Clarity Entertainment Terminates Stillwater Purchase

Clarity Entertainment, Inc. entered into an agreement with the City of Redding in January 2012 to purchase approximately 77 acres in the Stillwater Business Park for a film and television production facility. Clarity Entertainment had until September 2012 to evaluate the site and confirm that it intended to proceed with the real estate transaction.

Clarity Entertainment notified the City of Redding this week that its has not been able to identify an economical method to mitigate noise and vibration associated with aviation uses at Redding Municipal Airport. This notification from Clarity Entertainment to the City of Redding effectively terminates the January 2012 agreement.

“The City of Redding understands and respects Clarity Entertainment’s decision,” said Redding City Manager Kurt Starman. “The City of Redding wishes Clarity Entertainment well in its future endeavors.”

Under the terms of the January 2012 agreement, the $100,000 deposit submitted by Clarity Entertainment has been held in escrow and will be returned to Clarity Entertainment.


-from press release
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9 Responses

  1. Avatar seeitnow says:

    "Smoke and Mirrors"

    I truly believe Clarity Entertainment does not have an will never have the capabilities necessary to deliver a top rate product anywhere on this earth.

    I Bet a rich Bhagwan indian god-man would offer Redding a good price if we through in some red sheets, flags, and tents for all the non-thinking types who will surely swarm the place by the thousands.

    • Avatar Philbert says:

      Ah, but "non-thinking" is the point, Grasshopper! I, too, am threw with Non-Thinkers… they are SO PREDICTABLE! But, I'm not giving up my red sheets for no buddy.

  2. Avatar Sheila Barnes says:

    I am not quite sure about the purpose of the above comments, but I am sure that the person who posted it did not spell check it prior to posting.

  3. Avatar Al Knowing says:

    What's the problem? Just move the airport. I swear, no wonder deals don't get done and we are in debt to our eyebrows, simple solutions are just plain ignored! Clarity found another site and as the deal was contracted they get their deposit back. Sad, but fact. Maybe they needed a place to "hide" a hundred grand for a year, whatever the reason, Pat Keener needs to get busy and sell Redding even harder.

  4. Avatar MrMike says:

    Maybe the city could offer Stillwater as an alternate site for the Burning Man festival. It would provide a boost to tourism and introduce the site to many out of area prospects. Another idea would be to work with CalTrans to reroute I-5 along the current Airport Road alignment, opening up the possibility that Hawkins Development would find the business park an attractive location for their proposed retail mall. Just thinkin' out loud…

  5. Avatar John Dixon says:

    The City of Redding enters into these "deals" without properly vetting the participants. A minimal background check on the participants would avoid much of this. As in any other financial negotiation when a participant refuses to provide it's financial bonafides it is usually because they don't have any.

  6. Avatar Paul r says:

    There was something about these guys that didn't seem right. Maybe it was their refusal to name their backers, or their refusal to release their financial records. Maybe it was the way they came into town and talked big.

    I'm from the Mt Shasta area, and there are groups like this that come into town every couple years with big plans to build a big spiritual center that will attract crowds of people and create thousands of jobs, and the plans always fall through.

    I'm sorry that these guys got everybody's hopes up, and wasted everyone's time. The airport was always there, and they knew about that from the begining.

  7. Avatar pmarshall says:

    I am pretty sure about the misspellings; I get the picture. Another "lost cause" in this city.

  8. Avatar SamK says:

    Dodged the bullet on this one! There is no other site, the guy is a total scammer. Good riddance!