Sheriffs of California Oppose Prop 47

To All Californians:

With the General Election less than two weeks away we, the undersigned, urge you to vote NO on Proposition 47. As sheriffs, we can tell you that this measure threatens the safety of our communities and puts our families at risk.

Despite being referred to as the “Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act,” this measure will actually make our neighborhoods and schools less safe. Reducing the penalties for many serious crimes like gun theft, possession of date rape drugs, and identity fraud will lead to more crime and more criminals in our neighborhoods.

Every sheriff in this state took an oath to protect the people and the public safety. If Proposition 47 passes, our ability to protect our communities will be impaired. Dumping thousands of prisoners onto our streets can only make our problems worse.

Proposition 47 is a collection of bad ideas. Supporters will tell you that this measure only affects petty criminals. The reality is, lowlevel criminals rarely go to prison; the people let out will have dangerous criminal histories.

Sheriffs of the State of California respectfully ask that you stand with law enforcement, crime victims, the business community, and your local governments in opposition to Proposition 47. Please vote NO.

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3 Responses

  1. Could Be Trouble says:

    Moonbeam needs to reassess his priorities. Do we give criminals a fast way between cities to do their evil deeds or do we build more jails? Neither option sounds like a solution, but I for one would opt for more jails, definitely not releasing criminals to the streets and using the train to nowhere money to pay for this until the libs realize their policies create addictive personalities and some real solutions can be implemented into our very sick society.

  2. Alice Bell says:

    But state voters voted down bonds to build more prisons. The State’s hands are tied since the Federal government has determined that our prisons are overcrowded and have ordered the numbers in prison to be reduced. You can’t blame it on Governor Brown since the overcrowding happened before his term. Unfortunately the public doesn’t want to pay (and staff) new prisons. Someone needs to come up with some good alternatives (that are constitutional and effective).

  3. Joanne Lobeski-Snyder says:

    Great information. If I were going to make room in jails and prisons I would take a look at all the young men doing time because they didn’t realize they couldn’t keep dating their girlfriend after they turned 18 because, as an adult, if they fondled that gal they were committing a crime. I would look for anyone serving time for growing marijuana before the laws changed. I would look at grandfathers who are in prison because their step daughters didn’t like the way they hugged their grandchild. The 3-strikes law put many people in prison for minor infractions. We don’t need to build more prisons. We need to take a serious look at why we put people in prison and for how long.
    The crimes mentioned in this article are more serious and any crime I’ve mentioned. Thank you A News Cafe for publishing this

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