Park Service Broadens Sacred Tribal Area of Shasta Bally Towers

Whiskeytown National Recreation Area is finalizing the Environmental Assessment that will guide the future management of wireless communication facilities by non-National Park Service entities on the summit of Shasta Bally. After several meetings with Redding Rancheria tribal leaders and the National Park Service (NPS) regarding potential impacts and mitigation measures from the continued operation of the towers and people visiting the summit, the NPS has revised the area of potential effect for this project to include the entire Shasta Bally Mountain.

Working closely with the tribe, the National Park Service redefined the area that is considered sacred to Wintu people. The effort will ensure that the continued operation of the communications facilities under NPS right-of-way permits and the delineation of the visitor parking areas and trail system at the summit will not adversely affect any traditional uses or sacred sites on the mountain.

“The National Park Service values the partnership with the Redding Rancheria in protecting, preserving and fostering appreciation of the cultural resources within Whiskeytown National Recreation Area,” Whiskeytown Superintendent Jim Milestone said.

The National Park Service also concluded that though the communications towers and outlying buildings, the power line corridor, and Shasta Bally Road are more than 50 years old, they are not likely eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

“The Redding Rancheria thanks the National Park Service for taking the time and attention to revise the area of potential effect of this project to include the entire Shasta Bally Mountain,” said Tracy Edwards, Redding Rancheria’s CEO. “We look forward to working together in the future on all other projects.”

-from press release

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Press Release

-from press release

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