Nashville instrumentalist Tom Smith Playing at Music Max in Palo Cedro

Nashville instrumentalist Tom Smith will be playing his guitar and banjo, as well as telling his stories at Music Max.

Smith, who says he has been playing “for a while” and performing for “nearly that long” has performed with such notables as Tuck and Pattie, John Fahey, Michael Hedges, Odetta, and John Hammond.

He has released 5 highly acclaimed CDs, and has a just completed “Live@TheLoft”, a live recording.  He even has a book to his credit and has been given a Presidential Commendation for an inner-city art and literacy program he directed in Los Angeles.

“It has been an interesting life.” he says.  Last year he ventured out on what he calls his “Great Walkabout”.  “It had been a while since I had been touring, or more accurately, really, ‘looking at life’,” he says. “Small places: the pubs, the drives, the heartbeat, the people…I got really curious about peoples lives.  It had been a while since I had experienced that.”

And took off he did.  By early March Tom will have performed somewhere around 80 shows, covering 40,000 miles from California to West Virginia. His new album “Live@TheLoft” was recorded during this “Walkabout” and there is more to come.

“There are avenues, and styles, both of music and performance to explore, and venues to discover” he says. “My rent is paid, the car is current, and my dog is happy. I’m having a ball. So what more could I want than to continue playing and meeting people?”

Check out Tom’s music and book and get a free download of “Live@TheLoft” by visiting

When: Feb 9, 8 to 10 p.m.

Where: Music Max
9472 Cedro Lane #10
Palo Cedro

-from press release

Randall R. Smith

Randy Smith is a retired physician, morphed into a full-time professional volunteer. He is a former member of the Redding Planning Commission and Cal-Tip Advisory Board. He is an active member and the founder of the Allied Stream Team of Rotary Club of Redding. He lives in Redding with his wife, Judy.