Suggestion: Utilize Former Juvenile Hall for Female Prisoners

Dear Editor- A News Cafe:

The Board of Supervisors and the County Administrator have an opportunity to create more bed space in the jail on West St in Redding by studying the opening of the former Juvenile Hall on Radio Lane-Redding for a Women’s Rehabilitation Center.

The current 50+ female prisoners could be moved to the Juvenile Center with little rehabilitation and code update.

The proposed and approved new county jail to be located on Breslauer Lane is some two years off. By that time Shasta County will likely be receiving another wave of state prisoners under the AB109 ruling.  Thus adding to the current 400+ AB109 inmates the county currently has either in jail, on the streets of Redding, and/or in Community Day service.

If state funds are not available for such rehab of the Juvenile Hall, then local funds could be sought. This community is famous for giving to sensible and desperately needed projects and this is certainly one of them.  Shasta County government officials are strongly urged to discuss this concept and form a 3 person study committee to come up with a feasible plan in 90 days. If you, the reader, support this concept, please call or email a Supervisor and the County Administrator today.

Frank D. Treadway
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4 Responses

  1. Avatar EasternCounty says:

    My response to this posting has nothing to do with this excellent idea but is a suggestion for the use of another existing site — two, actually — for the Redding Police Department. Hartnell Avenue has a big void with the closure of Raley’s and JoAnne’s. With some remodeling, the former Raley’s could become the new police department, and JoAnne’s right across the street could become the shooting range. Since the police building wouldn’t need all the available parking at the former Raley’s, the building could be enlarged into the parking lot in order to accommodate the department’s space needs. Having police presence in that area would keep panhandlers and vandals at bay.

  2. Avatar KarenC says:

    Some good thought in your suggestion, however, the police department new digs are already under way. Excavating is being done as I type. The police were hoping for a building with an under ground shooting range….too bad they are not getting it. It would be so convenient to have that facility on site and not across town. Since they are required to get so many hours in practice and training, the driving time makes it difficult at times.

  3. Avatar Scott says:

    Unfortunately, the old Juvenile Justice Center is beyond repair. If the county were to bring the building up to building code and Title 15 requirements, it would cost more than it would be worth. Further, adult inmates are required to be separated from minors (cannot be within sight or sound of each other), and the front half of the JJC is utilized by the juvenile probation department where minors are present. The facility itself, even when it was in good repair, had security issues (such as blind spots where the wards could put themselves out of staff sight) and would not work as an adult jail.

  4. Avatar Ron says:

    I think it’s a great idea Frank! And they can reopen that corner lot at the annex and restart the garden to feed the jail…..