Redding’s Stillwater Should Welcome Sriracha to Grow Chilies; Bottle Sauce

The Stillwater Water Business Park has been in the news looking for it’s first tenant. How about contacting Huy Fong Foods, the manufacturer of  Sriracha “Rooster” Hot Sauce, to see if they’d like to relocate?

Sriracha “Rooster” Hot Sauce, which I am a big fan of, has been in the news because the city of Irwindale is threatening to close their plant down.

From the articles I have read, there seems to be a difference of opinion if the plant produces bad smells. According to the L.A. Times, Huy Fong Foods,  employs 50 full time and 200 part time employees. The Northstate could also be a great place to grow the chilies they put in the sauce.

Not sure if it would be a good match, but could be a win win possibility.

Sriracha spat: 11 complaints prompt AQMD ‘odor surveillance’ – LA Times

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Belinda Sanda lives in Redding.

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