Letter to the Editor: Hawkins Exec Clarifies Property Tax Facts

“Every mind must make its choice between truth and repose. It cannot have both.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


Hawkins Companies has a commitment to provide truthful, accurate and timely information to the public. After making statements recently about new property taxes that were not consistent with the above ethos we checked with the Shasta County Auditor-Controller; because of this visit Hawkins would like to clarify information regarding its generation of new property tax revenue benefiting public schools.

Funding for California Schools is unique, complicated and arcane. California law specifies local school district funding shall come from the California Department of Education. The state determines a dollar amount for each child attending public schools which is the Average Daily Attendance amount and does not change significantly when there is an increase in property taxes within a district’s boundary. The increased property value of the Knighton Road shopping center will generate approximately $400,000 in new property tax to be used for the public schools of Shasta County. Neither Hawkins Companies, nor Shasta County, however, can earmark any certain amount of this money to be used by the Pacheco School District and/or the Anderson Union High School District.

In addition to the increased property tax revenue Hawkins will pay to the general public school fund for Shasta County, the Hawkins Companies shopping center development will pay impact fees of over $350,000. The Shasta County Office of Education, will forward this one time impact fee money directly to the Pacheco School District and the Anderson Union High School District.

We simply want to correct the record and apologize for the oversight. Our campaign materials regarding Measure A will be revised accordingly. It is our hope that this clarification will help you the voter, make a correct and informed decision regarding Ballot Measure A and Ballot Measure B.

We remain proud of the fact that our project will indeed generate additional revenue for county schools and fully support local school officials’ ongoing fight to keep these revenues local.


Jeffery L Hess

Chief Operating Officer

Hawkins Companies

 Jeffery Hess is Chief Operating Officer for Hawkins Companies. Jeff has been with Hawkins Companies and its affiliate Hawkins Smith since 1993. Jeff oversees all development operations from site selection to construction. Prior to his employment with our company, Jeff worked for over 15 years as a licensed general contractor in California, and as a construction supervisor for Georgia Pacific Corporation. He has worked as a city planning commissioner, lobbyist, and advisor to the Governor and legislature of California. He also spent four years in the finance industry as a branch manager. Jeff started with Hawkins Companies in 1993 and now oversees all legal and commercial development operations.

Jeff graduated summa cum laude from Washington State University in Political Science and received his Juris Doctor from the University of Idaho College of Law. After graduation, Jeff clerked for Judge Thomas Nelson of the 9th Circuit court of Appeals and Justice Cathy Silak of the Idaho Supreme Court.

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