For the First Time in a Long Time, There’s a Candidate Who Offers Hope, Solutions

Heidi Hall

I met Heidi Hall for the first time yesterday.  I listened to her talk for about 10 minutes in the home of my friend with about 30 other folks from Redding, about why she is running to represent us in the U.S. Congress.

Something strange happened to me:  I began to have some hope for the first time in over a decade.  I had not even realized how disillusioned I have become.  Suddenly, in that room, it seemed possible; if we could replace our present non-representative with someone who would work hard to really represent us, things could change.

It seems that especially in the past few years, our system is broken.  I had given up hope without even realizing it. So much of the political news is grim; the House just saying no to everything proposed again and again with no suggestions for alternative fixes and our elected member leading the “no,no,no” charge.

Government has stopped working.  The problems are so large and so complicated; I am without solutions, too and there seemed no end to the gridlock.

But here was Heidi Hall with a positive outlook; well-informed and energetic, with ideas about how she could join coalitions to reach across the aisle, with real hope.  Amazing.

If this woman could win this election, she might be able to help make the system work again.  Our concerns might be addressed.  Our interests might be on the agenda at least.  I could feel the stirring of optimism in the room, it was electric.

Jan Grantham

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15 Responses

  1. Avatar joe g says:

    You haven’t told us anything about her positions.

    Gridlock? That’s an issue?

    When the corrupt idiots only do evil at every opportunity, gridlock is probably the best option. More gridlock please. Stop them from destroying what’s left of the world and our liberties.

  2. Avatar Sue says:

    Jan, I was at the meet & greet, too and found her to be intelligent, positive, hopeful and a real breath of fresh air. She articulated her stances on access to higher education, bi-partisanship, and so many other things very well. I left with hope and a determination to work on her campaign. It’s refreshing to feel this hopeful.

  3. Avatar CouldBeTrouble says:

    Just what we need here in the North State, more liberal democratic “emotional” irrelevance instead of factual, actual, statistical solutions. Stick with LaMalfa who has made an impression in DC already and will do us some good here at home.

  4. Avatar Ken says:

    LaMalfa only represents rice farmers. I would like to know more about Heidi and her position on other north state issues other than water policy and rice farmer subsidies.

    • Avatar Marie says:

      LaMalfa helped in shutting down our government for so long last September, which cost us millions of dollars. I agree that we need someone who will try to get things done rather than throw wrenches into the process. I will definitely consider Heidi.

  5. Avatar Budd Hodges says:

    Good article Jan. Heidi will get our vote. LaMalfa like his anointer Herger doesn’t represent us. He represents the Koch Bros. Just say no and the rest of those do nothing Teapublicans. Bad or no legislation has been coming from the House thanks to this bunch of GOP bottom feeders.

    We need a rep like Biz Johnson was. We need Heidi Hall. Show Dougie the door. He’s bad news.Vote for good legislation from Heidi Hall.

    • Avatar Diane says:

      We agree in this household. Heidi got both of our votes and one of us is a registered Republican.

  6. Avatar geff says:

    The only hope Ms. Hall gives is being another yes woman for Obama and the democratic party. This means higher taxes, less freedom and the continuation of an unaffordable health care law something we can’t affford

  7. Avatar Ginny says:

    Koch Brothers! Good heavens, that is following the party line. What about George Soros? What about the “new” guy on the Democratic block from Silicon Valley, Tom Steyer, who is putting $50 million to stop Keystone development candidates?

    Let us use listen to facts and good ideas, not rhetoric to close down discussion Jobs are needed. Paying off the National Debt. These things need to be discussed!!!

  8. Avatar david kerr says:

    In 10-20 years, rural California will vote Democrat. Retired government employees will move to the North State to enjoy beautiful Whiskeytown, Shasta, Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen. Above average young people, especially young college graduates, will move to the business friendly states.

    Economic opportunity is the main reason the young will leave. The physician shortage will be another. We may lose some specialties like hand surgery or neurosurgery, but there will be enough physicians to take care of government retirees with excellent insurance. The medicaid dependent poor will have to seek economic opportunity and quality medical care elsewhere.

  9. Avatar Ron says:

    Jan at it again lol. First off the Dems run Calif. She must have forgot that. I also wonder if Jan ever went up and had a conversation with Doug? Maybe throw her concerns out there to him. I would vote no to that as well

    Now we throw a women in the mix who is running and all of a sudden she comes out and states “we have hope”. Lol. I wonder if Jan feels the same way about Obama? Let me guess she is waiting for Clinton and she’ll come out with the same “We have hope”.

    By the way I never recalled seeing Hall out here in the community, going to council, etc and addressing concerns we all have. The only one I see out here working is Congressman LaMalfa.

    Good luck to Hall, she’s going to need it but congressman LaMalfa will win in Nov.

  10. Avatar Bob says:

    Anyone who thinks Doug LaMalfa “has made an impression” in Washington is simply not paying attention.

    Anyone who has written LaMalfa about any issue of concern has learned the level of his concern for our welfare by his lack of response. But he did vote to get his own farm subsidy!

    Anyone who thinks Heidi will be a dud should vote for her, as dud politicians are a Shasta County tradition in Washington.

    LaMalfa’s support for separating northern California into our 51st state is an indication of the lack of common sense we have sent to Washington.

    I don’t know if Heidi is the answer, but Doug is our problem.

  11. Avatar Derral Campbell says:

    I think it’s rather predictable, and therefore pathetic – If you mention the Koch Brothers, whose father was one of the founders of the John Birch Society, you just have to wait a couple ticks for the “George Soros!!” rejoinder. It’s Pavlovian. But. It’s just changing the topic, saying “Well look over here, what about this?” because if you let the discourse include the Koch Brothers, things like their takeover and funding of the Tea Party will get mentioned. Better just to bring up that other name and change the topic. Besides imitating Fox playcallers like Hannity and O’Reilly and the verminous Limbaugh, it’s weak, off-topic and did I mention, a false equivalency? Koch political donations are secret, Soros’ are not. What do they have to hide if they’re such proud Americans?