian government on its own citizens. That's the opposite of the non-interventionist platform candidate Trump ran on, and his trip to Saudi Arabia was more of the same.

Trump's speech in Saudi Arabia was cringeworthy, so naturally it received praise from all sides of the establishment. It's no secret that the Saudi royal family, as well as other gulf states that are our so-called allies, fund and foment terrorism throughout the Middle East, Europe and even the United States, yet Trump had the gall to stand amidst these head-chopping ISIS supporters and call Iran (mortal enemy of the Saudis and zero threat to the U.S.) the “No. 1 state sponsor of terror in the world.”

The $350 million weapons pipeline should ensure the Saudis complete the genocide of the Houthis in Yemen and no doubt a few guns will wind up in the hands of ISIS in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Afghanistan, some could even conceivably be turned on American troops.

What else is in it for Americans? “Jobs, jobs, jobs,” the Trumpster croaked shamelessly. He then jetted over to Israel, where he and Bibi Netanyahu, with totally straight faces, discussed a potential new partnership with Saudi Arabia to fight terrorism throughout the region. That's called 4D chutzpah.

Yet aside from non-interventionists such as myself, Trump's apparent reversal on foreign policy has gone more or less unremarked, particularly by the so-called Resistance. The anti-Trump Republican neocons like Bill Kristol are loving it and even neoliberal Democrats like Sen. Chuck Schumer have nice things to say. It's as if Hillary won the election, after all, as far as foreign policy is concerned.

Few U.S. reports acknowledge let alone make the connection between the estimated 2 million deaths the U.S. and its allies have caused in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya since 2003 and terrorist incidents like last week's bombing in Manchester. If you're seeking the root cause of Islamic radicalization, you need only look in the mirror. Your tax dollars are funding this nightmare.

A genuine resistance might take up the anti-war cause, but there's something that's just a little too narcissistic about this Resistance, with its grounding in identity politics, for it to take on something larger than itself.

Any respect I had gained for Griffen's gritty decapitation depiction went out the window when she held a press conference Friday, with attorney present, and tearfully complained that Donald Trump had “broken her” because he was a white man just like the white men who have been breaking her all her life, presumedly now including Anderson Cooper, her former New Year's Eve co-host. CNN fired her, shortly after Cooper disavowed her ghastly artwork.

What's next? Ginger Lives Matter?

Griffen's speech was remarkably similar to comments made by Hillary Clinton earlier in the week, in which the Biggest Sore Loser Ever cited two dozen or so reasons why she lost the election, none of which involved mistakes made on her part.

This total lack of introspection is endemic to the Resistance and limits how far it can go in the long run, now matter how much money Soros pumps into it.

Consider the students at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, who went berserk last week after their wish to have all white people removed from campus for a day wasn't granted. The left has yet to figure out that these are precisely the sort of tactics that lost them what was supposed to be a slam-dunk election.

That's not to say they won't make for some interesting fireworks this summer.

No doubt there will be more than a few showdowns between members of the Antifa and the Alt-Right, the latter emboldened now that their champion is in office, even though he hasn't exactly lived up to his billing.

There's always the chance that rioting might break out in one or more of the big cities after yet another police shooting or cop killing.

Or Trump could start WW III just to prove he's not working for the Russians.

One thing's for certain. This ain't the summer of love.

R.V. Scheide
R.V. Scheide has been a northern California journalist for more than 20 years. He appreciates your comments and story ideas.
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  1. Virginia says:

    What Kathy Griffen did shows a sick mind.  Then to blame the Trumps for harassment is a don’t blame me for being an idiot, blame the person I myself depicted in such a gruesome manner.  That depiction is what the ISIS did with James Foley’s head or Daniel Pearl.  Sick!

    I got over elections when my person lost.  So the left needs to do the same thing.  God help us if this continues.  What a lousy world we will live in………..

    • Beverly Stafford says:

      Yep.  Poor widdo Kassy.  Play grown-up ball then revert to the play pen when the “joke” backfires.

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      The left needs to get over Trump’s win?  That you choose to do so when your candidate loses is your choice, but it’s not a mandate that you get to prescribe for everyone.  The nature of politics is thesis and antithesis.  Those who think that there needs to be ongoing resistance to Trump’s agenda have every right to push back.  It needs to be thoughtful and measured, but it needs to happen.

      And for God’s sake, can the left figure out how to elevate a few capable politicians as elders and spokespersons for the Resistance?  Nancy Pelosi ain’t cuttin’ it.

      • Gary Tull says:

        The majority, with basic observational skills, have noticed for quite awhile now he’s dangerously inept, a liar and a loose-cannon manipulator for personal financial gain. I’m not sure how much longer he can preside that-a-way but as of today, he’s still there. 

      • virginia says:

        Not everyone stomped on Mr. Obama who didn’t vote for him with the insanity that the left has done to Mr. Trump. Thank heavens some have good sense……….

        Maybe the ideas of the left isn’t what many want. That’s a thought……

        Much of what is leaked by unknowns are taken as Gospel, is not so. Let the light in and just absorb ALL the facts before jumping to all kinds of conclusions would be a very new idea!

        • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

          Uh…..  A large cross-section of conservatives—including Trump—spent 8 years calling Obama a Kenyan-born (or Indonesian-born) Muslim who was purposefully trying to destroy the United States.

          Suggesting that Trump is intellectually, morally, and most of all temperamentally unfit to lead the country is rather tepid by comparison.  Saying that Trump is not up to the job isn’t as bad as saying that Obama was trying to crater America.

          Check out the article in Forbes Magazine about how Donald Trump Shanghaied his son Eric’s non-profit and milked money through his own shell non-profit as a way of laundering the money.  Eric’s annual golf tournament was to raise funds for the treatment of children with cancer at St. Jude’s Hospital.  He was telling donors that his family underwrote the costs of the tournament, which was held at a Trump course.  But then Donald insisted that they start shell-gaming the money, paying fees to Trump Enterprises that went far beyond the cost of holding the tournament.  In other words, violating non-profit laws by conflating the business and the non-profit, not to mention skimming money that was supposed to be going to the hospital.

      • Joanne Lobeski Snyder says:

        The practice of branding all people of a particular race, religion or political persuasion is illogical.   Anyone can do something inappropriate, immoral or unethical.  Why don’t we blame them instead of the race, religion or political persuasion they are part of?

    • R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

      She should have never apologized, that way when she got around to blaming every one else for the photo besides herself, it would have been more credible.

      • Joanne Lobeski Snyder says:

        I agree R.V.  But I’m sure I might cave if the whole world jumped on me for something I’d done as a political statement gone awry.  No.  Take that back.  I would have accepted responsibility.



  2. name says:

    “the connection between the estimated 2 million deaths the U.S. and its allies have caused in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya since 2003”

    While that may be true – the Philippines were never in the MENA causing deaths, and look what is going on there.

  3. Common Sense says:

    It’s not the Summer of Love……no truer words have been spoken! It’s the great divide…..but let us not take our eyes off the Ball. Regardless of which side of the fence you line up on…..Let’s state the Obvious….we ARE at War….we have been at War…’s called Cyber Warfare…..The Days of when we drop the Bombs and Send the Aircraft Carriers and Ships in are what most people consider acts/signals of war….but we have a much more Insidious type of warfare going on….it’s under the Radar Warfare….

    The Hacking of the Election and the Swaying of the Election by Putin ( Ex Head of the KGB)  is a Clear Example of this Threat to Democracy! Now we can try and throw everyone off and try to point out the leakers and the whistleblowers etc….but the facts are all lining up….Our Democracy is at stake….

    Look for more leaks in the coming days and weeks…..some will be prosecuted…..some will not…..

    Comey’s Testimony should be very interesting, to say the least……

    Did Kathy cross the line and then snivel and play poor me….Without a Doubt!…..but take your eye off the ball…..and it can hit you in the face at times…..

    If one is not concerned with Foreign Interference in our USA elections…now and in the future…..that ball can hurt quite a bit when it strikes one’s face!

    And speaking of Balls……the Ball has already started down hill……look for more leaks….more info coming out…..and more History in the Making !….and if one thinks its all fake news and its all the left making this stuff up……prepare for the pop when the ball makes contact…..Stick to the facts, and the Intelligence Info and let the Rhetoric slide by…..cause this show has really just gotten started!

    This Ain’t Reality T.V here folks……It’s Real Life…..It has Real Consequences……Our Democracy as a Nation is at Stake!

  4. Justin says:

    Good one Scheide

  5. Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

    The internets is a big place, so I’m sure it’s out there, but I’ve encountered only a few defenses and expressions of sympathy for Kathy Griffin.  That said, she’s a comedian (allegedly), so it’s her job to attempt to amuse.  I’ve seen enough of her schtick to be unsurprised that she’s once again failed to be funny in a rather stupid and inappropriate way.  That she’s had a career in comedy that’s lasted this long is more shocking than the photo.  I disagree that the photo is an effective way to galvanize the Resistance.  The reaction of the Resistance has been a mixture of embarrassment and distancing.  The reaction of her supposedly liberal employer (CNN) was to terminate her posthaste.

    Bjorn Lomborg is a sober voice regarding the economic costs of battling anthropogenic climate change—I like him.  I also recognize that he has virtually nothing to do with Trump’s exit from the Paris accords—I seriously doubt that anyone stuffed into the Trump team’s clown car has heard of Lomborg.  Lomborg isn’t stupid, and he isn’t a climate change denier.  Trump has repeatedly called climate change a hoax.

    I share R.V.’s skepticism regarding how effective the so-called Resistance is going to be in the coming years, and for many of the same reasons.  The far left seems hell-bent on continuing its policies of divisive politics by bestowing the status of specialness on countless cohorts of specials.  That it’s a bad game plan should be obvious by now.  Bernie Sanders seemed to understand that, and even he—darling of the far left—was criticized for his reluctance to say, “It’s us against them….and by ‘us’ I mean a varied collection of special-status victims, which I recognize and would now like to list, and not in any particular order implying gradations of extra-specialness relating to the order in which I…”  Sanders just wanted the message to be, “It’s us against them—them that have all the power and money.”  The far left makes it damned near impossible to stay on that message.

    That’s one thing that Trump gets right, if I have to give him credit for anything.  He keeps it simple.  “It’s us against them—’them’ meaning anyone who’s not a true American.”

  6. Ol Brierbush says:

    “Our Democracy as a Nation is at stake”.

    Lies and deception opens the door wide open for corruption.

    At first corruption looks so inviting and in the end turns out to be a dead end road that ends at a cliff.

    Our educational institutions do not teach this.

  7. Robert Scheide Sr. says:

    What goes round comes round.   The picture was ghastly , true.  But the president set the tone during his campaign, remember just one of his horrible acts when he made fun of that disabled reporter.  That and many more horrible displays by a presidential candidate made me find my barf bucket.  Anybody who thought they were going to get a bullies and crude individual as their president   should be very happy with him.

    As far as Soros funding the resistance how about pointing out all the money that has poured in to right wing actions from the likes of the Koch brothers and many many more very rich conservatives.

    The big money that buys politicians votes is much more effective than funding street demonstrations.  The money that poured into congress to buy votes for the Trumpcare bill is just one example.  Examples of movements not well funded and disappeared are “Occupy Wall Street” and Black Lives Matter have all but disappeared.

    The return of political correctness worries me more than Soros funding the resistance.




    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      Kathy Griffin is a minor embarrassment—who cares?  She had an obscure show on CNN, and now she doesn’t, because her employer decided that she’s more trouble than she’s worth.  I’m fine with comedians pushing the boundaries of inappropriateness, and I agree that satire is an effective and important component of the Resistance.  Griffin’s sin is that she’s not good at it.  She doesn’t understand that to get away with the shocking stuff, you gotta be smart and funny, too.

      The POTUS, on the other hand, is not a minor embarrassment.  He’s the host of a humiliating shit-show played out on a planetary scale.  Trump makes America look like a collection of mouth-breathing Gomers and Goobers, and he does it on an almost daily basis.  It’s not that we won’t survive his hopefully short tenure—I’m reasonably confident that we will.  It’s just hugely cringe-inducing to see our federal government transformed into brothel in service of Trump’s enormous but easily bruised ego.


    • R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

      Soros is funding political correctness all across the globe. Soros and the Koch bros. for example are 1000 percent for open borders. The establishment want the same thing in many cases.

  8. Alan Ernesto Phillips says:

    Looks like Michael Moore may have upped your ante a bit with today’s TrumpiLeaks offering:

  9. Frank Treadway says:

    Let us not forget that politics is a blood-sport, don’t get into it if you can’t take the heat, anything is up for grabs, like it or not.  Kathy Griffin will return, she didn’t plot this out without fore thought. But, POTUS, sorry, can ‘t say his name, is on the slide to no-wheresville. Someone of this laughing-stock nature can not survive, even his own wife won’t hold his hand in public.  Now Pence won’t be any better, but at least he can be controlled by the incoming Senate when the Dems takeover.

  10. Robert Stone says:

    “The point of the exercise” is and always has been control.  Politics and politicians follow money and power, which is not to say they are all bad, but they are obviously not all good.  The missing information on the alternatives to Trump should be a Yuuge red flag as to where the so called “Resistance” ends up.  In order to see the truth one must remove “the plank” from his own eye.  There is a proper path for America and it will never be mapped out by the Left.  Their path leads to anarchy, economic destruction and total control of the people whose fleece they sheer and thoughts they control regularly.  When Liberalism has been allowed to flourish to the point of “withdrawal pangs” the cure will not be quick nor easy.  Just say no to what we all have seen not work, is not cost effective and is incompatible with American Culture.  If you do not understand what I am saying here then history classes just may help the matter.

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      Robert — How do you explain the fact that the blue states are America’s economic engine, and the red states (with a few exceptions, like Texas) are mostly economic parasites, taking from Washington D.C. more revenue than they pay in taxes.  Same goes for California, which as Frank points out is the 6th largest economy on Earth.  The blue counties on the coast produce most of the state’s wealth, and the interior red counties—including Shasta County and all of the counties that border it—suck far more wealth from California’s economic milkshake than we create.  It’s a paradox, isn’t it?

      How also do you explain away the fact that the socialist democracies of Norther Europe enjoy higher median incomes, higher per-capita wealth, better health, and higher standards of living than we have in the United States?

      • cheyenne says:

        Steve, how do you explain the feds taking $2 billion in mineral taxes out of Wyoming and by law they have to pay half of that money back to pay for costs incurred by the state, roads, schools, police, created by those companies operating in Wyoming.  Then the feds not only call our own money a subsidy when they give it back, they charge a 2% handling fee on returning our own money.  All the wind subsidies that come into Wyoming pay for windmills and transportation lines to send that power to “Clean California”.  Those federal dollars should be charged to California.  But this is part of the hostility that the coasts hold against the inner states who elected Trump.  Where does all that fracking natural gas that has turned Pinedale into a place where bad air days are equated with LA smog and only two Pronghorn migration routes are left out of six goes, to California.  Tack that up to unfunded mandates.  The blue versus red states was dreamed up by progressive elites who won’t take the blame for the hurt they have put on people.  Look up what they claim are costs before you make a Trump decision.

        • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

          The feds collect those fees because the resources are being extracted from federal lands, which means they’re not Wyoming’s resources—they belong to all the citizens of the U.S.  If Trump and the GOP-dominated Congress think that’s wrong, they have the opportunity to change it.  Good luck getting the numerous GOP congress members from Texas on board with that, because Texas has little federal land, so there’s nothing in that deal for Texans except higher federal taxes to make up the difference in lost federal revenues.

          As for the environmental downsides of fracking in places like Pinedale, most of that local land is private, and Wyoming can pass regulations mandating cleaner extraction practices……but we all know how GOP-controlled legislatures feel about gum’mint regulations.  I do agree that demand for natural gas is driven by blue states….that’s where most of the people and commerce are located.

          As for the blue- vs red-state bifurcation being dreamed up by progressives, I honestly don’t know where you’re getting that. Blue states have chosen to be blue, red states have chosen to be red.  If you’re suggesting that the vitriol between the two is a blue-state invention, I think that’s misguided. I date it back to the Civil Rights era, when the deep south reacted to voter-rights legislation and the like coming out of Washington DC (not the blue states) with resentment and anger, flipping across the board to the GOP.

          There was a period of time when conservatives didn’t seem to be driven primarily by anger (Reagan’s tenure), but it returned with a vengeance when Bill Clinton was elected.

          • cheyenne says:

            Steve did you even read my post.  That money that comes from federal land, your so-called land, creates damages to state lands, the feds don’t just beam those minerals out of the state like a Star Trek episode.  They cross state land and the water and air that is polluted is in all of Wyoming, my land and your land.  And that private land that is being fracked in Pinedale, like what we stopped here in Cheyenne, is because the feds own the mineral rights under my property.  I thought you were smarter than that.

          • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

            Cheyenne, you asked me to explain how the feds take fees on minerals extracted in Wyoming—you didn’t ask me if I think the environmental protections required of the extraction industries are sufficient.

            I say again: If the extraction industries are making a mess of it, Wyoming has the right to pass state laws that are more stringent than the federal government’s laws, particularly as it pertains to extracting and/or transporting materials on state and private lands.  That’s what California and a number of other blue states have done.  Wyoming, as they say, chooses instead to shit in its own mess kit.  Wyoming’s environmental laws are pretty much nonexistent, because that’s the way Wyoming’s citizens want it—it’s how they vote.

            Your property must be former federal land turned private under the Stock-raising Homestead Act of 1916. That’s pretty much the only private land where only surface rights were transferred, and the federal government retains mineral rights.   There are hoards of drilling/fracking companies trolling Wyoming to purchase mineral rights from private owners.

    • R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

      I do agree with Robert Stone that control, power, has been the ultimate aim of the global climate warming cabal.

  11. Frank Treadway says:

    Why does Mr Stone, and his Jefferson State wanna-be’s, live in the 6th largest economy on the planet, that’s the nation state we call California. Would it not be for Ruby Red Shasta County, we’d be seeing even more thriving businesses, a UC Campus, tech industry and more wealth for all. But no, it’s skeptics like Mr Stone that equate Liberalism/Progressives with anarchy, sorry, they have their revolutions mixed up, it’s the right that has spewed the blood of the average person in the fiefdom.

    • R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

      The problem with progressives today is that they’ve become incapable of accepting or even indulging any views but their own–exactly what they’ve been accusing conservatives of for years.

      • The Old Pretender says:

        Nope.  Progressives are much more tolerant then you give them credit for; however, they now require so-called conservatives admit they were duped by the neocons and raging press before accepting anything said at face value.  Usually doesn’t happen, so in the words of Mad Magazine… pfhht.

        • R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

          Today the neocons and neoliberals are hand in hand, so I’m not sure what your comment means.

          • The Old Pretender says:

            At least Progressives weren’t fooled by the corporatist rhetoric.  It’s important for you to admit that you were.  No harm in admitting you believed a liar, but painting all Progressives with the same brush is not getting you any closer to enlightenment.

  12. Denise says:

    Gwar is actually angry with Kathy Griffin for stealing their schtick; apparently they have featured lots of presidential heads in the same condition.

    For all the shock value, right things happened:  She apologized.  She got fired. Her message got out.

    I’m pretty sure she calculated a level of risk. Personally, I don’t mind the supreme lack of decorum in any artistic depiction she or anyone else wants to present.  I’m not going to pay my money or attention to art that doesn’t suit my taste.

    Kathy is not my personal queen of the Resistance, nor is Madonna. I guess the door has to swing way too wide, even into the drywall to get the attention of some.



  13. Common Sense says:

    And I know you won’t take the time to Read this one!!


  14. Common Sense says:

    Winner Winner….No Chicken Dinner here…..a Trip To Jail……but what it points out is Very Interesting!

    Oh R.V……just no facts out there are there?

    • R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

      Common Sense–anyone can post links. But not everyone has the tools to analyze. Stop with the posting of links, and just cite one solid piece of evidence proving the Trump-Russian conspiracy. Just one.

      • Common Sense says:

        You are correct R.V……not everyone has the tools to analyze…that’s a FACT….and not everyone is a Razor Sharp Critical Thinker……If one does not have the skills necessary to analyze and think out information they can be swayed….you can call it steered I suppose…..

        One of, if not the most important threats to our Country right now, is showing up in this investigation…’s called Cyber Warfare…….It’s influencing people without them even knowing it is going on… might argue it is subversive. It’s under the radar…..and only brought up to the surface by counter-intelligence operations.

        One of the sharpest critical thinkers on this site is Steve Towers.  ….I am learning more and more every day on the topic………The information is available….it’s just not readily available to the public…… Keeping the Intelligence….in the Intelligence Community….. that will be the hard part from here forward…there will be more and more leaks….some will get caught…most will not… will continue to bubble to the surface for awhile…….

        I know….No one likes to see all the links to info… runs counter to the way they believe….so there is some strong Cognitive Dissonance happening…and that is not pleasant…..we either get to feel unpleasant as more comes to light that is against our beliefs….or we can change our minds…..but that is hard… change one’s mind….when they are firmly entrenched and know they are right!

        Imagine for a moment how all those people felt years and years ago…that doubled down on the “Earth is Flat” !!

  15. amanda says:

    “Ginger Lives Matter”-*snort*


  16. Common Sense says:

    R.V….I will let  Mr. Comey give you the Evidence you so desperately desire…. Look for Sessions to Bail as the ship starts taking on too much water…….they will all be looking out for themselves here Really Quickly! And Mr Rogers will probably have some interesting things to say also….the house of cards…’s shifting my Friend…..

    • virginia says:

      I doubt if Mr. Comey comes up with anything new or earth shattering.  He would have been required to report the President, if he had been told to back off because Mr. Comey stated he had not been intimidated by anyone……..

    • R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

      LOL. So you’ve got nothing, just like I said.

      • Gary Tull says:

        They have plenty and much is still classified. Certain supporters apparently don’t want to acknowledge it. BTW, how has that Trump train ride been working out?

  17. Common Sense says:

    Thank you Mr. Comey….thank you for coming forward to help R.V on this topic….I know you couldn’t share it ALL in an open session….and now to the closed Session….you can lead a horse to water…..but if he thinks it’s oil….he won’t drink!

    Look forward to More leaks…..they call them the Intelligence Community for a reason……

    Sorry to say…..Ya’ll been Trumped!

    • R.V. Scheide Jr. says:

      You realize Comey’s testimony was a disaster for your cause, Common Sense? That it proves exactly what I’ve been saying: There’s no there there. I hope you get some help.

  18. Steve DuBois Steve DuBois says:

    Ya’ll been Trumped is so TRUE!



  19. Common Sense says:

    Let me present to you a Real American….a True American…a Man that Loves this Country!




    Senator James Risch-REPUBLICAN Idaho : To James Comey


    That is a man of Character…..a Man that is NOT afraid to cross any “Lines” and speak the Truth!


    Finally…..some Common Sense in Politics……

  20. Common Sense says:

    In the Battle of Credibility.…’s pretty lopsided….. 623  to ? 0….. 1 ?

    Yes, you are correct….. Mr. Comey is the 0 or 1 …..

  21. Common Sense says:

    Poor Mr.Sessions….the “Closed Door” Testimony didn’t go too well for him!……Last chance if anyone wants to jump off the  45 Train folks……Remember….when the Train Goes off the Tracks….there is Always Collateral Damage…..and at times….that is immense!

    What’s the old saying….Three strikes and you are OUT?….. Mr. Sessions……well he swung and missed…..those silly Intelligence guys…….they shouldn’t have all the dirt on everyone……Jesh…..

    Moving onto the Charity Fiasco…..look for the

    New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to take a look at that deal……..

    • cheyenne says:

      I am on the Trump train because it is the only one going anywhere.  I see no other train at this moment so I will stay where I am.  The worst thing that could happen to the Trump haters is Trump leaves.  Who would they hate then?  The country would return to “Politics as usual” which got us where we are today.  Thanks for the invite, but no thanks.  I will ride off into the sunset on the only train going anywhere.

      • Larry Winter says:

        You must have “travel addiction”.  The need to go somewhere, anywhere.  This, from a cognitive science specialist, Dr. Art Markman …”Whether this is a medical condition depends primarily on how it affects your life”.  He goes on to say… “If you have to travel in ways that eat into the budget you need for life’s necessities, then that is a sign you should get some help.”

      • K. Beck says:

        …if you plan on going straight to oblivion it is a great train to be riding.

  22. Common Sense says:

    Interesting Logic there Bruce……it reminds me of the guys straightening the chairs on the RMS Titantic….. They just Knew….they had an unsinkable ship……

  23. Common Sense says:

    The Parable of the 45 Train and the Titanic


    The Titanic’s Maiden Voyage was one that was celebrated by many…it was an impressive ship….one that was boasted about by the builders and those involved to be the absolute BEST ship in the entire world…Unsinkable they said! On this ship were Many Rich and Influential people….folks that loved the lure of this amazing vessel ( the shine and sizzle-something different)….and of course plenty of second and third class folks also….they wanted to follow along……you know…be a part of it….

    This ship was Impressively Fast for such a large vessel….but, as any ship of that size, is and was….it was slow to turn….

    Nicknamed the “Millionaires Special”….(very fitting for our Parable)……it took off with a Splash!

    There was a near miss in the beginning ( we can insert mocking the disabled here)  with the Suction that this vessel created and it nearly hit another ship…a very close one they say….but it did indeed proceed forward….(you like that forward part Bruce? Yes?)

    Later in the Voyage….Jack and Harold had been receiving “Iceberg” Warnings over their communication systems…. for the story’s sake….I was the one sending those signals out….

    Smith…the ships Captain…..(here we insert #45)….changed course a bit…but kept her Petal to the Metal!…a full 22 knots!…..steaming along! NOTHING is going to stop my ship!

    Suddenly the Mesaba (another ship in the area)   sent warnings of ICE BERG….ICE BERG…..the message….was never relayed to the Titanic’s Bridge…..(Cognitive Dissonance?)

    Then ANOTHER Ship sent a message that they had stopped because of the Ice Fields…They were Scolded by the Titanic communication members as having Interrupted them !

    In the Crow’s Nest…the Spotters Binoculars were MISSING!…so they Couldn’t SEE that well…. (insert the

    (insert the #45 loyalists here)…..they were trying to spot with their eyes only!

    Then…..only then….they saw the TIP…..of the Iceberg……but… then it was too late…….once they veered off course….the damage was done…..The interesting part to me was the 3rd class passengers suffered the largest amount of deaths (Seniors meals on wheels/no health care and deaths etc)….. mmmmm

    The interesting part to me was the 3rd class passengers suffered the largest amount of deaths (Seniors meals on wheels/no health care coverage etc)….. mmmmm

    It’s a sad story…..a true story….and as we have seen…..History….has a tendency of Repeating itself…..if we don’t learn from it…..

    So in summary… usually only see the TIP of the Iceberg…….I hand you the Binoculars now……

  24. K. Beck says:

    The difference between now and the Titanic is that the rich went down with the poor. That is NOT going to happen with the ship we are in right now.

    But, never mind, the icebergs will all be melted soon. NOT because of global warming, of course.

  25. Common Sense says:

    Very True K.Beck…..the sinking ship was indiscriminate….. It’s about to get REALLY interesting here very soon…. the game is on…..Bobby Three Sticks just brought on two Major Leaguers that bat close to a 1000!

    For some reason I think Kellyanne may go away soon…we haven’t heard a whole lot from her….perhaps Spicer also…hard to say…..

    Even Chuck Grassley has had enough…..LOL…. get your bowl of popcorn and favorite drink ready…’s going to be a long year ahead of us!

    To those that thought the game was over with the Comey testimony…..they have yet to realize….it’s only 20 Seconds into the First Quarter!

    We have some History in the making here……

  26. Common Sense says:

    So we have a guy that Lied about Obama’s Birth Certificate…..Lied about the tens of thousands of cheering Muslims on 9/11, Lied about Obama wiretapping trump tower… and he wants to Testify under Oath that Comey Lied?…… What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

  27. Gary Tull says:

    Uh, RV Scheide… in case you haven’t heard:  it seems DT Jr. this weekend inadvertently backed up Comey’s account of conversation w/President.

    This Tuesday’s Senate Intelligence Committee inquiry of AG should be interesting as well.

  28. cheyenne says:

    Look at me, I am the only one on the Trump train yet I am the only one who is suggesting other trains to get on.  Colorado Governor Hickenlooper would be a good Democrat train.  Mitt Romney, being promoted for senator by Biden, would be a good Republican train.  Everybody else seems to be focused on taking down Trump with no suggestions on who to take his place.  The 2018 and 2020 election trains will whisk by those standing in place so fast they won’t know what happened.  Time to look for solutions and quit playing the blame game.

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      I agree that the 2018 elections will come up fast.  Trump is a dumpster fire, giving the Democrats a real opportunity to take back the House of Representatives.  But with Nancy Pelosi running the show?  The same Nancy Pelosi who started out Speaker of the House ten years ago only to give away the majority to the GOP (making her House Minority Leader), and continuing to lose seats for the past six years?  The Nancy Pelosi who has repeatedly referred to Trump as “Bush” in press briefings, possibly because she’s 77 years old?

      Step 1 for the Demos:  New leadership.

      • cheyenne says:

        The Wyoming Democratic party named all new leaders because they said the old leaders let HRC steal, their words, the DNC nomination from Sanders.  You are right, they need new leadership.

        • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

          Why do I assume that 90% of Wyoming’s liberal democrats live within a 20-mile radius of University of Wyoming, and the other 10% in Jackson Hole Valley?

          • cheyenne says:

            Actually Laramie probably has less liberals than Casper and Jackson would be more than 50%.  Most of the anti Republican measures adopted come out of Jackson and Casper.  We have a lot of liberals here in Cheyenne, the state capital.  My wife said her ladies luncheon group she feels like she is sitting with a bunch of posters from High Country News.  As one Democrat who moved from the Eastern seaboard stated, they didn’t move to Wyoming for the politics but the economy was doing far better than the liberal city he lived in.

          • Harding Republican Harding Republican says:

            Cheyenne, you piqued my interest, so I looked up the 2016 election results for WY.

            Teton County (incl. Jackson):  Clinton 60%, Trump 32% (only WY county that went to Clinton)

            Albany County (incl. Laramie):  Clinton 42%, Trump 48% (closest Clinton got to a second WY county)

            Laramie County (incl. Cheyenne):  Clinton 29%, Trump 62%

            Wyoming overall:   Clinton 23%, Trump 70%

            The Jackson area is quite a bit more liberal than I guessed, and the Laramie area maybe a tad bit less liberal—but I would still bet most of those 42% Hillary votes in Albany County came from within 20 miles of U of W.

  29. Common Sense says:

    Well if the Dem’s can’t take the House at least in 2018 after this Dumpster Fire……God Help them!…..I agree we need to look forward…..but it’s the pain between here and there Bruce! It’s a guy that lies more than Sanders Rants……If he were Stable……I would not have the Heartburn that I do!

    Getting to the bottom of this mess will take a Min of 6 months and more than likely up to a Year!…..The Current Admin is Paralyzed…..the amount of time, effort and energy trying to plug the sinking ship is just too much for any Admin to function properly…..It would be like bad little Johnny, the kid that is in the Principals office 4 hours a day….kind of hard to get good grades with that!

    The Colorado Gov might indeed be a good bet from what you say about him…..Hell at this point….I would take Mittens over this guy! And that….that is really pushing it for me!

    Heck….Tulsi Gabbard would be better!!!

    • cheyenne says:

      The Republicans spent all their time trashing President Obama to make him a one term president that the Obama train ran them over on its way to two terms.  The Democrats, and others, are making the same mistake with Trump.

      • Common Sense says:

        Cheyenne, #45 Won’t be in office to worry about a second term……At this point in the game…..there could be up to 6+ that will be having some SERIOUS problems in the next 4-6 months….Robert Mueller….aka Bobby Three Sticks…..he is a dog on a bone! And there is plenty of Meat on these bones….which we will see coming out….look for more leaks…….It may get to the point here in the not too distant future….that any Republican that wants to be re-elected will turn on their boy…..knowing full well…the ship has TOO many holes in it!

        I asked myself this morning… did we get here……how did Half the people vote this in…then I read an article…..7% of Americans think Chocolate Milk comes from Brown Cows!….I got my answer…..

  30. Common Sense says:

    Comparing Obama to Trump is Apples and Oranges……Obama has more brains cells in his finger than #45 has in his entire head.Obama was not a constant Liar!…Obama had Class…..something the Current leader lacks.Obama didn’t mock disabled people. Obama had no Investigations into his Selling the Country out ( if it is proven)……and yes I am projecting here…Obama was not Impeached or Convicted of Obstruction of Justice…’s a 50/50 at this point….which do you prefer? I see one or the other happening….. But who knows….Session lied 3 times now under oath…and nothing has happened to him yet! Nice covering Repub’s.

    It won’t happen over night….but Bobby Three Sticks and Crew WILL be getting to the bottom of this Cess Pool….and when they do….there will be 2-5 Floaters surfacing!

    Any Republican with half a brain will be Distancing them selves of this train wreck….and very soon if they want to stay in office!

    Then on the other side……Do we actually have any Dem’s that Can Step up to the plate and actually take advantage of what is to come??…do we?…Time to Sharpen the Game Dem’s!….time to get to work and bring your best game…..How would you make this Country Better Dem’s?

  31. Common Sense says:

    I find it interesting that so many are Lawyering up over “Fake News”.……remember back when the Entire Cabinet of the Past Presidents Cabinets all Lawyered up and some of Their Lawyers retained Lawyers?…………yeah…me Neither….

  32. Common Sense says:

    ‘The election is absolutely being rigged by the dishonest and distorted media pushing Crooked Hillary – but also at many polling places – SAD.’— Donald Trump, via Twitter

    Wouldn’t it be something if the election WAS rigged?…..when we investigate the Pathology that #45 has…..we clearly see…that what he blurts out are actually things he has done….and said….and tried to do!Very few people Understand the “Pathology” that goes along with his Illnesses…….but upon learning about those, one only needs to Listen to what he says…and turn it around!If he says….so and so is Dishonest… is he…that is dishonest…..if he says….so and so has cheated and is a liar….it is He that is…’s Projection at its finest!So…..wouldn’t it be interesting…if the Election WAS Rigged?… HIS Favor?…..why else would he have said such a thing? 

  33. Common Sense says:

    #45 Wins the Key Swing States all by approx 1%…..mmmm

    Am I the only one that thinks this is Awfully strange upon review?

    So We have #45 ranting about a “Rigged Election”……and then we see that he won all 4 of the swing States by 1% plus or minus a touch…..What are the Odds of that?

    Perhaps the Obvious….was right under my nose!

    Understand the Pathology……and you will clearly see why…..


  34. Common Sense says:

    The more we study #45 the more he tells us about himself…..Saying that Clinton “Colluded” to defeat Sanders is a glimpse into his own Psyche.Knowing his Pathology, this statement shows us that he is the one that Colluded…..
    It used to be….if you give a Man enough Rope….now….just give him a Twitter Acct

  35. Common Sense says:

    Did you know that you also can buy Software that puts YOU on the Cover of Time Magazine?….Call #45’s office….they can hook you up!….you can attend the next party at #45’s Hotel where all the details can be found on this amazing Software…….you know….the Re Election Fund Raising party- IN HIS OWN HOTEL……

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