Women Assaulted on River Trail

On Monday afternoon at about 4:44 p.m. a woman was walking on the Sacramento River Trail in Redding, one mile west of Court Street on the south side. The woman was struck in the head with an object that caused her to fall down, and she lost consciousness.

When she came to, she saw a suspect grabbing her ankles and trying to pull her into the brush along the trail. She began yelling, and was able to get away from the suspect. The victim suffered a laceration to her right eyelid.

The suspect is described as a white male juvenile, about 14-15 years of age. He is approximately 5’6 inches tall and weighs 140-150 pounds. He was wearing blue jeans and a plaid shirt, with a grey sweatshirt over the plaid. He had white tennis shoes. He has short brown hair, and green eyes. The suspect may be associated with a silver colored BMX style bicycle.

Earlier this same day at about 12:45 p.m. an assault was also reported on the River Trail. A woman was jogging near this same location, when a male suspect grabbed her buttocks. The suspect made derogatory statements to the victim and then rode off on a silver BMX style bicycle. The victim was not injured.

The suspect is described as a white male juvenile, approximately 17 years of age, and 5’5” tall weighing 140 pounds. He had brown hair, and was wearing blue jeans and had a black backpack.

Due to the nature of this active investigation we are not releasing victim names.

Redding Police Department press release.


the Redding Police Department Investigations Division at 530 225-4214.


-from press release
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11 Responses

  1. Avatar •Handouts Don&# says:

    OMG! Good Lord! What is it open season on women walking the trail?


  2. Avatar Debbie Davis says:

    THANK YOU for getting this word out so everyone can be watchful to capture this dangerous person.

    Ladies: walk with a friend!

  3. I think that everyone who can should walk the River Trail today – prove to the thugs that they won't win this. I'll be out this afternoon.

  4. I like the way you think, Erin! About what time will you be there? Strength in numbers.

    • I walked from the Sundial Bridge to the Diestelhorst before work — no sign of trouble at all! It was lovely and breezy out and there were quite a few smiling folks enjoying the trail.

      I LOVE walking the River Trail alone — I listen to the wind, the water and the songs that sometimes float by. I will NOT walk in fear or surrender that lovely area to criminals.

  5. Avatar kirsten says:

    Where can we learn self-defense? Is Karate the answer? I watch with envy, the way the new TV- heroines can handle themselves these days………….. supposedly……….

  6. James Montgomery James Montgomery says:

    Uh, Kirsten, that's TV, which occasionally exaggerates things. Pepper spray might be a more universally effective plan. Be sure you know how to use it. Self-defense training might prepare you to use the spray, tho.

    It's crappy that women are not safe alone on the trail, but prudence dictates going in pairs.

    • I carry pepper spray when I walk, but if some creep hits you with a fist or a rock out of the clear blue, that pepper spray won't help.

      As an aside, when I walk the trails, I notice there are usually more women than men.

      I'm with Erin, and I will continue to walk the trails.

      • James Montgomery James Montgomery says:

        Oh, yeah, walk the trails. But be careful, Doni, and take all reasonable precautions, like the buddy system. I like having you around.

  7. Avatar Mike Dahl says:

    I rode the trail yesterday from Diestelhorst Bridge past the site of the assualt. RPD had an officer patrolling on a dirt bike along with 2 plain clothes officers on foot. All was calm but traffic seemed slower than normal. Situational awareness is always prudent, along with some form of self defense, especially when alone and in a remote area. I am sure Missy's group (Friends of the Trail) will take up this topic at their next meeting.