Nashville’s Tom Smith Teaches Guitar Master Class July 9

What: Guitar Master Class
When: Saturday, July 9 at 3:30 p.m.
Where: The Traveling Bohemians Gallery, 3304 Bechelli Lane, Redding, CA 96002
Cost: $10

Somewhere in the greater Nashville area resides the veteran master of the acoustic guitar and banjo known locally (on this planet) as Tom Smith.

Yeah. everybody around here plays a little guitar but, rest assured, nobody plays like Tom. You see, Tom doesn’t play music in the conventional sense — chords and notes and such — no, Tom plays in thoughts.

This is directly from Tom Smith’s website, TomSmithGuitarist.com. Tom swears he didn’t write it. Right.

The point is that it is true, Tom really does have a style of his own, which really is based on playing the thoughts and emotions he is trying to communicate.

The other point is that while Tom is interested in concerts, and all of the rest that goes into being a professional musician, he is also interested in helping other guitarists and musicians expand their styles.

“After technique, and practice, and all of the basics, you still have to figure out what you want to say, that is why you started playing in the first place.”

To that end, he is offering a master class the afternoon of his concert at The Traveling Bohemians gallery on the 9th of July.

The workshop starts at 3:30, the concert at 7:30, The price is $10 each, with a $5 discount for the concert, if you have attended the workshop. Call (530) 229-7818 for more information.

Bring your questions, ideas, curiosities, and see if he can help.

View the Traveling Bohemians Art Loft in a larger map.

-from press release

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Press Release

-from press release

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