Mob Fight in South City Park Results in One Stabbing; RPD Searches for Suspect

On May 10, 2012, at 4:07 PM officers from the Redding Police Department were dispatched to 1250 Parkview Dr. (South City Park) due to reports of a large group of approximately 20 people fighting. While officers were responding to this location additional reports were received that there was a subject bleeding at the Safeway grocery store located across from South City Park. Officers were then told there was a stabbing victim at Shasta Regional Medical Center that stated he had been stabbed at South City Park.

Officers responded to all three locations and conducted an investigation. The victim at S.R.M.C. was identified as 22 year old Tristan Almond of Redding. Almond had sustained a stab wound to his right chest. The injury does not appear to be life threatening. Officers learned that Almond was at South City Park and got into an argument with the suspect who is not known by the victim. A physical altercation between the two occurred and the suspect stabbed the victim with a knife. The suspect is described as a white male, 6’4” tall, 165 pounds, and was wearing a black t-shirt, and black baseball cap. After being stabbed the victim fled the location to seek medical attention. It is believed the suspect possibly entered the Safeway store while fleeing the area.

The identity of the suspect is not known at this time. Anyone with information as to the identity of the suspect is asked to contact the Redding Police Department Investigations Division.

-from press release
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6 Responses

  1. Avatar Scott says:

    THIS is the sort of thing I worry about when my daughter's team plays at the adjoining softball park. Sadly, I and other players' parents were just having that discussion at a game last week. We're afraid to let our daughters use the restroom or allow our younger children to play out of our sight. We have to deal with riffraff wandering over to our games and in some cases harassing people. We don't dare bring out food in the parking lot, leave our cars unlocked for a minute, or leave anything of value unattended, even in the stands. Rather pathetic—and frightening—to have a situation like this just a couple of blocks from city hall…

  2. Avatar Budd Hodges says:

    We've got to take this once peaceful park back from the scumbags who hang there.

    My wife and I before we owned a car, passed through South City Park. A young man in a red vest helped across the street to Safeway. We'd been to the Redding Library and passed through the area in order to get to the RABA bus terminal.

    These people have to be somewhere, but for God's sake they can't take over a park that used to be family friendly and turn it into a battle ground.

  3. Avatar Larry says:

    How unfortunate. South City Park has been like this for years. I'm not sure when the change occurred. I used to take my Grandchildren to the park more than twenty years ago but all of a sudden things started to change. The city abandoned and filled the wading pool, removed some of the playground equipment and seemed to just give up on the park. When my then five year old Grandson brought me a syringe, we stopped going to the SCP. I now have a new generation of young Grandchildren and have discovered small urban parks where they can play. Oh yeah…has anyone noticed the city has closed the restrooms by the Aquatic Center? Right next to the play area. Where are parents supposed to take their children when they "gotta go"? How sad for Redding.

  4. Avatar Mostly happy here! says:

    How many involved in the recent South City Park incident are or have been staying at Good News Rescue Mission or are affiliated with the jail inmate population? Can't the Mission require constructive things for the Rescue Mission denizens to do during the daytime (classes, activities, job skills training, etc.), rather than allow the impact of ever-increasing crime & violence in is area. Twice a month, I go to the Redding Library, and I can always spot active drug dealing within view. And this is normal around here??? Why?

  5. Avatar pmarshall says:

    I used to play tennis at that park Was a great park. Now, as our city grows, along with the good comes the bad. Very unfortunate. And we have had to lay off some of our plice as well as our firemen. What is the answer to this problem? Can't ask ffor more taxes. Like to hear some constructive answers.

  6. Avatar Budd Hodges says:

    It's likely at the bottom of the list of the Redding Recreation and Parks Dept. The late Merritt Nelson, Parks & Rec. Director would not put up with that neglect and would find a way to correct the problem.

    But, that was then and now is now and Redding is larger now with more of us including

    newly returned "Jerry's Kids" from Folsom, Pelican Bay and the men's colony in San Luis Obispo.

    Golly, I used to like that park.