UPDATE: ID Given on Swimmer, 25, Who Drowned at Lake Shasta

From the Shasta County Sheriff Boating Safety's web site; the unit attempts a rescue unrelated to today's drowning.

Update, Aug. 15: The man who presumably drowned while swimming in Lake Shasta’s Hirz Bay has been named today as Danny Savath of Oakland, Shasta County Coroner-Investigator Teri Veazey said. Savath’s cause of death is pending toxicology test results.


On Saturday, August 13, 2011, at 1422 hours (2:22 p.m.), the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office Boating Safety Unit received a call of a possible drowning of a swimmer behind the Hirz Bay boat ramp, on the McCloud Arm of Shasta Lake.

Deputies arrived on scene and learned from witnesses that the victim was swimming across the cove, became distressed and went under the water and did not resurface. Witnesses searched the area, while waiting for help to arrive, which met with negative results. Members of the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office Dive team arrived and recovered the victim after a short search. The victim was turned over to the Shasta County Coroner.

The Sheriff’s Office was assisted by two boats from CAL-Fire and the Lake Head Volunteer Fire Department.

DATE/TIME: 08-13-11 1830 hours


LOCATION: Behind the Hirz Bay boat ramp, McCloud Arm, Shasta Lake.

VICTIM: Male, 25 years old, name being withheld pending next of kin notification.

-from press release

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13 Responses

  1. Avatar Jarod & Family says:

    May u rest in peace. You will always be remembered

    for the angel that you are.

    You will be miss!!!!!

    Ay we love u bro, Never forget u danny love u. U were always there to make me laugh.

    You will surely be miss !!!!!!

    Jarod, Avenn, Rachael & Mingus

  2. Avatar chay says:

    I'm sadden to hear about this tragic incident, most of all I am sadden for the parents and families of the deceased. I am very sorry they had to lose one of their loved one. My thoughts and prayers are towards the family. He was a good kid, rest in peace friend.

  3. Avatar Nara & family says:

    Rest in peace my dearest friend. U will never be forgotten. We will miss u n will always be loved. What a tragic day when u disappear. But now your in a better place. We will always remember your smile and your cheerful soul. I can't say goodbye but see you later my dearest friend.

  4. Avatar Stephany says:

    may rest your soul DANNY .. You will always be missed although you may not be physically here with us we know you are in a better place, with no more stress or nothing to worry about .. you will always be within our HEARTS & in SPIRIT please look over US .. this isnt goodbye we will see you again danny

  5. Avatar mic t . says:

    My Ninja! Danny Boy!! our lives changed Saturday , when we heard it…. i still dont belive it….. i havent said later my ninja! cuz it's not good bye. ima see you later bruh…. dats a promise…. im glad we clicc clacc when you was still down here….. wish you didnt have to go home so soon…… the Game wont be the same without you….. i know my brother devasstated…… you're one of his greatest friend…. da greatest Ninja to me…. da greatest joy to all of us….Off. Topp. Crazy. ima miss you homie….. we gone kicc it again …. Heaven's yo hood now…. it's hell down here anyway….. You good Danny!!!…..lol found a shortcut on us….. ima see u agian my ninja…. someday we all will…… until then….. keep doing You… they gonna love you up there …… know dat fo sho….. aite my ninja…. Later!

  6. Avatar NIKKI says:

    Didn't know u as well but always seen u at the family functions and always was in a happy mood and got the chance to know u a little more these past two weekends. I am still in disbelief having to witness all that happened. May you rest in peace and may your family have the strength to pull through this. God Bless you and your family and friends.

  7. Avatar noy, von, de, vina says:

    Uncle danny u hav touched our lives in many wayz n brougt lots of laughter n fun u will b greatly missed we will always hav u in our hearts still at all of our family functions

  8. Avatar Little T says:

    I went to sleep crying , I woke up crying . Its just not the same without you Danny ! You were a great person , you wanted everybody to get along . You had no problems with anybody . And you didnt trip off of anybody . You were like a brother to me , you came to my house everyday . It hurt all of us when you died like so much . You were so young you still had a long life ahead of you . You made all of us laugh when we're down . Like right now . Im going to be sad for a long ass time . I will never forget you because you were there for me ALL of the time . Right before you died we were all playing around with the ice . I didnt even get to say byee . None of us did . Nobody needed to ask you for help you just helped them out . I know you just want me to keep my head up and keep going on w/ my life . But why you have to leave so early ? You will forever be loved and missed . Rest in Peace Danny Savath 1-24-1986 – 8-13-11 :'(

  9. Avatar K says:

    Danny, I wish I knew a way to honor your spirit and let everyone know how much you touched our lives and how much we love and care for you. You were the most carefree fun-loving person. You put your all in everything you did and made everyone laugh and smile in the process. It has been a blessing having you around our family. This is a tragedy that we aren’t ready to deal with but we can’t be selfish in life and we must let go. I wish for you eternal happiness and peace. RIP Danny, you will always be remembered!

  10. Avatar Lana, Blaccie & says:

    Danny…You've touched so many lives in so many ways. There's not one day that goes by without me thinking of you. My heart is still broken. You will always be remembered for your big ole smile, your laughter, your energy, your willingness to help, your kindness. We will definitely miss your presences at every family/friend function, raiders/a's game, things wont be the same but we know your sprits will still be amongst us. Rest in peace my friend. We love you Danny Boi, you will definitely be missed.

  11. Avatar Diana NANA Sun says:

    Cuhhzn Danny . i missss & i loveeee you sooooooo much !!! it still breaks my heart knowin tht yur not here w/ us , buh i noe tht yur in a better place lookinq down on us tellinq us tht its okay to b okay , i jus still wish tht yu were still here & livinq yur life . God took you away , buh his takinq qood care of youu !!!!! REST iN PARADiSE CUHHHZN iLOVEE UUU

  12. Avatar Diana NANA Sun says:

    its not a day tht qoes by tht i dont stop thinkinq about you , i miss & i love you sooooo much wishinq tht you were still here w/ us . its hard on me too not tht yur not here w/ us physically buh i noe yur here w/ us spirtually <3 keep on lookinq after us as we qo thru the journey of life , yur qone buh never ever forqotten CUHHZN DANNY !!

  13. Avatar Diana Sun says:

    dam , i can't belive its been 5 months since you been qone cuhhzn danny :/it still breaks my heart & it tears me inside each day bcos i kno tht you aint here w/ us . qod took you away frm us too soon! wish he could brinq you bacc buh i kno tht's not possible , jus wanted to say tht our birthdays comminq up(: it won't b the same buh i'll try to manaqe , i'll take shots & smoke helaa blunts for youu 😀 you already i finna qo hela stoopid for the both of us! im livinq my life to the fullest like you did & i aint qon let anybody qet in my way of success . ima live up to your name , im keepinq your name & LEGACY ALiVE ! idqaf wat people qotta say ; i Misss & i Love youu cuhhzn danny! ps. i qot your name tatt'd on my left arm bcos you mean soo much yo mee , each day i look at my arm & say damm i miss him soo much 🙁 Rest in paradise / Heaven . watch over me as i qo thru ths journey of life , keep shinninq up there!! heaven will loveeee youu as much as we doo . dont forqet you'll never leave my heart!