Mount Shasta Trail Association Announces 100 Miles of Trails

MSTA 100 Miles of Trail Map

John Schuyler, President, Mount Shasta Trail Association (MSTA) announces the establishment of the 100 Miles of Trails Special Project Fund at the Shasta Regional Community Foundation with an initial gift of $13,440.00.

The 100 Miles of Trails Special Project Fund is established to benefit and support trail development efforts of the MSTA and its partner organizations through grants made to deserving and qualified nonprofit entities. The Fund may include property received from community donors to be transferred to the SRCF for inclusion in the Fund.

According to the MSTA, the vision for the 100 Miles of Trails Special Project Fund is to transform the Mount Shasta area into a world-class trails destination. To achieve this vision the MSTA looks to create a 100 mile network of multi-use trails. Projected long term benefits include:

  • 50,000 users per year
  • $1m per year economic boost to the local communities
  • For mountain bikers – to achieve Ride CenterTM status, as recognized by the International Mountain Bicycle Association

“Our goal by launching the campaign is to raise enough funds to begin planning and building the new 100 miles of trail identified in the 2013 Mt. Shasta Conceptual Trails Plan,” explains MSTA president John Schuyler. “These trails will be multi-use, open to hikers, mountain bikers, equestrians and runners.”

With approximately 10 miles of the 100 miles already in place, the additional 90 miles would be located in the following areas:

Ski Park to Town 19.55 miles
Gateway Phase 2 17.39 miles
Castle Lake 21.9 miles
Sisson Callahan 22.3 miles
Shasta Dunsmuir Link 11.8 miles
Total 92.94 miles

Schuyler goes on to describe the main partner in this effort as the Mount Shasta Mountain Biking Association, also known as BikeShasta. Currently, these partners are already involved: The U.S. Forest Service on expanding the Gateway Trail system, Roseburg Forest Products and the Mount Shasta Mountain Biking Association to begin construction of the Shasta Dunsmuir Link Trail (Snowman’s Hill to Mott).

Other partners that are projected to get involved in certain aspects of trail development include: Siskiyou Land Trust, Mountain Wheelers, Mountain Runners, Mount Shasta Rotary, Great Shasta Rail Trail Association, City of Mount Shasta, City of Dunsmuir, Siskiyou County, local Chambers of Commerce as well as public and private donors.

“It is generosity like yours that makes our region such a thriving place,” says Kerry Caranci, CEO of the Community Foundation. “We welcome you into our family of over 100 funds, established by individuals and organizations of all varieties and backgrounds and we look forward to the opportunity to support your charitable giving in our community. “

According to Schuyler, the mission of the MSTA is to provide inspiring trail experiences, appreciation of the Mt. Shasta area and advocate environmentally sound stewardship by creating, maintaining, protecting and using trails in the Mt. Shasta area. “In our stressed-out and overburdened lives, trails are a great means for us to appreciate the natural environment, experience the excitement of stunning views, challenge ourselves with physical activity, and reconnect with the essence of our inner selves,” Schuyler says. “By using or working on a trail, you know you’ve exerted yourself and achieved something real and lasting.  To facilitate these benefits of trails, our goal is to create a sustainable network surrounding and connecting our communities.”

MSTA History

Since the Mount Shasta Trail Association’s formation in the late 1980’s, its volunteers have been focused on improving the quality of life in the region by facilitating outdoor recreation and environmental stewardship. In conjunction with the USDA Forest Service, the MSTA’s first project was to research the feasibility of an “around-the-mountain” trail of about 40 miles at approximately tree line. Although the concept was widely supported, the obstacles (unstable slopes, no water, private property, etc.) proved to be insurmountable.

The momentum of this group was quickly redirected toward other trail projects such as Squaw Valley Creek and Box Canyon. Working with the Forest Service, the MSTA also began maintenance work on the historic Sisson Callahan Trail near Mt. Eddy. While these projects progressed from year-to-year, MSTA co-founder Tom Hesseldenz drafted plans and proposals for the ambitious Lake Siskiyou Trail, which became one of our larger projects until the advent of the Gateway Trail project. Recently MSTA has collaborated with other organizations in the designs of urban trails with the city of Mt. Shasta.

MSTA volunteers organized the first public regional forum for trail inventories and needs assessments.

Besides pleasure hikes and trail work days, MSTA organizes hikes, snowshoe outings, bird watching, mountain bike rides and canoe trips. For more than 15 years, volunteers from MSTA have handed out fresh fruit for the thousands of people who participate in the July Fourth fun-run and walk in Mt. Shasta.

The volunteer members of the MSTA Board of Directors are highly motivated people who meet regularly to review the status of ongoing projects, consider new areas of need, plan activities and programs, lay out public information, network with partner organizations and implement fundraising plans.

For more information, visit MSTA’s website http://mountshastatrailassociation.org/ or contact president, John Schuyler, at skyler@cot.net , phone 530.938.0773.

To learn more about the power of endowment and field of interest funds to sustain long term goals of nonprofits who share your interests, contact the Community Foundation at 530.244.1219 in Shasta County or 530.925.3313 in Siskiyou County or email info@shastarcf.org.

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