Limited Spaces for Palul’s Summer Pottery Class in Redding

What: Summer pottery class
When: Beginning July 12
Where: Paul Rideout’s private studio in Redding
Cost: $85

This July, master ceramic potter and college instructor Paul Rideout (Palul) will lead a two-week pottery class introducing students to the use of clay and its history. Beginner to experienced students will be shown methods of creating hand-built art and/or functional pieces with clay.

Classes meet from 8:30-11:30 a.m., four times the first week and two times the second week at Palul’s private studio in Redding. Space is limited to 10 students, ages 12 & up, though parents may be present.

    Tuition is $85 and includes:

  • materials: clay (up to 25 pounds), underglazes, glazes
  • use of tools and equipment
  • kiln firings (bisque and glaze)
  • ceramics instruction manual

  • Tuesday, July 12: Intro to Basic Clay/ History, Hand Built Techniques – Pinch and coil
  • Wednesday, July 13: Slab constructions – introduction to slab roller, forms and textures
  • Thursday, July 14: Decoration – textures, slips and carving clay
  • Friday, July 15: Finish pieces and prepare for bisque (hardening) fire
  • Tuesday, July 19: Review process, glazing basics, decoration of bisque fired pieces using underglazes and glazes, prepare for glaze firing
  • Wednesday, July 20: Kiln opening, post-fire discussion, and pot luck brunch

Six classes; sorry, no refunds. For more information, call (530) 241-5003 or email: Note: This is not a potter’s wheel class.

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-from press release