Phil’s Funny: Je Suis Charlie

phil_laughingPhil Fountain is a cartoonist, writer and occasional bed-wetter based in the far reaches of Northern Californey.

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Phil Fountain is a cartoonist and writer based in the far reaches of Northern Californey.
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  1. Maybe a little too soon.

  2. Jedediah says:

    Gotta strike while the iron is hot.
    Even if all “Charlie Hebdo” did was talk trash on other beliefs, they still need to be able to do it.
    I don’t agree with the Rabbi and the Pope (Bishop?) in this cartoon, but I’m not coming after Phil.

    • Philbert says:

      I know it’s probably best that I refrain from commenting on my own cartoons, after all, I’ve already had my say. In this case I’d like to explain the presence of the other two religious figures. Without judgement, I was hoping to bring attention to the role the three major Abrahamic faiths play in world politics. The distinction between three groups who claim to share the same God is interesting to me and may be worthy of rational discussion. Other than that, I’d like to pay homage to the irreverence commonly displayed by my cartooning brethren. Long may their spirit live!

      • Jedediah says:

        Thanks for the reply. I figured there was a reason for their inclusion, just not sure what you were aiming at.
        I could sit here and critique it, but you’re doing the hard work, I’ll just enjoy it.

  3. EXACTLY!!
    (Another great one, Phil!)

  4. Thank you, Phil. I think the timing is exactly right.

  5. Virginia says:

    Why bring Jews and Catholics into the mix? They had nothing to do with the Muslin and their jihad!

    Political correctness run a mook………..

  6. cheyenne says:

    Very appropriate and I am glad to see cartoonists around the world showing that they will not be threatened into silence by any group.
    I especially liked the cartoon with an Iman holding a Koran and asking these terrorists, “Show me where it says kill all cartoonists”.

  7. Barbara Stone says:

    Great commentary on the risks you satirists take these days…keep up the good work!

  8. Jeff Wilson says:

    Really? Hands up dont shoot. Narrative has been disproven.

  9. debby says:

    Sheik Yerbouti. *snort*

    I understand freedom of speech, an am a proponent of that, but as the mother of a young American woman teaching Afghani women at the only university open to them, I find myself looking at it differently. I’d rather not piss off the people that want to kill all the foreigners in Afghanistan.

    I know that’s selfish and shortsighted, but it’s how I am, and I am ashamed of myself for seeing it that way.

  10. Liz A. says:

    No rational person wanted these cartoonists dead. Violence such as this is abhorrent. Some cartoonish teasing I understand but why recklessly push the buttons of people who already firebombed your office. (Sony also comes to mind- seeing just how far to push a fanatical leader with his finger on the nuclear trigger…… thanks for asking me how I felt about that Rogen and Franco.) Religious icons are for many, exactly like loved ones. You place your dead grandmother on a pedestal and would not want to see her in pornographic poses in someone’s magazine. It would rightly make you furious. Most would not be driven to kill over it thankfully. These cartoons really were disgusting on every level. No, I am not Charlie Hebdo.

  11. don cohen says:

    Thanks Phil, you turn up when we need you. If we are not Charlie , who are we?

    • Richard says:

      Jesuit Charlie?

    • Doug Bennett says:

      We are citizens of the American Empire, who, according to MLK Jr. and most accounting over the last 50 years the “greatest purveyors of violence” in the world. So, while you identify with “higher values” understand you are part of a democracy that is killing mostly innocent women and children on your name. Je suis imperialists! The ones occupying Muslim countries and destroying their freedoms. Wakeup!

  12. Budd Hodges says:

    An interesting and yet funny quirk of life ‘toon, Philbert. Keep ’em coming.

  13. Dorothy says:

    Phil, I have always admired your chutzpah, especially while you were living in Redding.
    You have not been afraid to speak your mind, in your cartoons. I am sure, Charlie would have admired you too.

  14. Muhammad says:

    I think this is good massage to terrorist , because some islamic business man make money by using religion islam , I think Islam is profit able business for some rich families so they create that terrorism for continues make money by using religion islam ?

  15. Ron says:

    disagree or not, the beautiful thing about this is that we are still free to to do it. without freedoms, censorship will run amuk……

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