Susanville Police Warn of Mountain Lion Sightings

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Over the past few weeks, the Susanville Police Department has received calls of sightings of mountain lions within the City of Susanville, with the most recent citing being of two juvenile cubs last night in the area of Chestnut St. and Ash St. These cubs have been seen on several occasions over the past few weeks. The department has been in contact with the California Department of Fish and Game and they are aware of the situation.

More than half of California is mountain lion habitat. Mountain lions generally exist wherever deer are found. They are solitary and elusive animals, and their nature is to avoid humans. Mountain lions prefer deer but, if allowed, they also eat pets and livestock. Rarely will mountain lions prey on dead animals they did not kill or rummage through trash. Mountain lions are a protected species in California, making it illegal to kill one unless it is a public safety threat. According to the Department of Fish and Game, the mountain lion sightings within Susanville do not constitute a public safety threat at this time. We are monitoring the situation closely.

To learn more about mountain lions and how to live with them in our area, you can go to for information.

Please to not attempt to feed mountain lions, or the cubs. If you see a mountain lion in the City of Susanville, please call our 24-hour dispatch center at 257-2171 to report the sighting.

-from press release
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